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Q1 SP - Sewage Devastation
A boxy oldschool map!
Basically just 3 speedmaps joined together!


Zip :

Happy Easter!
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Mmmmm Sewer 
Excellent map there.

I personally liked the use of the crates, as it did bring to mind the oldschool maps and the slight feel of e1m2, and a bit of Hell's Sewers from Beyond Belief.

The enforcers wouldnt have been out of place had you used them in at least one other place... Though I didnt expect to encounter a straight projectile enemy from that position, I would have in fact anticipated ogres.

Good secrets, though it wouldve been quite a bit harder had I not found the rocketlauncher early on, which basically made every vore encounter laughable. Surprisingly good use of rotfish... The zombie area was very cool, coulda been hella creepy if extended and a bit less predictable.

I particularly liked the end with its construction feel to it, and the rafters - though from there I just sniped the enemies that spawned with rockets and nails.

Question though, 101 out of 126 enemies... 6/7 secrets. Unless you spawn in 25 enemies when I grab that megahealth, I dont know where theyre supposed to come in. BTW, how the hell do you even get that megahealth? 
Something Fishy Here! 
Thanks all! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for the demo mwh.

scar3crow it sounds like you are a victim to the fish bug as well 8-). If you played on skill 1 you can get 101 kills.

I cant remember where to get a fixed progs.dat right now! Didn't aguirRe have one at his site once? Well maybe someone knows where players can get one.
I remember how anoying it was before I got a fixed version - I could never be sure if I got the full kill when there was fish in a map. 
Something Rotty Here 
I didnt declare a skill in the commandline so I assume it was 1. And I did get 101 after clearing the level.

You must email me at least, how to get to that megahealth, scar3crow at yahoo. It taunts me! I tried everything but a rocketjump (I dont know if I quite consider those kosher for a secret area reach, particularly one for health). 
Fish Count Bug 
the trick is to delete the "total_monsters = total_monsters + 1" line in monsters.qc, somewhere near swim_monster_blah or something.
i wonder why this wasn't already fixed in v1.06... 
8-) Ok Scar3crow 
Bugfixed Id1 Progs

a simple demo in hard...

thks man map was very cool 
One of those maps that made me go "grrr" in places. Don't get me wrong - I really enjoyed Sewage Devastation. The underwater Vore & the underwater Spawns... definite grrr. I thought I was doing so well on the secrets too. I was thinking, "Man, I definitely have all the secrets this time!". Nope. 5/7.(grrr)

The architecture was kind of "original Quake". It was interesting, but a little dull texture-wise. Seemed to me well lit.

I found something in the blue key cellar. I don't know if it's a missing brush, or one of the 2 secrets I'm missing. Hmmm... 
Fixing The Bug 
To clarify what neg!ke said there: In monsters.qc there are two functions called swimmonster_start_go and swimmonster_start. Both of these functions contain
total_monsters = total_monsters + 1;
which means they get counted twice. Remove it from one function to make them get counted correctly, removing the line from swimmonster_start_go would bring it in line with the rest of the code. 
Hrimfaxi - now I feel dumb. It just didnt look like I could reach that first ledge... I was on to it, but the shadow made me think it was a flat surface mostly over there.

Im still proud of the rocket launcher secret =) Finding it that is, and that it was there was just old school cool. 
Here's how i'd found to get to the mh:

I think I prefer your way :) (or a rj)

Zoid: that's just a missing brush or something, you can see me stare at it in my demo. The secrets you are missing are somewhere else :) (I've found them all now) 
I didn't find the RL and the vore in water was damn tough!

I also did the cratejumping in the end but thought "aww come on I can't go to exit yet".

What was most delightful in this map besides the oldschool e1m2:ness and all that, was the good number of secrets... even I found many of them! I traditionally suck at that.

The architechture isn't that elegant or mind-blowing as in some other maps, but it's good enough and feels comfortable. Also the enemy placement features classic Hrim "ogres sniping from above". :)

At the final room, you can get stuck in some of the rubble.

I'm uploading a demo but it's damn slow for some reason... It records until first death. I got the mega secret btw. On fourth try or so. :) I have a fov 90 button for zooming and it made it easier to see that there is a flat area near the window where to jump. 
Enjoyable Map 
Nice secrets (found 6 during first play). They were like "oh I think there must be a secret" - and it really was most of the times! :) Good gameplay in most places. I liked the mosters hidden behid walls that opened suddenly. I got killed 2 times by vores on hard skill but the gameplay was not too hard. I was playing in software joequake but the fish were strange because it was enough to shoot one or two times into the water for all fishes to come out. You could comfortable kill them one by one then.
The map looked very nice. There were many interesting details like the pipes or the cranced bars in the opening to the tube tunnel. The lightning was also well done.
Good work. Thanks. 
Nice Map 
Very enjoyable gameplay, some really nice situations found me jumping around like crazy trying to avoid those damn ogre grenades.
Great work. =) 
Whup, Hrim! Xtra nice job! You've become my fave mapper! Have not finished the map yet, but what I saw is soo nice! Nice, useful secrets, hectic gameplay, superfun fights!!!! U are the Man! 
matmos is pleased with thay map. gives matmos sexual urges to keep going until the phones are colored into the background of the lights, because of the blurred lies of the talking universe throught all of it all yes.

matmos gives 7/10 to thee 
Enjoyed It 
nice old skool style, with fun gameplay.

The very last battle surprised me a little ;) 
matmos is one scary motherf*cker. 
Yay, Hrim... 
...just finished a nightmare run of your map and found that in the last room there are two little nits that can cause a little trouble... first, on the left after you've entered the room, you can get stuck beetween the wall and the wood pieces lying on the floor(a shambler fried me there! :::: P), then, if when you get on the upper floor, the ogres jump inside the elevator, preventing it from lifting. That can be great, since you get to kill the vores inside the elevator pit, but very bad if you fall down, since there's no way of getting out... (2nd shambler shaft there!!! :(). Hey, I'm just trying to be picky here... your map rocks!!!! But I thought you'd like to know... BTW, how do you get to the Megahealth without Rjumping? There is a Nightmare demo available, if someone's interested... 
...I should have read previous posts before blahblahing away... Sorry for asking answered questions and pointing already pointed nits... U rock all the way! 
The Silent 
Thats ok! You pointed at some new glitches as well. It's good to see what players find, so it can be avoided in future maps. 
Just Played This. 
Truly a wonderful little map. 
Enjoyable Map 
Played on Normal, 101/101 and 5/7 secrets. Excellent gameplay and good brushwork, especially near the end with all the wooden details, nice diversion from just the greenish texes. Some nice surprises at SK and the peekaboo underwater vores as well.

The only problem I had was near the end finding the 2nd button that wasn't at the same level as the 1st (me jumping to conclusions here). I think I spent more time exploring and secrets hunting than actually fighting ...

Great Work! 
Fun Map. 
A bit unambitious design wise in places but quite intricate in others. I like the overall vibe of it. Gameplay was fun - felt very easy early on especially with secrets, but made up for it well at the end, providing a good experience. I liked the early secrets too, some really good ones. 
Good Fun 
best bits -
use of water
intelligent progression linked to scenery
constant combat
shambler end suprise
boxiness of the design :)

worst bit -
finding the RL and being able to pick off enemies 
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