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PlanetQuake ... Worldcraft, TexMex, Utilities, Etc.
I was showing someone interested in making a map some of the different resources/map editors etc.

Or actually, at least I *was* going to show them these things.

The Worldcraft site doesn't work:

And the TexMex site doesn't work:

And the Prefab Warehouse doesn't work:

And for those enduring the pain of the loss/difficulties of the loss of mirror (and many thanks for Spirit for his VITAL single player archive) ... well this is just getting scary to me and I hope it is to others.

Will these sites come back up? I hope so. But what if they don't? What if *next time* they don't? (the modders) are discussing a similar issue --- "That and theres the inherent problem that Quake seems to be currently in the hands of non-Quake fans who dont even realize it."

"as right now we are at the mercy of a myriad of scattered sites that have no idea what they hold"
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You Got Me Wrong 
I meant that you just could have mailed him the plain urls. 
Ah ... Maybe 
Do you know how fast I type? I say do it once and do it right! 
PQ Response 
Response from PQ:

Not sure why some of you guys come at me telling me stuff is gone and how
important it is. I'm well aware of the importance of Quake resources and
have been fighting to keep them for years.

Heh, ok I'm satisfied with that response. Apparently, I'm not the only one concerned about that and they are too.

That being said, nothing is
"gone". Some hosted sites have been migrated to the new services already but
alot have not.

Not Interesting Technically...

I thought the people they have asking the questions were as interesting as the people answering them. 
Well, Let Me Answer That 
Not sure why some of you guys come at me telling me stuff is gone and how
important it is. I'm well aware of the importance of Quake resources and
have been fighting to keep them for years.

I just send in polite little notes to give a head ups about a site or two that needs a link fix or what have you in order to save the next user a few hours of development time that could be better spent. 
I hope you'll keep the downloads of your fixes for the two commercial TC's - don't have a chance to get them now! 
They're still there for a while. And if I remove them, just ask and I can upload again, they're not so big. However, I'm on 56k and I've only 10MB web space, so I can't have everything there. 

Subdomain? I'm worrying about what to do with my current home site hosting as 'tis... 
What I'm Saying Is... 
looks like is the root domain name. Then you add the foldername and it's just like the old days. 
What I'm Saying Is... 
it's all folders again. is the domain. 
"necros.planetquake" works, but "fatty.planetquake" doesn't...

what the heck is going on over there? :P 
DC++ Hub And Torrent Tracker Up For Testing 
I'll just copy'n'paste my post from Quaddicted ;)

I installed both a DC++ Hub and a torrent tracker at You can reach the tracker at and the hub at If you don't know what a DC++ hub or a torrent tracker is, either google or just don't bother. If it goes to a nicely usable state I will write tutorials for using.

Why this? Well, if a decent amount of people share their Quake files on the DC++ hub it should be very easy to find maps/models/mods/engines/whatever without the need to do a google marathon. Speeds might be slow but who cares? And the torrent tracker might be a nice way to distribute huge files like movies or mappacks (depends on the user's upload speeds too). Personally I don't care if a download lasts some hours if I get something new or rare. I already heard some rather disappointing voices too.
What do you think? Is it something nice or something totally useless?

Sure I registered a nice domain for it, but somehow it doesn't work :< If you are experienced with Plesk, please shout. 
DC++ Hub 
Good one. I have lots and lots of stuff backed up to CD (not old stuff from though), and I would love to share. I need a tut to set it up, though. It probably doesn't need to be uber specific, just like "You need to download, install it, open xx port, set x and y in preferences." 
Super short tutorial:
Download DC++ here:
Install it
Port (active mode is what you want!):
why active mode:
Maybe UPnP:

eg. I opened just use port 26000 since that was already opened for occasional Quake matches on my router. I entered 26000 for both TCP and UDP (no idea if I need both...). And I entered my external IP (sucks, because I get a new one every 24h, thus I will try UPnP).

Enter nickname, share some stuff (you don't need to) and point the client to then. 
awesome, I'm reinstalling DC and jumping on this when I get home. We need to scare up support in #tf and places. 
i'd do it, by my isp throttles bit torrent and p2p. :\ 
I've been a bit busy lately, and it looks like I'm going to move soon, so I haven't gotten on the DC++ hub yet. Has anyone else jumped on? 
Nope. Only few people at the start. Well, I haven't announced it "ready for using" officially, so it's still testing phase. And also I haven't got my files sorted. 
Just Saw This Thread Again 
The dc++ hub idea died because of no interest. I have a different idea on how to share all the files on a rather easy way though. More later, maybe. 
I completely forgot among the midst of moving, fidgeting with the finicky internet connect here, and massive load of work I've had. Sorry. :( 
No Worries 
The host sucked anyways and a better one would be too expensive for me. 
I've Uploaded 
I could find a decent place to put this so I'll put this here.

I updated the links at as many of them got broken since January. 
Thanks Baker 
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