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RPG's QExpo Exploits
A few things to note:

Paul and I reviewed DM3RMX, Travail Preview, and DRSDM1:

I made some booth babes that I salivated over:

And I interviewed Mindcrime. We discuss mapping for Nehahra, American McGee's thoughts on boxers, and why this is Mindcrime's last interview ever.
Good Interview 
With one of the most thought-provoking questions asked wayyyy towards the end. It was a fitting conclusion to a good read.

I dunno if I like Nehahra booth babe or Shambler booth babe better.

DM3RMX r4wks.

Next year @ Qexpo: Project Penis! 
RPG/Mindcrime Interview 
LOL, funny stuff. And sad, but that happens a lot with funny stuff. 
awaiting the Neh release with baited breath - don�t know how much longer the oxygen in my brain can support it. I think the hint in the interview is of the mapside customised enemies . . . and maybe more stuff as well, if the last version is anything to go by.

A shame Mindcrime will be calling it a day afterwards, but that�s life I spose.

Definately the shambler babe - just look at the fine artwork adorning the young lady�s back - true craftsmanship there.

Played through DM3RMX twice and now want to playthrough again with Starbuck�s texture set - the 24 hour speedmodding results look interesting too - so much stuff at the expo that it�ll be eating into my mapping time for months. 
Related Guff 
I've reposted the reviews RPG had on his booth that I'd done on my blog, as well as two extra ones that didn't make it in time.

Reviews are for DM3RMX, Travail preview, TrincaSP3 - Underground Base and Grunt Grenade.

Lookie here: 
So Pauk And RPG 
...are you two gay lovers now then? 
I dunno. Would you make you release your new map faster? 
Would It Make You 
it would make me release me a bit more bitchy? 
Czg, You're Only Jealous 
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