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New Q1SP: Underground Base
Underground Base is a singleplayer map pack,with 3 levels, Start, Sp and End map. There are no puzzles in this map, just pure, intense action. hope u guys have fun!

Download and Screenshots:

P.S-> sorry i still a noob mapper :)
Enjoyable Fun... 
I liked this pack!

Battle was linear and you always knew where to go next. Not much running around looking for the next bit... I like that for a change. And the custom monsters seemed to work well. I liked the super nailgun enforcers. Soldiers with swords were maybe a bit off, and I never liked that screaming sound those blue power enforcers make when they die :)

But I always was a fan of base maps and this one doesn't disappoint.

First playthrough demo here: 
Played It 
Mapping wise, this seems a step-down from Forgotten Tomb. The layout was pretty boring, in general a very almost 2-d map. Granted, the architecture in given rooms was passable.

Despite that, the map was pretty fun. I wasn't a fan of the enforcer/knights, but everything else was very well done. I believe your the first person i've seen make use of LTH's awesome custom enforcers, so that was nice to see.

I found that final fight to be slightly easy, but a worthy finale. What prompted the decision to re-skin the final boss?

Yeah, and once again i suck, 1/5 secrets, didn't die once though, in roughly 25 minutes on hard, perfect kills.

Hopefully next time you focus on the architecture and layout a bit more though, but thanks for a fun map, nonetheless. 
ionous, very true architecture was a litle poor :\ in the start rooms worse... i almost decided to delete then but then i say WTF! :\ i guess i will be more pacient and make a proper map next time... i still very noob and my english suck this dont help me in mapping :( i will try to make the turtle map ( for 27 july) more detailed to learn to add more stuff. and not clean maps

thks for playing and sorry for most part of start map i now it was real boring :( 
Reskinning Was My Doing 
Simply to differentiate him from the usual type. It is a rehued version of the original with some changes, like the metal vertabrae, and wrestling style mask. I wanted to touched it up more, but it seemed to serve its purpose and my time was a bit limited. Note the sounds though. For the sounds I put the originals through Audacity and remixed them. The Ch-Chug piston walk cycle came out nicely. 
Trinca - fun map, but HARD. I think I'm half way through, when all of a sudden I run out of ammo and I'm trapped by those lightsaber grunts (Watch your back!) Those scorpions are good, not sure if they're from a MP or not, but they fit better than the snake-men monsters. Good map, but much too difficult for noobs like me! 
Dear Lord Zwiffle! 
Centroids! From Scourge of Armagon!

And yes, centroids are a nice addition to a base map due to fitting, yet not being just humanoid, also the presence of a melee attack along with a non-semiautomatic th.missile as well. 
It Was Good 
I'm not one mind if the map has bland detail, especially since Trinca is still a "noob" to mapping. What was there got the job done.
Gameplay was definetly my style, difficult and challenging. I didn't die once on the first map, but when I faced the boss I died a few times. That is until I got him in a spot where he was stuck and I could blast him endlessly.
Overall: Well, I love all Quake maps, so this one checks out. Its a Quake map, how could you NOT love it? 
HeadThump "Reskinning Was My Doing" and centroid and tarsagon mdl and almost code :) many thks my friend :) u made map a litle better 
No Problem, Man 
I just got the centroid working correctly, and the LTH and Armagon code bases to play nice. Incidentaly, all of the Scourge functions work, except for the Moljinar stuff. Tarsagon is just Armagon's WWF secret identity. He chomps down steroids in that mode though. 
Go Trinca! 
I haven't played it yet, but keep up the good work. 
another monster-blaster map by Trinca :-) 
The amount of killing in this map was too much for me :) I didn't even try the hard skill since I know how you set up the skill in your maps :)
I liked the first half of the level. After that I got bored a bit with killing the same monsters all the time. New monsters were ok. I liked the yellow and red enforcers which I saw for the first time. Armor placement was very good. Health and weapon placement also - maybe a bit too much health for normal skill. The Plasma Gun made things too easy but it speeded up the pace which was good. The ambushes in smaller rooms were ok for me - I like ambushes. Big rooms seemed empty and it was easy to take down the enemies one by one. In the final map you provoked me (RL+MH) to do a simple rocket jump to the roof from where killing the boss was very easy. You used some nasty clipbrushes in the final map also which I don't like.
Architecture was rather simple and lightning was a bit bland. Layout was also very simple but I don't mind. Gameplay was ok for me. After all it is a nice map. Keep it up! 
-like Ankh said some bigger rooms seemed too empty, maybe the scale was a tiny bit too large
-the end boss is nearly impossible unless you trick him to get stuck behind a pillar :|
-would be nice to see some sexy curves in the map, a bit boxy

