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'Event Horizon' By JPL
Here is my last Q1SP map. It a base map, based on DKT1/4 texture set, plus some I made. Monster count is 85 in easy skill, 150 in medium skill and 207 in Hard skill.

The story: The action take place in Event Horizon Moon Research Laboratory, which studies interdimensional travel using black holes, but something terrible happened: Quake Hell's forces invaded the base, and now you are the last one able to save earth... so let's go ! (Note all similarity with Doom3 is completly unwanted ;P ...)

I would like to thank aguirRe for technical support (compilation issues and progs.dat providing) and beta testing. I also would like to thank Scragbait, Trinca, Hrimfaxi and distrans for beta testing. All advices and comments provided by these 5 men were very helpfull, and really improved the map. Thanks a lot again: You rock !!



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Here is my last Q1SP map

Read Here is my latest map... ;P 
You had me nervous there for a moment ... 
Holy Shit 
so many q1sp maps lately :o man, i gotta get some time to play all of these!

is this related at all to the movie by the same name (beyond the obvious blackhole stuff)?

i really liked that movie... i think a map based on some of the stuff in that ship (specifically the main corridor and the core) would make a crazy cool map. 
Good Stuff! 
Well done JPL.

I lost 11 monsters somewhere but no worries (139/150)

Some nice touches and the coloured lights were nicely balanced. And I enjoyed the battle in the hanger. Different, and immersive.

as i said in beta testing this is not just a map! is a peace of art i realy enjoy this map a lot another one to my top 10 quake maps :)

Mike Woodham go back and take a look ;) 
Decent Map 
pretty good overall, great texturing. I thought the build quality was a bit inconsistent though and the lighting could have been better in some areas.

I also thought it was very difficult, the nailgun was introduced too late given how many enforcers there were. Also, the cyberdemon combat was quite boring.

But overall, quite a good map. 
Nice Build 
effective use of a set of textures I have not seen before in Quake. I extracted them from the map because I'm missing the Daikatana sets. 203! in one .bsp!

I agree with Nitin about the nail gun. You have to have one if you are taking on Enforcers.

But otherwise, good variety of combat set ups. I was suprised on several occasions and died many times as well. 
Didn't think this was about to be released, thought it was some silly april fools. =)

I have to be honest, I wasn't so thrilled by the screenshots you'd shown, but it actually looks great in game! I really enjoyed it, visuals and build are good (I just didn't like those silly stealth planes so much =D).
I didn't find it too hard, I liked the large ammount of monsters, nail gun was maybe a bit late in coming though, that's true.
Once again, great work! Keep'em comin. 
oic latest not last \o/ 
Nice Map 
the difficulty was ok, the map looked great. The lighting and texturing and architechture played well together. It was untraditional, but it worked.
Only in the first big area with lots of flicker lights, somehow I got quite bad fps, 30 or so.

I liked the interconnections, it worked but I didn't get lost at all.

The end took too long in my opinion. I tried looking for a quad to hasten it up but I suck at finding secrets, I found only one in the whole map.

Nice crates in the small rooms btw :)

I recorded a demo, it's quite big, I'll see if I can upload it somewhere. I died many times but not too many. Nq movement feels always a bit strange after qw.

I liked the shooters btw. And enforcers, it's interesting tactically to shoot them with ssg, they're much nicer opponents than hellknights since they don't take ages to kill. And you can dodge the projectiles somewhat, but you have to get close with an ssg. With a ng it's more of a bore, just back up and finish from a distance. 
Great Map 
I thought this was a great map. It's not perfect by any means, but it was very entertaining.

I only have 3 complaints:
1.) Too easy all the way through until the end. I had stockpiled quite a huge amount of ammo, relying mostly on the GL throughout the map to pop 3-4 Enforcers at a time. This left me with enough ammo by the end to have... well a lot of ammo.

2.) Few respawning monsters. I opened the Level 2 doors expecting the halls leading back to them flooded with more monsters, only to find nothing to use my ammo on. Sad face.

3.) Cyberdemons were too hard! One rocket hit me and the other three were able to bounce me in the air 4-5 times. I died, without saving for quite a while, which pissed me off, which is probably why reason 3 is here.

Otherwise this map was pure sex. I rate it 5 Bowls of Soggy Oatmeal and 3.5 virgin sacrifices. Keep up the good work! 
Cyberdemons? Good Choice. 
I've been waiting for those to appear in a custom map. I compiled them into a map once and I actually -- heheh -- kept lobbying for Cyberdemons in Phait's Quake System 4 when he visited the recently-deceased Singed.Net site . ;) 
More Infos 
First, thanks for all the comments... I'm glad you globally enjoyed the map...

To give you more informations: I effectively took inspiration from Event Horizon moovie (you are right necros, see ;P ) and also Doom's UAC interdimensional/teleport travel..
So the title was obvious.. The little map story came as a mix between the movie and Doom game... Easy to find...

