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PlanetQuake ... Worldcraft, TexMex, Utilities, Etc.
I was showing someone interested in making a map some of the different resources/map editors etc.

Or actually, at least I *was* going to show them these things.

The Worldcraft site doesn't work:

And the TexMex site doesn't work:

And the Prefab Warehouse doesn't work:

And for those enduring the pain of the loss/difficulties of the loss of mirror (and many thanks for Spirit for his VITAL single player archive) ... well this is just getting scary to me and I hope it is to others.

Will these sites come back up? I hope so. But what if they don't? What if *next time* they don't? (the modders) are discussing a similar issue --- "That and theres the inherent problem that Quake seems to be currently in the hands of non-Quake fans who dont even realize it."

"as right now we are at the mercy of a myriad of scattered sites that have no idea what they hold"
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What The Hell? 
Planetquake has been FUCKED?
Now this looks ugly, I could puke. 
internet archive site 
Quark URL still work :p does anybody still map with worldcraf??? man the editor is realy old and with no updates... 
I Mailed Pappy-R 
>nothing is gone 
I still use WC because for the time it was incredibly good. It is still good enough for creating even very complex maps, and thanks to the visgroups feature, the slow as molasses 3d software renderer is not a serious hinderance. It even has many features that other editors lack, and has a very consistent, easily learnt and well designed interface.

Mind you, I have been using it 8 or 9 years now, so I know how to use it quite well, and don't need the Forge site. Doesn't mean I want to see these classic sites vanish though.

Anyway, the new versions of Worldcraft (Valve Hammer editor) actually have hardly anything extra in terms of brush editing. What Valve have added on that end of things is pathetic. The only reason for using Hammer over WC1.6 is the accellerated 3d view and one hand (no need to hold shift) mouse camera controls. Radiant pisses all over Worldcraft and Hammer these days, but I am so used to Worldcraft for Quake mapping, and see no need to switch (even though I am used to Radiant and used it to make a large Wolfenstein map). 
i try to map with worldcraft and didn�t could compile one map :\ lot�s of problems and with Quark works like water... smooth 
The link format has changed from

In other words, the prefab warehouse is now:

Note that this doesn't work on all sites, but it's something... 
Great Work 
for a major site, going from Error 404 to Internal Server Error on a large amount of links for an even larger amount of visitors in just one day ... 
Now they've even restored the entire old site with all the links working again. They seem to have problems ... 
I Use Worldcraft 
I've been using it since Half Life came out. Just can't be bothered to learn the other editors. 
This is why we need to have all this stuff archived somewhere we can trust more than Gamespy. I'd hate for useful stuff like Texmex to eventually vanish the way WC1.6 nearly has because PQ can't promise a minimum degree of maintenance to its no-longer-updated hosted sites. 
I think it was long gone, any information? 
Just An Update ... 
I know Spirit says Pappy-R says nothing is going to be lost, but some URLs still don't work:

And here is a sample of a Quake models/skins site that has all broken images after the conversion:

Some of these venerable sites probably are no longer actively maintained by anyone, so there isn't an interested party to fix them.

I think PlanetQuake will do things to fix these problems and since that seems to be their intent, I'm not trying to raise further concern over this but rather point out that problems persist.

Even if everything goes smoothly, it would be nice if the critical stuff had a backup home or 3 so when/if these things ever happen again ...

(I mean, companies buy other companies all the time and then the parent company tells bought company to "do this", "switch their system to that", etc.)

... it is only inconvenience and not a show stopper like trying to casually get SM82 when's DNS expired. 
I Still Use WC 
WC is my most favourite editor since I discovered it. There no editor for me where I can that easily make a map for q1. Tho I'm learning radiant these days (maybe I'll map for d3/q4). I found it had MANY very good features that WC didn't. But for q1 mapping I still prefer wc. 
Be sure to let the staff know about it. I brought up a similar matter yesterday and Pappy was right on the ball with straightening it out. 
I can host some... for sometime...
the Quake.cfg:

worlldcraft isn't easy configuered for quake,
that's why I included the cfg file. 
WorldCraft3 won't load the quake.gfx.
There we go again... then worldcraft15b: 
perhaps we could get a few dvd (4.5-7gb) size torrents for all this stuff and share it?

The torrent should be sorted as best as possible into chunks containing maps, mods, tools, models, texture wads etc. The larger directories, such as those for mods and maps should probably just contain the mods and maps separately so folk don't have to download 2gb of crap maps because they wanted a specific map. Definitely split them into multiplayer and singleplayer too. Uhm, maybe also sort by year?

All the most useful stuff should definitely be mirrored asap. If I have time I will try and write a mini mapping tutorial for QExpo and put together some links and mirrors of all the most important files if Scampie doesn't object (since it would be on his hosting).

By the way, the torrent idea is intended only for non commercial Quake stuff, so shouldn't include Quake or the two mission packs. There were a few other commercial map packs and addons, but perhaps the authors of these wouldn't mind giving the thumbs up for free release now if they are not already free. I can think of Thrak, Aftershock and er... the good one... 3 letters I think. Can't remember the name, but it was fairly decent.

Did someone already mention this idea? It seems fairly obvious, but I can't be bothered to read the whole thread. 

You mean Shrak?

A friend and I actually found that in a local secondhand store just last week.

Oh the pain...the terrible pain. :( 
the soundtrack was okish at least ;) 
Johnny_cz from had the idea of a DC++ hub for Quake-related filesharing. I like this idea better than torrents. Of course you can choose to download single files with a decent torrent client but still it is much more work to create a torrent.

Maybe a subtheme of QExpo could be "preserve our resources". Since there was a lot of trouble with Quake sites during the past weeks I really think we should do backups of them all (if possible).

I had the plan to host either the /idgames2 archive or the /idgames2/planetquake folder at Quaddicted. I would definitely prefer to share those per p2p, mail and upload-by-request though. If torrents for the whole directories or DC++ is a different question. I would love to create a "web archive" like Quake site archive.

error from is about to create a new "idgames2-alike" ftp with incoming directory. I hope this succeeds!

I can think of Thrak, Aftershock and er... the good one... 3 letters I think. Can't remember the name, but it was fairly decent.

Oh, you must be thinking of ATF! 
Maybe AOP? 
I've never actually played that one. Any good? 
It was kind of like a futuristic SAS game. One of the enemies was a soldier that could abseil down from the ceiling. First letter might have been M. It was more of a made up word name than an acroynm I think.

It was alright from what I remember. 
and yes, the soundtrack was nice, too. :)
aftershock wasn't a map pack as such, just a cd with old tools and crappy single maps. 
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