But the gameplay totally rocks the house, I like your pure style Trinca, also great custom monsters and perfect ammo balance/secrets 
Sielwolf the secret to beat boss is also rocketjump to roof :) or jump in front of him :) this way he misses the rockets is worse weapon. thks for coments i will try to make better in my nexr map!

for ionous i think this map was better then the other but guess is my opinion( anyway thks for playing)

Straight forward massacre with clean base hardware. There were some nice little details thrown in, but overall it was a bit squareroomish. The lighting was a bit bland, and just some corners were black.

I liked playing it in a way, I didn't have to wander around endless elaborate set pieces, just straight on massacre. I died once on early part of first map on first try, and then once at the big arena (didn't watch my health). I had 3 health after the finale. I died once there too. Overall, normal skill was enjoyable.

Now you have to combine your polishing skills (I didn't see a single texture misalign or problem, well, some monsters were backwards in first map, and you should do changelevel from start map without splash screen (some flag)) and brutal gameplay and your previous good architechture ideas. I liked the "destroy the computers"-bit too. Tarsagon's arena should maybe have been a bit different or his rockets a bit slower or something. And he was visible through the "cage", some clipping error.

Overall, it was a good relaxing run. The new enemies worked well, although the blue enforcers' sounds are a bit campy. :) 
And he was visible through the "cage", some clipping error.

a Quake engine limitation. Anything larger than a shambler and you are going to get that. 
And he was visible through the "cage", some clipping error.

a Quake engine limitation. Anything larger than a shambler and you are going to get that.

Padding the cage interior with clip brushes could have solved this, i think (haven't played the level yet.) 
Well done! I liked this map and its simple architecture -- those great open areas are excellent for circle-strafing and causing lots of carnage. Of course, I admit, I play your maps on Normal difficulty because your Hard gives me Nightmares :) As others have said, you should fill up your rooms a little more and avoid placing two switches next to each other -- this should enhance your gameplay. Also, I felt that you had a little more texture variety in the boss map than in the main map but that is probably just splitting hairs :)

Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next release! 
Holy Cow 
I was a bit out of order trying to play the maps in the start. I am not used to attack more then 8 entities at a time.

Don't know how you managed this in compiling.
But I play by keyboard, and then it is quite a job to limit all monsters within health time.

Texturing was well done, although the architecture apeared somewhat flat. Gameplay rather hard, I'm short in moments of inventing the level between the battlepoints.

I am not yet finished, but it's a tough pak to play. 
...I rather enjoyed this romp. Played on easy and found some set pieces still challenging (12 insta hit enemies in a room) but not unfair. Plenty of ammo and health. The implementation of the custom baddies was excellent. I'd forgotten how brutal those SNG Enforcers can be :) The inclusion of the laser was surprising and enjoyable. Playing on easy meant I could hold it back completely till the meeting with Tarsagon. Did you alter the original Armagon AI? He didn't seem as deadly with his lasers?

Architecture, lighting and texturing were pretty bland...but there was enough occassional attention to detail to keep my interest.

Couple of things:
1. Seems non-sensical to have the lights in the start map operate as laser traps in one instance but not in others.
2. Probably not correct to say the pack is coop suitable if you have two of the same type of keyed door in the level (unless you get one of the coop starters to kill one of the keys at startup)

Thanks Trinca! 
yeah, the laser burst are tweaked a bit though I forget how much of a difference in settings finaly felt most optimal. You can get away with strafing Tarsagon from a distance for a short period of time whereas the maneuver is extrememly difficult with Armagon. Since Tarsagon's speed and hit points are higher, giving more flexible deterrence to the player makes it a bit more fair. 
Nice Map 
but pretty rough, especially in the beginning. I would've liked to have the GL to put some variety in weapons, maybe it was in a secret? Some items, e.g. armor shouldn't be placed so you can't avoid picking them up.

The only visual problem was some z-fighting after opening doors. I managed to kill Tarsagon on first try since he got stuck and I could wear him down with the laser.

Overall a fun romp! 
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