Anyway.. To explain briefly, Event Horizon terminology is also used in Physics: it is the stable point that determinates the frontier where a light particle can either fall into a black hole, or escape from a black hole... This is also the last point of visible events for Physicians... They use it as an indirect method to detect black hole in the Universe... (I always loved Physic Sciences ;) )

Concerning mapping, I can understand that it can be sometimes frustrating to have so much ammos (the more at the end)... but if you don't find any secret, it is mandatory to be able to defeat CyberDemons.. and as CyberDemon is 2000 health (equivalent ot 50 rocket hits !!!), you need ammos for sure...
Furthermore in hard skill, in order to not run out of ammos, you need to find at least one secret (preferably with an armor.. the quad is better) to be able to defeat the 5 beasts at the end...
Well, CyberDemon model is not perfect, and I guess an other attack would be cool to add.. I'm thinking about a nailgun attack or something equivalent to give more diversity... I think I will try to add it later...

Thanks again to aguirRe, Hrimfaxi, distrans, Scragbait and trinca for providing help/comments/advices during these last months. 
Just A Minor 
correction, each cyberdemon has 4500 health points, compared to e.g. a shambler's 600. And the rockets have the same damage as the player's. So he's a pretty powerful guy and devastating in packs ... 
Thanks for the precision... I was not sure about the CyberDemon's health... 
Nice Theme 
I do like the movie Event Horizon. It's been a while since I watched it, so I can really remember the ship's architecture, but the map had excellent architecture and textures. Good gameplay, but I'm glad I read all the comments before playing otherwise I would have been "Are these cyberdemon's EVER going to die?" Having read all tips, I was ready for them and knocked them out with the Quad.

Doom things in Quake... I started PC gaming on Doom, but unlike a lot of Quaker's I'm not a big fan. I dunno. Doesn't seem quite right seeing Doom monsters in Quake. Oh well - no big deal.

Top marks on this map JPL. Great looks and good gameplay. Thanks for the release. \o/ 
Je Peux Elle 
awesome map, yeah.
felt pretty oldschool/doom-like for some reason - and i appreciated that. hooray for cyberdemons!
lighting was nice, at least in places where minlight didn't dominate. the architecure looked great, especially small details like pipes beneath stairs and so on. ah.. i remember the hangar and the ships. :)
very cool secrets (partly even interconnected)! and this time i even found all of them, which is usually far from happening. they were quite helpful, too.

i discovered the rocket launcher too late - only after i had already killed 3/5 cyberdemons - maybe it should have been placed in a more obvious spot, like next to the control station/button, since these monsters eat A LOT of ammo. i popped one solely with grenades. something to spice up the end fight would have been good, indeed (that doesn't mean i found it boring or anything, though).
i second the opinion that there could have been more monster teleports in backtracking areas.
two walkmonster warnings appear when the door in the beginning opens - probably related to the spawn code.

a very enjoyable map, good usage of the textures (that i haven't seen in another map, yet) and nice gameplay.
what really pissed me off (again), though, was the stupid sun shining through the blends, which made some parts of the map almost impossible to see. :( 
What sun and how can more Q1 light possibly make it more difficult to see things? 
I Meant 
the real sun. it decided to remind me of her sorry existence just when i was playing the map (i know. stupid me for not playing quake in the evening), so the room became unecessary bright and i couldn't see much (had to increase gamma, bleh). 
about neg!ke and his problems with the real sun 
Another possibility would have been to either close the window, or wait for the night ! 
I often have the same problem ... 
.. as I map in (almost) the dark (just with the TV light when my wife is watching it..), it can explain why I think a map looks great, when they are a little bit dark for many of you... damned... I really have to check the map with enough light... ;P 
Nice Enough. Only 

in the first large room, the one with the gold key, I got severe greyflash. Also in the GIGANTIC hangar. I can understand some of you saying, "wow, let's make this thing really big". Only it doesn't really need to. A hangar half the size with only 2 ships (the ships are cool) and 2 cyberdemons in it would have been just as good and caused no greyflash on older machines and smoother rendering and playing. More fps is always a good thing.

For example, some areas in could.bsp like the final arena are pretty large, but give me neither greyflash nor significant slowdown. even in software. Go figure. Same in antediluvian. At least the gold key room should be greyflash-free and fps-friendly on slower hardware, because comparable structures in other maps are.

Did you test the map in software? The textures look pretty pixel-y compared to speedbase or the other base sets. Before you say "no one uses software" please consider that it is good style to do so (testing). like in programming, there is a "good style", for example commenting your code etc. very basic things. in levelmaking it should be the same (testing in software, testing on older hardware, testing in different clients). This critique goes for a lot of the recent "HUUGE" maps. Others even more than yours.

the crate constructions were good.

in general, i liked the map, there were a tad too many enforcers, but it was ok. The hangar was unnecessarily big.

The cyberdemon's HP is ridiculous. I thought there was some mechanism I had to use like Chthon's. It's too much. 
Please adjust r_maxedges/r_maxsurfs values.. and replay the map..... I tested my maps with WinQuake, increasing r_maxedge/r_maxsurfs values, and there were no major issues. Even fps was acceptable !
When you say slower hardware, I hope you are not talking about 15 years-old PC... I suppose they disappeared for most of them, and have been replaced by nowadays PC.. Be serious, except geeks and nerds, who still have such machine ? You ? wow.... hum... anyway.. You should consider to buy a new PC, realy.... ;P

Concerning CyberDemon, I use the model as I found it on the web (except for the skin... ). And as CyberDemon has never been easy too kill, even in Doom I/II/III, why would I made it weaker in my map ? Come on...

Just a reminder: when you play quake, you are supposed to be the Hero, so winning without danger doesn't give you any glory/self-satisfaction... So I don't see any interest to make "easy" maps... :) 
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