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BSP Level Editor Updated (!)
After 8 years of no updates, the BSP editor was updated on Sunday with a whole host of new features, all of which are listed on the editor's homepage

I personally never used BSP, but I'm sure there are some enthusiasts scattered around who are probably thrilled by this news
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I`v been using bsp. Great to see it got an update.
Might play with q1 mapping again

Trivia (duh)
BSP is like old Radiant, except better - it has groups (like layers in 3ds), mouse drag mass-selection, brush handles and some other features.
Its author Yahn Bernier got job at Valve. 
I'm amazed at some of the functionality some of these old editors have that modern editors (radiant anyway) don't. Worldcraft allows you to drag select, then ctrl drag anywhere, including inside the current selection area, to select more stuff. It is really handy, and beats the shit out of creating a brush and doing complete tall or whatever. Can't do true 3d selection in Worldcraft, but I never need to as most stuff is hidden with visgroups so it's not usually a problem.

You can also scale and rotate multiple selections of entities, which can sometimes be pretty handy.

Another nice feature of Worldcraft is that you can select multiple entities (lights for example) and alter one property of all of them at once without affecting other properties. Unfortunately, you can't scale light brightness, but being able to set the brightness of a group (hierachical grouping is available too!) of lights without changing things like colour is pretty fucking handy... or setting the targetname of 5 enemies at once without changing their angle. Great stuff. Works with texture application too, the lack of which in radiant used to really piss me off (if you wanted to change a texture without resetting the shift and scale values, you had to use find and replace).

It's reasons like these that I still use WC1.6a. 
f you wanted to change a texture without resetting the shift and scale value - shift+alt middleclick would do

You know what amazes me? Neither Raven or ID added such essential edditning features to the d3/q4 radiant versions 
Thanks. I was hoping there actually WAS a BSP editor update to read about. Jerk. 
Still on WC1.6a as well - the main reason not to use a more modern version is two parts; it's not necessary and I don't want to fuck about reformatting the my WADS to be smaller than 1024 textures.

As than says it's also got alot of features I take for granted, now. When I'm using another editor that doesn't have features like 'group property change without breaking stuff' I change editor or change the editor.

The only real problem I have with 1.6a is that it crashes semi-randomly when slicing a group of brushes. Given that alot of editors don't even have that function it's not so bad.

I downloaded BSP but never installed it; right now the orange box is eating my mapping time but since there's been an update after an apparent long wait I'll take a look.

Anything done by anyone even within earshot of Valve is excellent. 
It Doesn' Have Undo 
Bsp Runs Really Fast 
with a 16 times AA setting!!!

And I still had slowdowns with QuArK on a 6000+X2 and a 8500GT!!! 
anyone is using this editor?

I must start with another editor... can't fix my issues with Quark :\ and I dont make a single brush for a lonnnnnnngggg time! 
Holy Shit 
i never read this the last time someone bumped it back at post #18 so i thought willem's post was recent, and then i saw the 2008 date and my mind went crazy. 
I remebered it since 94b version, and...
I started a map with pipes that Quark would have leaked immedeatly.

Thing is it took me twice as long as in Quark, but as always, new radiobuttons need new habbits.

As long it's more steady than quark � will try. 
Great Editor 
I never continued mapping, aside from experiments, but that was certainly not the editor's fault. Mouse usage is similar to Radiant, but with much better options for texture manipulation. Make sure you check out those DeadMeat tutorials on that.

The new version is recommended. It has much clearer 3D window and changing grid settings, pan and zoom is much easier. The only thing that was missing in the newer version is the option to save prefabs. A workaround is to use the old version alongside the new one to mule prefabs.

Check my posts in this topic, Trinca:

Also: on my AMD system I had to use the normal .exe instead of the 'bsp-sse2.exe' in order to see/use the green vertex manipulation handles on the brushes.

If I get back to editing on a newer pc, I'll sure be using this editor again. 
thanks megalodonNL one simple question please!

when u change the values of a light from 300 to 200 does the editor shows the range of the lights?

I lost that in Quark because of my grafic card :| and I can't fix it, I really need that ficture :\

I want to make a new map but with this issue I'm not in the mood to make something :| lost interess...
And I have some nice idears for a Maya map :\ 
I Don't Think So 
I don't think BSP has that feature. At least I never seen it.

However, you can of course build the geometry in BSP and to the lightning in Quark. 
my problem is just the lights ;) the rest I love quark 
my problem is just the lights ;) the rest I love quark 
Everything in the deadmeat tutorials still applies in the new BSP Editor, except the 3D lathe clipping in Lesson 10 (2D clipping is still the same). 3D lathe clipping is a little bit different in routine. You don't have to go into Preferences/Mouse from the File Menu. Just go into the 3D editing window and left-click "TWICE" on a face that was just clipped off (the first tapered face). This will select that face.
-Then click the "Create Clippers From Current Face" button in the Toolbars section.
-Then, click the "Rotate Selected 90 Degrees On Axis" button.
-Then, click the "Carve Selected Brushes By Clip Plane" button.
Repeat in the 3D window for any remaining lathe cuts, by always left-clicking "TWICE" on the last corner that was clipped. Hope this helps in the tutorial.

Also, Q1 will use the Full4.qc file. To add new monsters and entities you can open Full4.qc with Wordpad. Do a wordsearch for:

and copy the monster_ogre section from:
/*QUAKED monster_ogre (1 0 0)... to

monster getting angry

and paste it in a new line made just below. Then rename it monster_ogre_marksman (a missing entry in Full4.qc). This is mostly what Lesson 11 - Adding Custom Entities to BSP, is about. For Quoth, just add a new "Quoth" catagory and add similar entries from quoth.qc (necros has quoth.qc included in a few of his maps). 
Why would you wanna mess with 3D clipping when you have the new, green, brush handles in modern BSP? In combination with the blue ones and the nice Extrude option, which normally is only available in a 3D modeling package, you can pretty much make any shape you want. Just make sure you familiarize yourself with 'snap to plane', otherwise (complex) brushes won't be aligned to grid properly. 
Can anyone confirm that BSP works on Win7 64bit ? 
I'm using BSP 0.96d and have blue handles, but never seen green handles. Are they in the 3D Window also? How do you make them show up?

-Merge Brush, is another easy way to make complex brushes. 
Yellowy green circles at the vertex. Got em. I just reread post #26 and was looking for green squares similar to the blue squares. doh. 
On my system they do look similar to the blue ones, just green. But I haven't got the editor on my drive at the moment so can't check.

Setting BSP up is the easiest if you got quake in the root of your C drive. Otherwise you gotta change all the paths to everything by hand in the .ini files.

After you got everything setup correctly, you can just copy the BSP folder and put it on a external disk for backup purposes so you never have to install/setup again. The .exe will just work fine without installing the program first. 
"Can anyone confirm that BSP works on Win7 64bit?"

Works fine. 
Good to know 
Post #31 ...That's 
Then, click the "Rotate Selected 90 Degrees On Z Axis" button.

While your in the top-down view window. 
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