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Q1 SP - Sewage Devastation
A boxy oldschool map!
Basically just 3 speedmaps joined together!


Zip :

Happy Easter!
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/me downloads. 
nice one! (again)
pretty oldschool in a way, and nicely designed.
some very cool spots, like the silver key area with water, zombies and the dark ceiling. the pump things were nice, too. i also liked the final area with the wooden beams and the construction site-like stuff. neat lighting.

the first thing i recognized, though, were some obvious misalignments (come on, things like bars should be least affected by those...). it's possible to climb the collapsed bridge after the silver door (slope), but this doesn't pose a problem. the exit looked bad - apart from the stretched door - because there is just a black wall instead of actual darkness. the crates... well, ok for e2 style, but i think wooden crates would have fit better. no intermission.

thanks for making the easter weekend enjoyable (and me feel even more disillusioned)! :) 
What neg!ke said.

However, at the beginning, what are doing enforcers in a medieval-like map ? I found it a little bit weird. Maybe replacing them by ogres would have been OK... though...

One other thing, I have cvar developper set to 1 in my autoexec.cfg, and the engine claimed you have walking monsters in wall. They are (on normal skill):

An ogre @ (2115 2112 456)
An ogre @ (-1352 -216 337)
A vore @ (-480 2048 47)

I didn't noticed where they were stucked ingame, but you should enable the developper cvar, and chek the map during load in all skills (take a look in the console)...

In anyway, it was a very enjoyable old-school map, very well designed, with very good lightning effects, and for a 5 days map: it is really good. I'm really impressed...

Thanks for the Easter session man: you rock ! 
Great stuff! Loved it. 
Neg!ke And JPL 
Your right, in a normal map I would have changed the crate tex and the two enforcers to something else. But in this map I choose to let it be since it, to me at least, gave even more oldscool feeling, it isn't that I haven't seen or thought about it 8-).

Else I agree with misaligment and so.

And yes you can get to the platform with the vhore. Two ways actually - you can swim and take the slope from the collapsed bridge or you can jump on the wall hangings! Again a choice I made.

monsters in wall - oh man 8-) well the said monsters was added at last and I didn't check as you can see!

Oh and thanks for playing and giving some comments. It's good to get feedback - to see what people notice when playing! 
Man Oh Man 
This was such an awesome map, I only have two real complaints:
1.) I missed 30 monsters somewhere, and got 4/7 secrets. Dunno where.
2.) The ending was weird - to remove the bars I had to press some buttons? All I did was jump from red armor crate to another crate, onto the top bar into the exit. Dunno how to get up to the rafters, so not sure what was supposed to happen.

Anyway, everything else is tops! Very enjoyable map, very cool style and old school feel. Felt Doom-ish with all the secret doors opening to other areas. Weee!!! 
I Like It 
didnt notice the tech errors, but it was quite a fun map. Pretty good for 3 speedmaps joined together. 
30 monsters? Well there are a lot of fish in the map so depending of your progs.dat it could be the old fish bug! Apart from the few you missed by taking the shortcut exit. 
I got 27 monsters missing which I assumed to be the fish 
Here's a first play demo, 17:13, 66/66, 3/7:

Was fun. Lots of stuff to clamber around on, that always makes me happy. Think I know where a couple of secrets are, didn't really want to make the effort on a recorded demo (my failed attempts to get the MH are embarrassing enough...).

This was the first time I saw a map name with "devastation" in it and sighed (though it's appropriate enough for this map). 
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