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New QSP By Ankh - Ananke 17
Here is a level for you.
It is a map I have abandoned some time ago and I know that I will never work on it again. It was supposed to be the first part of a much bigger level, but it has some essential flaws and bugs that can't be corrected without big effort. I decided to release it anyway since there aren't that many new Q1 maps these days ;) I have added a simple exit and repaired the most visible bugs. You can find many places with incomplete brushwork or wrong texturing, but I think that this is still a worth playing and interesting map. Just give it a try.




I forgot to say. The map is tough. Be prepared. 
Yay! Another New Map! 
expect heavy criticism for incompleteness, though! 
aww, that was a nice map. just why didn't you finish it... interesting texture combinations and a curiosity-arousing beginning. definately had potential.
it wasn't too tough for me on skill 2, except for the ending (fortunately, i had quicksaved).

BUT, unfinished or not, it's fucking boxed!! :( THAT could have been avoided at least. i already wondered why the fps felt a tad low in places... 
Nice, short little map, too bad you didn't make more yeah.
What the hell was going on up on the top of those organic trees of doom? Moving lights and stuff, strange. 
yea nice 1/3 of the proper level
the final combat was too evil and unfair!
and yeah wtf is that meteor in the sky? 
Very nice small map. The architecure is quite good, and the texturing as well: Q2 textures (I guess) fits well there. Those rocks, and also these "bloddy meal" trees are excellent. Good stuff... Lightning effects are also quite good.
Concerning gameplay, most 2/3 of the map is manageable, but the end is very very difficult. 2 shamblers and 4 fiends in a so small area is very diffcult to manage... You have to be very lucky to defeat the beasts... BTW I missed the secret..... and shame on you: why didn't you finished this map ? It should have been bigger !!
And as Vondur asked: what is these fucking "meteor" in the sky... I did go there noclipping to see what was this thing... and I still didn't understand what it is supposed to be... Some explanations could help ;)
Anyway, it was a very short, but a very good map... ;P
Keep it up !! 
"What is going on up there in the sky? We don't know it. We can't stop it and we can't destroy it. We can't understand it. We don't even know who made it and where did they gone. We can't find the answers. But what we have found is that strange sticky substance comming out from the fleshy trees. It is has big power, but it makes us so addicted. What is happening here??"

The level was supposed to be a small moon hanging in the void above a red lava planet. The level was influenced by Stanislaw Lem's writings, but it wasn't described directly in any of his novels. He often wrote about the impossibility of understanding "other beings" and their creations.

This was supposed to be a void level. Thats why it is "boxed". I couldn't think of any other way the player could fall down into the void and die there. I wanted to find a nice skybox with black sky and a lava planet below, but it doesn't exist yet I think.
The end battle is too hard? Shame on me. I have replaced a RA with the YA few days ago :( 
Pretty Cool 
Even if you say "IT'S UNFINISHED!" people are always a little gutted when it turns out to be "really" not finished. Like they weren't warned or something. I was one of those idiots. I read the label, and ignored it hehe.

Anyhoo, cool part level with an interesting theme. I like the crate racks. Never seen anything like those before. The blood tree were cool. Took me a second go to finish it, but then I play most levels twice anyway.

Could have been a really great full level, but I guess if bugs and boredom creep in, there is nothing you can do. 
I think something like Doom3 Hell skybox should be fine isn't it ? .. 
I don't know it since I didn't play DOOM3. Most part of the skybox should be black so you don't see the contours of the flesh tree. 
nice map Ankh is very easy in hard untill the end :\ omg two shambler´┐Żs and no place to hide is real hard...

nice map ;) 
I'll try to take a look at the skyboxes I have on my HD this evening... maybe I could send you something suitable that reach your expectations (or at least what you described)... I have a small idea, but I have to check if I really have the stuff with the correct format... wait and see ;) 
Check your mailbox ;P 
Thanks JPL. I see you uderstand what type of skybox I was looking for. If the one you send me showed an red lava planet it would be perfect :)
I see that I have to play some modern games. 
But Quake IS modern...

Btw, I managed to get the speedrun down to 59 seconds.

Oh, and the secret is very clever. Never would've thought to look there... :-( 
I Love Quake 
I got the ER time down to 40s after few tries using quad, megahealth and an explosive box jump. 
I Liked It 
quite a nice theme, even though it was undeveloped.

It ran a bit slow, is that becuase of scale or because it wasnt vised ?

Well worth playing. 
The map is vised of course.
Neg!ke already found the reason for the slowness: " it's fucking boxed!!".
This was supposed to be a void map and I couldn't think of any other way how to do it.

I have made a 30s easy run demo using additional enforcer boost to the exit (or was it a grunt boost?): 
23 secs, still a few secs left to shave off... 
a small fun map. nice trees. it took me 3 times to survive in the final battle. very fun tho. 
Nice run lodis :) You are the master.

Thanks to everyone who bothered to play this map (and to comment on it here). Thanks. 
Good Map 
Unusual variety in an otherwise small map, reminded me a lot of a big unfinished map by MisYu. Great combat and on Normal it wasn't overly difficult, just a good challenge. When I had disposed of the enforcer and grunt horde guarding the exit, I did wonder what all that ammo was there for ... but I needed it.

And although the map had some boxed volumes inside the rock, I don't think any of that pulled down fps, only prolonged vis time. Nice speedruns, too! 
Review By Tronyn Posted At My Site 
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