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Quake Anniversary
As many of you no doubt know, Quake almost have 10 years i think is in 22 of July, why dont we all try to make a small polish map to this day and release it, all in same day? theme could be something like...


what do u guys think?
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I was thinking about something... bigger... 
hehe i got my own project... that is already in progress as u now... :)

already got start map finish ;) and first sp1 is going wel...

speedmap is the only stuff we can join a lot of people becouse dont take to much time of our own life!!! 
> that is already in progress as u now

Did you finally waypoint ever single last map ever made ;) 
no but i did waypoints today...eheheh for Drako new map four.bsp 
Speedweek? Hmm 
a turtle episode would be nicer. like everybody makes a small map in a week (following a certain theme) and we put them all in a pak to be played in order. maybe bits of bambuz's idea here, too. 
good idear!!!

start date could be 3 month after the date becouse not all people got enought time for it!!! and time avaible would be nice for some guys! 
Turtle Map 
Perhaps people are given the ability to pick one of the themes of a standard ExMx map, and make a map based on that theme? Then they all get linked together blah blah blah 
Turtlemap: Classics Revisited 
As one of my QExpo projects, I am working on rebuilding DM3 (in a similar was to e1m1rmx, but as more than just a visual makeover, since it has no existing SP gameplay). Perhaps that would also be another idea for turtlemap projects - either rebuild a standard sp map, or take one of the dms and cram an sp experience inside (with new architecture, but a fairly faithful layout, and dm support).

I'm pretty well up for a turtlemap (of any theme) and at least one speedmap session though :)

Maybe there could also be a speedchainmap session if there is anyone with the time to spare to glue that can do it in a week (honestly, it isn't that hard providing the pieces are decent). 
I Think... 
...dm2 (and maybe other Id DM's) got that treatment over at SDA for a speed running comp...err and again by me as part of...oops! 
wasn't aware of that.

Still, I'm having fun with it, so I will continue what I am doing with DM3. 
yeah, sounds feasible.
but then a mandatory rule should be to start and end base maps with slipgates and metal/medieval/wizard maps with teleporters or arch gates, so they appear more or less seamless.
i'm not sure about the weapons, though. if everybody built his map like an independent one, the player will probably already get all weapons in the first level. this should be avoided somehow. 
Or Just Toss Some Weapons To The Player At The Start So It's Moot 
Maybe... could, given a sure number of people participating, give a rule of thumb as to which weapon should be included in said level... Like, running this like a coordinated chainmap, say in advance how many maps and distribute weapons all along the progression...
Just my 2 cents... 
You could create slots for each weapon pick-up -- six, I think, if I count using all the fingers on my right hand -- times the number of episodes or styles that you wish to have. Mappers could then sign up for one or more spots, e.g. a Super Shotgun pickup area in Episode 3 style...

You might also want to standardize the transitions from area to area, sort of like OUM did, with prescribed door prefabs built in each style...

or not :) 
haxor a progs.dat to reset your weapons after every map change.

Would Love To Contribute 
But my computer isn't even at my apartment yet and I have virtually nothing set up at the moment. :( July 22 is still pretty far away though so who knows by then :) 
i�m making my owns project but i�m prety sure i will have time for one week mapping for this event!!! 
Other Ideas? 
Any non-speedmapping ideas in particular.

Also, if anyone wants to actually write content (articles, interviews, guides, reviews...) for the expo, it would be really appreciated, as it looks like there aren't many people that can help out at the moment.

Personally I am going to release 3 maps (well, 2 SP at least) and have a booth with a mapping guide geared at getting new people interested in mapping for Quake. I will probably have a few other bits and bobs up and will try and participate in the speed/turtle events if I have time.

There are some interviews planned, but I don't have a list of confirmed people. Scarecrow has confirmed at least one Quake developer, but we don't have enough questions as far as I am aware, so perhaps you guys could think up questions you'd like to ask id developers or well known modders, mappers etc. If you want to know specifics, scar3crow is the man to talk to, as I am not that involved in the organisation at the moment. 
but we don't have enough questions as far as I am aware, so perhaps you guys could think up questions you'd like to ask id developers

Q no. 1 - "do fiends have eyes?" 
... please... don't be so stupid... ;P 
The whole monster eyes or no eyes question should definatly be asked. =)
I'm hoping I'll find time to do something (I have a q1sp project in the works), but it all depends on how overloaded with school work I am... =( 
The whole monster eyes or no eyes question should definatly be asked

I guess you meant either answered, or closed;P

This is definitively NOT an issue IMHO.... though... o_O 
Questions For ID Folk Interview Thingy: 
1) Will the SinglePlayer Quake series ever revisit its Lovecraftian beginings?

2) Are Shamblers hairy or leathery?

3) Quake 1 has been kept alive by its faithful modding community, but John Romero has suggested that in an increasingly controversial and money-concious industry some modders may have a detrimental effect on the sales of modern games. Do you agree? Do you think it matters?

4) Do you think it's possible to recreate the essence and ambiance of Quake 1 in a modern engine?

5) Why doesn't Carmack just rocketjump into space? 
Quake 1 was probably a freak accident and will never be consciously recreated I guess.

Romero also posted a followup to the piece he wrote about modding:
He uses the word superdumb, which I find incredibly cute. 
Were you planning to just throw up a bunch of handy tutorials? If that's the case, you might considering stealing czg's curve tutorial. I might could toss up something too if I could think of a worthy topic. 
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