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10th Anniversary Quake Expo Begins
Quake Expo 2006, a 10-day celebration of the Quake player and modder communities timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Quake's release, has begun. Visit the Quake Expo booths each day to see the latest content and other goodies cooked up by the contributors.
Heh This Sujoy Guy 
Travail Preview!
start map and e1m1 (large/hard) of the upcoming pack (october) - 6mb. 
already download at work and play a litle... but since work computer suport full scream i will wait to get home to play full map :) 
shouldn't there be a new thread on func for the first travail level? Scragbait? The map is very nice and remembered me on Soul of Evil somehow. But there are also some issues. 
Yes, there's some minor problems that will be fixed for the final version (I'm not mentioning them here so as not draw attention to the pronlems). Please email me any concerns and I'll use that as feedback to create a more polished version for the final Travail. 
Has released a new map at his QExpo booth:

Sorry, no tags for you. 
It does it automatically. 
QExpo Speedmapping Event #1 
Only two maps this time - Zwiffle offers action on both, floor and ceiling, neg!ke travels ten (and more) years back in time style-wise.

Speaking of Sujoy, here's a new interview with him: 
nice maps :) Zwiffle in hard was impossible :( fuck i died so many times that quit :\ nice level anyway :)

neg|ke map another fun blast :) 666 in final kill the fun :p should be ra, 100% and quad :)

both nice level�s :) good work guys! 
Fun Maps 
I was almost able to complete Zwiffle's, but couldn't perform the jump.

Did die once at the beginning of Neg!ke's, but them quickly proceded to kill everything. Nice way to mix the most contrasting of textures together. 
Travail Demo 
Just wanted to mention that I played most of this and it looks promising -- it's nice to see an unusual/retro locations and architectural proportions pulled off with high attention to detail and clean construction. 
More Romero (not Really Quake Related Though)

just thought it may be of interest to all your Romero fans.

That is surely not a pic of him in the article background.

er, I just read it before I posted this and noticed there is not a single quote from Romero. The Escapist is usually pretty decent, so I am assuming that a full interview will go up soon, but at the moment it's nothing more than a work history for the guy. 
just click "next" when the escapist ad pops up and you can continue to the interview :)

bit confusing, that was. 
How Recent Are The Photos 
from the QExpo interview? I thought after seeing the one from the first part of the interview, 'alright, JR has lost weight. He is looking like his old handsome self', but the in the second pic his hair was much longer. 
the visual and literal style of that magazine is so deeply repulsive I can't force myself into digging the interesting stuff from it. 
Romero Interview 
His last answer is pretty nice. =) 
The Qexpo Interview Pics... 
are old ones that have been floating around on the net for ages. Afaik Scar3crow interviewed him over AIM or email, so he wouldn't have taken any photos.

The escapist interview pics are weird as hell though - God knows who they are of.

Both interviews are good, but the QExpo one focuses much more on Quake (duh!) 
I quite enjoyed the interviews...
Anyone else get the impression Romero didn't really like Quake that much? Besides the dark Hplovecraftiness etc. 
^^ Yeah 
I don't think he does like it that much considering that all of the non-level-design "design" work he had done for it or had planned to do for it was basically scrapped in order to get the game out.

Of course it ended up being a happy accident (?) that it turned out as fun as it is :) 
Would you be happy if you came up with a grand design for Quake and it was then decided by a vote to ditch it all and just do stick in Doom weapons? 
I'm Hoping That 
the name of his new company is some indication that he might be revisiting those grand designs.

Memory may serve to be incorrect, but aren't those the same shots you used for a previous Qexpo? 
probably, yeah :) 
I'm glad I kept some time to vieuw the side.
Been compiling almost all the time.
Was glad with the feedback of Bambuz,
who found a strange dropout in my level, so I could research it.

Also the model script of Preach had my interest,
as the three winning speeddemo's.

Fun to have joined Q10thExpo booth! 
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