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Lunaran Releases "Q4Power" Texture Set
Lunaran has released a new texture set for Quake 4, which is a high-res normal-mapped homage to the "power plant" set from Quake 2.

More info & download:
Images here:
Very nice work on these Lun, they make me want to make a Q4 map. 
somebody finaly mordernized the wirey cable guts used by Id since Doom. GG on the pack, Lun. 
just as a note, these textures don't all work 'out of the box' in doom3... you'd need to redo the material file, because it looks like this one uses stuff only available in q4.
anyway, i was checking them out in q4 and they look awesome. :) 
Is there a Quake version of the texture set avalaible ? 
Hi Q2 
I would hazard a guess that the best q1 compatible version of the q2 powerplant textures would be to just use a direct conversion of theq2 powerplant textures themselves. :) 
"Very nice work on these Lun, they make me want to make a Q4 map."

Me too. Don't have Q4 though :( 
Lunaran: you rock.

This makes me want to whip out radiant and have a mess around, although I'll be using D3 rather than Q4 :}

JPL: you're joking, right? :/ 
At least there is one guy who understood... doh ! 
lun you rock! 
you rock! very quality set and properly looking floor tiles! 
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