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Worldcraft 1.6A, Quake 1 Mapping
A thread to help us lesser map makers
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Switch To Hammer 
For me, learning how to use modern Worldcraft (Hammer & Qonverge) turned out to be much easier than trying to get Worldcraft 1.6 to run properly under XP (I couldn't).

Making the change is intimidating at first, but well worth the minimal effort required. 
Thanks Guys! 
Azazel, Thanks for helping. Forgive my ignorance but I do not understand what you mean by resetting my game configuration for q1 (verify paths etc). Nor do I tried building exe's outside of Worldcraft in dos, but got the same errors.

Thanks daftpunk, I tried all of the things you suggested to no avail.

jsHck, My thanks to you as well. You confirm my base suspicions...XP incompatibility. I understand that you can not make Quake 1 maps with Hammer??? Is this not so? If it can be used can you explain how, or direct me to an appropriate source to learn how? 
have you tried just using radiant. GTKradiant is now very good indeed rather than wrestling with wc. i know, its frustrating but just see it as: ok, cant shag catherine zeta jones. i'll have cathy zed smith. she's just as fine, just not as famous.

besides GTK will have a lot of support in the future. wc may well not (like comparing winxp to dos). you may eventually be able to solve the prob (who knows, if you have a new pc next year, i dunno) but you could always run separate hard drives so you almost have 2 different machines with different Operating system 
just not as famous.

is not gtkr an editor or choice for q3 based games? 
just accept the fact that the analogy made no sense. 
Ok Ok 
sorry sorry. dont have to be so harsh.

what i meant is that a lot of guys seem to hang on to wc for q1 and maybe don't consider gtk which is very much better (in my opinion). forget what i said about famous... 
"ok, cant shag catherine zeta jones. i'll have cathy zed smith. she's just as fine, just not as famous."

WC will have and does have support. Just not for Quake. Valve OWNS it. Remember?

Quake is on its last leg. Sure, the purists will live on as long as they fancy. But staying behind is deterimental to design (if you want to improve past primitives). There's so much more possible now. So, doodle with Quake for as long as you like, but also look into new stuff that, while probably not the same, can suit your tastes. And be open to the possibility of letting those tastes change and adjust (or refine, if you prefer to use that term). 
Clap Clap Clap 
woo hoo. how the hell did you do that?? wish i could do that stuff...

valve own it yeah. but i'm still wondering and asking people what valve are doing atm. they remind me of 3drealms. these guys are like Marty looking at his photo in Back to the future and seeing himself fade...

i mean, are valve working on something or just pretending.

blah. i should just rant less... 
* Wazat falls back with a fatal blow to the heart


I'd get into the new engines, but so few interest me. Maybe doom3 will have good coding oportunity. Maybe flying pigs will become my magical servants too. >:p

I've just watched all these new communities spring up rapidly and then crumble because their foundation is built off a pretty engine rather than a real game.

Ok, now that I've thoroughly condemned myself to months of flogging, I'll retire with the comfort that only half the people here know where I live. :)

BTW, I would have modded for UT if I hadn't been too lazy. It is a nice game, IMHO. 
WC 1.6a 
Where can I download it? It's @ The Forge 
Not @ 
just in case that didnt link:

i tried it once, similiar to worldcraft..

i think the download isn't working or is slow? i cant remember - tried weeks ago - but i got WC 1.6 full right now anyway (woot) 
WC 1.6a 
Worldcraft 1.6 Full Version 
is there still even a Quake 1 WC version for sale? If not I think gettin a 'free' copy is justifiable... IMO 
No, I Don't Think So 
But I beleive that the Valve Hammer Editor, (which is basically the latest version of Worldcraft), is available free of charge.

Not to say that makes it right,........ but if you need something to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, thats as good an excuse as any. ;) 
just give the guys 5 quid and they'll be happy!

its like music cds. i dont care about a copied chart cd. i care more maybe with a cd of lets say...sting. or whatever...
flame me but that's my opinion. if i use something a lot, i buy it 
Worldcraft 1.6a And Tread 3d 
I found out why I can't seem to use textures in theses programs, it's because I dont have any pak files in my quake folder, how else can I get the tex to work? 
Gib: Get QPed

and the dir structure is as follows:


-gfx (all .lmp)
-maps (all .bsp & .ent)
-progs (all .mdl & .spr)
+sound (all .wav in relative folders)

its a good chance these folders are already in your /id1 dir and the .wavs are where they should be so just create in the pak as necessary, import... hopefully this wasn't all in vain and you needed to know all this? lol 
.pak Files 
You surely do have .pak files in your Quake folder. With WC1.6 you just extract the textures from the pak file, or just put a texture wad file in your WC folder and then add the wad through the menu thingy 
it wasn't all in vain, I didn't know that. 
It Worked. 
And make tex also worked for worldcraft but I still can't seem to get the tex from the pak file for tread 3d 2.4. I tried adding speeds custom tex and they worked fine in a wad. 
Evt Bende De Ayn� Sorun :( 
Yeah for sure this queistionun ayn�s� :d 
well do you have any clip textures on entitys on your map? 
Well done for commenting on and eight-year-old post!!!!

Gib? You remember asking this question? 
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