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Rasterwerk's Phosphor
Phosphor is a first-person shooter created with Macromedia Director (links will open in new window). The Shockwave Player allows the game to run within a web browser on Windows and Mac OS computers. Both single player (with AI-controlled bots) and multiplayer (using peer-to-peer Internet or LAN connections) game modes are supported. Our goal is to create a gaming experience similar to classic FPS games like Unreal Tournament and Quake 3, but with the accessibility of a webgame.

This is the first public beta. Current development is focused on tuning bot AI and improving multiplayer performance. Future versions will include additional player models, game types, and many more maps.

I uploaded some screenshots here:
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That's quite impressive for what it is. 
That game looks very cool, but using textures from Unreal is VERY likely to get you in trouble with EPIC. What editor / app is used to create maps for this game? 
had to jump through too many fucking hoops to "install" it, with installing/registering shockwave and other shitty browser plugins that I didn't want. Can't comment on the quality of the game, but I now have a load of extra crap bloating my browser that will no doubt be a pain to remove.

uses ammo HUD icons from Quake 3 by the looks of it too 
I just clicked "Install" on the one and only dialog box that was presented to me and that was it... 
your browser already had that cruft installed.

I'm still not convinced that having the "accessibility of a webgame" is better than just downloading a standalone executable. 
Fun stuff there, Spirit. This will soon eclipse Curveball as my fave netgame =D 
how can i install this game?? i WANT it! 
i realy want this game! mail me the link or download to this msn adress : 
You cannot download it. 
This has improved *a lot* since the last time I played it and I think it has to do with the map being about 1000x better in this most recent version. The last time I played it, the game mechanics and stuff were basically the same, the graphics were the same, but the level they put you in was just horrible. It was like 3 identical box rooms on top of each other connected by 2 ramps on either side and a lift in the middle or something inane like that.

This version with the jump pads and canyon setting and sewer battles and somewhat well thought out level design is actually a decent amount of fun. Cheers to Rasterwerks for realizing that you need to actually design your levels so they're fun :) 
the levels from a Quake game 
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An encrypted message... 
Great Job! 
The games graphics are very nice and it's amazing that it runs in my normal webbrowser. You did a good work! 
Can you make more weapons and maps,please?The game is very cool 
Is there any way to fight one another, instead of fighting these predictable bot players. In general the game is godlike, judging by the fact that it is running on a normal browser. Good job man, and someone, please answer my question. 
I ONLY posted about this. I did not do anything nor can do anything nor will do anything to Rasterwerk's (oooh...) game.
Yes, you can play against other players. Click the link that says Setting Up Multiplayer Sessions at the bottom. But I doubt you will be able to do that judging by your stupidity.

Why is this thread being spammed so much anyways? 
oh, don't be so modest, spirit. it's a great game you created there! 
Spirit Have My Babies! 
thank you for making this game

now make it linux happy 
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