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BSP Level Editor Updated (!)
After 8 years of no updates, the BSP editor was updated on Sunday with a whole host of new features, all of which are listed on the editor's homepage

I personally never used BSP, but I'm sure there are some enthusiasts scattered around who are probably thrilled by this news
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April Fools! 
Wait, it's July. Are you trying to start something, Blitz? 
hehe look like is true :) 
it hangs on the spash screen here.... 
The 3D window... the speed it redraws, mouse look...

The XY views... right-click and drag the whole map

I'm gonna have fun. Who's Ben? Well done Ben!

Vondur: it hangs on the splash screen because you haven't update the game.ini files (probably) 
I think this news wins the "you would never have guessed it" award =) 
thanks, heh, forgot to run setup.exe.
well i wouldn't say it's so fast if you work with the giant map like my AC. also, it asked for all the wads used but loaded the level with only one door texture which covered all the faces of the map. only after selecting each face it reseted to proper texture. wtf?

and indeed, who's Ben? 
who's Ben?

Ben Morris.

April Fools!

I still say this a highly elaborate hoax. 
But it has improvements over the earlier version so it is an update. Whether or not it has only just been completed is another matter - it could have been sitting around for years unreleased?

Vondur: you need the full path to the texture wad in the worldspawn entry as well as the game.ini file. I don't know if this helps?

I have it working just fine and the speed difference in 3D view on my biggest maps is tremendous.

Anyway, I doubt there are many BspEditor users left so this update will hardly change the world. 
I paid money for that softwareseven or eight years ago, whilst I was 'between' Deathmatch Maker and Worldcraft. I remember being quite dissapointed. :\ 
I've been using BspEditor since early 1997 and it was free when I first downloaded it - I don't think Yahn B ever charged for it.

I tried most of the editors available around that time and BspEditor was by far the best for my use, and although I have tried others since, I never got on with them well enough to convert (I know that there are some with far more features than BspE has got).

Real-time lighting is the only thing missing that I can think of. What else would improve it (hint, hint)? 
Oh Wait.... 
My bad, I was thinking of QED! :)

What I'd really like from an editor is for it to be compatible with more games (obviously only ones that use a similar system) so that I could map for any game that uses the Quake engine, Trinity engine, Doom 3 engine or Source.

And ideally it would be identical to Hammer. :P 
Text_Fish, gtkradiant does most (all?) ID engine games, and probably has most Hammer features. 
I've Started To 
teach myself radiant numerous times with the best intentions, but somehow, something always foxes me and I give up.

But then, that's probably more my fault than Radiant's. :)

I'm just still incredibily bitter that Valve made Hammer source-only. 
radiant is awesome, but there is no major reason to use it for q1 mapping. Also, the handling of multiple selections is nowhere near as handy as worldcraft for changing values of texture alignments, light values etc. (or at least wasn't in the last version I tried), so I've only bothered to use it for rtcw editing so far.

As for BSP, it's great that there is another editor on the scene and being updated again, but for q1, there is little reason to change from editors that were mature 8 years ago :)

I still use wc 1.6 ffs. I can't even be bothered with hammer, because the only thing it offers is the accelerated 3d window (and perhaps purge visgroups actually works). Though working with hl wads is nearly as inconvenient as having a slow 3d view. 
I`v been using bsp. Great to see it got an update.
Might play with q1 mapping again

Trivia (duh)
BSP is like old Radiant, except better - it has groups (like layers in 3ds), mouse drag mass-selection, brush handles and some other features.
Its author Yahn Bernier got job at Valve. 
I'm amazed at some of the functionality some of these old editors have that modern editors (radiant anyway) don't. Worldcraft allows you to drag select, then ctrl drag anywhere, including inside the current selection area, to select more stuff. It is really handy, and beats the shit out of creating a brush and doing complete tall or whatever. Can't do true 3d selection in Worldcraft, but I never need to as most stuff is hidden with visgroups so it's not usually a problem.

You can also scale and rotate multiple selections of entities, which can sometimes be pretty handy.

Another nice feature of Worldcraft is that you can select multiple entities (lights for example) and alter one property of all of them at once without affecting other properties. Unfortunately, you can't scale light brightness, but being able to set the brightness of a group (hierachical grouping is available too!) of lights without changing things like colour is pretty fucking handy... or setting the targetname of 5 enemies at once without changing their angle. Great stuff. Works with texture application too, the lack of which in radiant used to really piss me off (if you wanted to change a texture without resetting the shift and scale values, you had to use find and replace).

It's reasons like these that I still use WC1.6a. 
f you wanted to change a texture without resetting the shift and scale value - shift+alt middleclick would do

You know what amazes me? Neither Raven or ID added such essential edditning features to the d3/q4 radiant versions 
Thanks. I was hoping there actually WAS a BSP editor update to read about. Jerk. 
Still on WC1.6a as well - the main reason not to use a more modern version is two parts; it's not necessary and I don't want to fuck about reformatting the my WADS to be smaller than 1024 textures.

As than says it's also got alot of features I take for granted, now. When I'm using another editor that doesn't have features like 'group property change without breaking stuff' I change editor or change the editor.

The only real problem I have with 1.6a is that it crashes semi-randomly when slicing a group of brushes. Given that alot of editors don't even have that function it's not so bad.

I downloaded BSP but never installed it; right now the orange box is eating my mapping time but since there's been an update after an apparent long wait I'll take a look.

Anything done by anyone even within earshot of Valve is excellent. 
It Doesn' Have Undo 
Bsp Runs Really Fast 
with a 16 times AA setting!!!

And I still had slowdowns with QuArK on a 6000+X2 and a 8500GT!!! 
anyone is using this editor?

I must start with another editor... can't fix my issues with Quark :\ and I dont make a single brush for a lonnnnnnngggg time! 
Holy Shit 
i never read this the last time someone bumped it back at post #18 so i thought willem's post was recent, and then i saw the 2008 date and my mind went crazy. 
I remebered it since 94b version, and...
I started a map with pipes that Quark would have leaked immedeatly.

Thing is it took me twice as long as in Quark, but as always, new radiobuttons need new habbits.

As long it's more steady than quark � will try. 
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