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SM122: Gratification Devastation
Two very small maps: bambuz opens wide, generic makes you jizz. duh

I Can Say 
my map doesn't take long to finish, so you total amount of misery is bearable, I hope. 
Q1rad I presume ...? 
Thanks to Asaki who helped me with it. Apparently the light is pitch black unless the R G or B percentage times the brightness value exceeds a certain threshold.
The lighting became dull though since it's both sky and the floors and even some walls... and took over 700 seconds to light, contrary to vis which was like 1 second. :) 
nice map generic was real fun :\ was a bit lost at start but was a realy nice one :)

bambuz...eheheh u lost a few practic... go make more speedmaps :p

thks guys for this minuts of fun 
The First Room... 
is an homage to Markus Klar (the Fly) -- you start on the floor, then the ceiling, then (rotating to the right/clockwise) the left wall and then the right.

the second room is a giant penis with oscillating rings moving up and down around it shooting scrag/sperm - OH MY :o 
but generic's first room was a cool idea. 
check out "The Fly" by Markus Klar, released in 1997. It features a small taste of what i think you're suggesting:

I think he's talking about a level by Markus Klar that was called "The Fly". 
sm122_bambuz: Quite funny, old-schoolish, but enjoyable... The pipe fights against spawn is quite difficult... and I had some problems to move inside... I get "glued" in the pipe... o_O

sm122_generic: Impressive starting area... but how do you made that ?? I really have to open the bsp with QuArK to understand.. Unfortunately, the second part, with the masturbated "stuff" was less good... I ran out of ammos very quickly...

Well, it was not the best SM seesion of the year, but it was quite funny. Thanks a lot for these 10 minutes of slaught ! 
You get stuck in the pipe, although it's reasonably big, you have to strafe... It's a really crappy map and since it's half of the pak, the pak might be worst ever speedmap pack (generic's map is good but not spectacular.)
So I will promise here and can be quoted that I will yet produce a better speedmap than my earlier ones for some session to make up for all the crap you have had to play through. :) 
the second room is a giant penis with oscillating rings moving up and down around it shooting scrag sperm - OH MY :o

the map I based the first area of my map on was "The Fly" by Markus Klar.

JPL, I built it using several rooms and the "angles" property to make the items appear sideways and upside-down (just don't try it with rotating items) and placed them on top of clip brushes. I had to use a few func_illusionary walls to make them look right, however. I also gave the items a "targetname" so that when you picked up one in one room, they disappeared in the other. After that, I adjusted the textures so the room looked rotated when you switched surfaces after every teleporter. Simple :)

The second area was built solely from reference material found on CZG's website.

Thanks for the fix, Necros! 
I opened the bsp with QuArK, and understood globally hoe you did the stuff...
Thanks for the additional infos: it was a very good idea ! 
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