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Orlmap - New Q1SP Episode By ORL
ORL posted about the release of his first Quake singleplayer episode at QuakeOne.

This is a 6 level (7 if you find the secret level) episode for Quake.
It took 1.5 years to make all the maps and textures.

It's a single bsp episode, you just drop the maps in id1. Download (11mb):;5255833;;/fileinfo.html

The screenshots are from the first two maps because I (Spirit) haven't played the later ones yet.
I really enjoy it so far. There are some obvious "newbie" mistakes (z-fighting, much brushwork with small brushes, misaligned textures) but the gameplay is good. And that is most important!

There are some very nice and unique (to me) ideas. The maps remind me of e4m* and one of the original missionpacks (dunno which one right now). Today they look a bit old but some years ago they would have been a hype I think.

RECOMMENDED, now go play it!

Some more screenshots from the author himself (they are so good in my opinion): 
At Least It Had Pies... 
while there are some fairly nice ideas indeed, the overall experience is hopelessly flawed by the maps' horrible construction. many thin walls (not uberthin though, but still) and awkward brushwork, plus misaligned textures everywhere.
gameplay didn't impress me either, since there often is only little health/ammo but at the same time combat in cramped areas or nasty teleport ambushes. maybe it would have been less of a problem if there were not so many 'items falling out of the map' issues in every level. the floating torches sucked, as well, but i liked the rotated items.

i find it somewhat strange that there are some areas that were designed quite nicely, like the area behind the silver key door in orlmap6, and orlmap7, but also lots of areas that are utter crap. the last two maps had potential, too, sort of alice-like, but the sky texture looks super-ugly and the others are a bit strange, as well.

by and large, especially after the final maps, i kind of felt like having played a sequel of shrak or something... putting out an entire episode by oneself is quite an archivement, but this one turned out just too 1996 unfortunately.

btw. orlmap7alt could have been easily playable on regular engines if it had been designed properly, as it exceeds the maxsurfs limit only by ~1000 - not boxed, better brushwork particularly at rocks, some things func_wall'd, and so on... 
R_speeds > 15000 Is Quite A Lot, Right? 
I think the author would have been better served by releasing one map, getting feedback, releasing another, etc, rather than saving up seven maps that seem to ignore the hard lessons of ten years of mapping for quake. There's some good stuff -- and a LOT of work -- in these maps, but somehow they feel like maps from 1998 that can only be played on machines from 2008. Are they even vised?

The "bonus battle" was fun though. 
i like some of maps, they are oldschool but some got real nice gameplay :) bonus map was real fun! i think maps get better to end guess he learn many stuff at end but like mwh said i think he should release a few maps first before this huge pack that have a lot of bugs but was fun to play thks ;)

P.S--> secrets are real hard :\ didn�t find any secret in the map that leads to bonus map... :( so NOCLIP OWNS!!! 
I agree with most of the stuff other people are saying.

I enjoyed the textures in maps 8 and 9, the blue one in particular. And orlmap8 had some interesting ideas, with the huge lift. Bonusbattle was fun fun.

The rest of the maps seemed a bit cramed, and with poor speedrunner protection! orlmap4 can be finished in 9 seconds. orlmap6 wasn't vised. The pie map didn't have an exit? 
orlmap8 has a nasty speedrunner protection... =) 
No Speedrunning 
These maps were designed for tight combat, and to discourage speed running and rocketjumping. I tried my best to do so, and it looks like its working.
Mandel, did you download the map pack on july 13? If you did, delete it. Orlmap6 wasn't vissed by accident, but it is now.
But I would like to see how speedrunners would get through these maps, considering all the blockage and stuff.
It seems most people enjoyed the bonus battle. I actually thought that that would be the worse map in the pack. Guess I was wrong... 
Why? Well, Why Not? 
Why did I design it to discourage speed running? Well... just... because. I designed it mostly to prevent from rocketjumping, so to finish the map you would have to cover everything in it, instead of taking a shortcut using rocketjumping. 
Cutting Out Speedrunning 
As far as I can see, nobody uses rocketjumping when they just playing through a map(unless they're hunting for secrets), at least the first time round. You don't have to worry about people missing out bits of the map, they will take the correct route anyway because that's the fun of playing through it, exploring it and looking round it. If they have a run through a second time they might take some shortcuts, but they've still seen everything once.

So there's why I'd say to put aside your concerns, but there's also a positive reason to not block things off. Speedrunning really gives a map an extra lease of life, so that a year or more down the line people will still be picking up your map and giving it a shot, trying to improve the fastest time. It gives it more exposure for non speedrunners too, I can't speedrun, but I'll watch the demos and often grab a map I wouldn't have otherwise if there's a demo on it. If you block things off your map will miss out on all this. 
your jokes are clearly not understood. rly. 
Fun Stuff 
There's some good, old-fashioned game design here. I like the themes that you developed in some of the levels and the scope of the overall design. I also appreciate the fact that you didn't feel pressured into releasing "flawless" work and, instead, just went with your own flow.

I'll definitely download and play your next release(s). 
Just Finished The Pak 
and as a whole, I liked it. Gameplay was a bit uneven but otherwise good. Varied and unusual style and many maps. Don't forget to check out the extra map orlmap7alt, it's also functional but with high r_speeds, as it's not vised. After a fastvis it's much better.

Overall, a nice pak! 
Review Posted: 
orlmap7 is really good. 
a list/guide of secrets for those unable to find them all would be welcomed. 
if you're desperate to find them, just use noclip cheat? 
Not Exactly 
for some of them I can guess the location even without noclip, but the problem, which may be much harder, is to find the trigger...

i can find most of all, but for a few I couldnt find the trigger.

And this is true not only for this pack...

I was able to find the trigger for the one I posted first (I forgot about that suspect hole until I came across again later and then had the idea to popup a grenade), but found at least one-two unresolved later. 
Some of the secrets are ridiculously hard to find, which wasn't one of my brightest ideas...

Tell me which ones you need to know, I'll tell them to ya. 
granted I didn't finish this yet, being one of those packs where shotgun starts from every map are impossible and playing with bringovers is too easy.

But I found it nice that some secret triggers were NOT near the respective secret but at the other end of the map, which is rare. 
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