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Base Pack
oh wel i love base theme so much that i start making another map just want to ask if is anybody interresing in making a episode? maby with 4 or 5 maps?!?!
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Mod (monster/weapon) Suggestions 
Weapons: (either this or just stick with the existing Quake arsenal I reckon)

*Zerstorer super shotgun. Cooler, more mechanical, and just as lethal as the original

*Zerstorer blaster (nailgun replacement) fit's in better with the base theme, and is more fun to use than the nailgun I think.


*Zerstorer mega enforcer. Coolest base monster of all time I think. He has some nice attacks, and also that awesome shield.

*Quoth rocket grunt. Good weak ranged enemy with a dangerous weapon. Red, so easy to spot.

*Quoth grenade enforcer. Has a close up shotgun attack, which is nasty, but also the grenade attack, which is a good replacement for ogres.

Also the standard base monsters should be used, and additionally some tougher regular Quake monsters. I am fond of Shamblers, Fiends and Vores, because they fit in ok with a base setting as they could be from any time - they are just monsters. Scrags and spawn might be ok too.

Quoth's Bob is ok, but maybe he's a little annoying. There are also centroids and Armagon from Scourge, and the axe grunts from lunsp1 that might work.

Not a good idea to get too carried away with extra monsters though. I think only a handful should be added.

useful funcs and triggers:

Quoth spawnflags for monsters... amazingly useful!

Hip rotating ents... if anyone wants to bother with the hassle :)

exploding wall. Not neccessary, but easier than pissing around with info_null and func_wall

force fields? I like forcefields. Anyone else like them? 
I Think 
rather than sticking strictly to the original IDBase set the mapper should be left to their own discretion, with the simple guideline that their map should be in keeping with the general base ambiance. I'm pretty sure most people mapping for the project will have played enough Quake to know what consititutes IDbase ambiance, and then it's up to them just how far they deviate from it.

Obviously knights would be a silly thing to find in a Base map, but there are certain things like ogres and scrags which I think bridge the stylistic gap between all of Quake's dimensions, so it would be difficult to impose strict limits on any mapper. 
Yes, I'd Love To Have Forcefields! 
Are there any more airbourne Base-like monsters around? Other than Bob? I'd love to see an enforcer with a jetpack or something. 
I would like to see some rubicon and ikbase maps too. Those are slick textures! Hell, maybe we could get metl to release the rubi2 texture set...

Also, maybe we can use this as an opportunity to get the QC people in on a project. For example, I want my level to have a flashlight -- do I know how to code that? Hell no! 
Oh noes, please keep it Quake! 
phait u do :) since map is finish for u is much easy to convert it!!! :) go on dont be lazy...

I'm horrible with SP layout. Plus I've had a real job now and when I'm not working I'm gaming or working on my design portfolio. 
Phait sent me then i will try to make something when i finish mine :) 
how about some lose connection between maps that could allow for a stylistic change in each map, for instance:

The player keeps getting deeper and deeper underground into this "base". Each map becomes darker and more evil as the player goes underground, this would allow for pretty much any quake monsters in the lower levels (end maps), would also allow for some cool rock/base maps, and some degenerate abandoned base maps too. Things could also get a bit more demonic as the player goes deeper, to add another stylistic change perhaps...

Just an idea ofc :) 
I Like That Idea 
but it would require a lot more organisation to produce a consecutive series, because you'd have to decide whose level contains what weapons etc. etc. Oh and only one person could realistically show any sky. :P

But I suppose if a few people wanted to do that, then the start.bsp could lead to one or two small 'episodes' as well as single levels?

I do like the idea of somehow unifying them all with a common theme that's slightly more consistant than just 'Base'. Like perhaps each level/episode has a very distinctive looking button/lever/whatever at the end, all of which have to be hit in order to power up a bossgate back in start.bsp. 
i�m progressing in a map that is a mix of inside and outside doors 
Stand Alone Quake Mod 
On a mildly related note, have any of you guys got any idea how much of the original quake content you would need to replace before you could distribute any Quake mod without requiring the end user to have a actual copy of Quake?

I'd still be up for making a quake map, but I'm kind of depressed at how small an audience such a map could currently receive, but if we could somehow replace enough of the content to make a stand alone distribution legal, then you would end up with the ability to distribute a completely legal stand alone copy of Quake setup to play just our maps.

Having thought about it, the only new stuff we'd need to replace would be the monsters, the animations, the weapon models and the sounds. There's already plenty of freely distributible textures and maps, along with all the replacements for the console graphics and quakeC mods and stuff.

Is any one up for the task? Imagine how cool it would be to be able to distribute your maps completely stand alone to users without requiring them to have any pre-installed game. Would it even be legal to replace the original quake content with a slightly higher resolution copy made to imitate the existing stuff?

Anyway, for my part I've been getting into character modelling recently and I've already got a fairly decent replacement for the Quake grunt made in maya, all textured and rigged ready for animation, maybe I'll try and get it completely replacing the original grunt and that could be a start.

Anyway, excuse the massive brain fart, but I think it would be really cool to have a totally freely distributible game which people could make maps for. 
lun, got any spares?

Base Progression 
Daz, that's a great idea! It provides a great excuse to have the different styles of base in the pack (ikbase, idbase, rubibase, etc.).

Also, there could be a "surface" section of maps, and a "sub-surface" section. Heck, the surface section could have runes that are collected, before allowing progress to the subterranean section... 
Thoughts From A Non-Contributor 
If you all stick with idbase, then there would be a lovely high-resolution texture pack already made for it.

I also hope you all heed biff's suggestion: make it coop friendly.

Furthermore, DaMaul's idea is interesting--rather reminiscent of the GPL Quake project or whatever it's called--but would require so much work as to doom the project from the get-go. Maybe I'm just being cynical. 
One Thing To Consider, DaMaul 
Nexuis is GPLed, and could be the basis of a single player TC game.

Good luck, Trinca. My plate is a bit full to contribute a map. Though, if you do use the Zer weapons, I would not mind pitching in a reskin for them. 
I'm liking the idea of single suface maps leading to a sub-surface episode. 
Remaking Models For GPL 
There's one thing you need to bear in mind with, say, your grunt remake. How similar is it to the original iD model? If it's fairly derivative, then it might still violate the copyright on the original. For instance,
is a remake of the vore. Although it's made from scratch, and the animations and skin were done only with reference to the original, I wouldn't be confident that it's not a violation to use it in a replacement quake pack. At least in my eyes it's fairly faithful to the original, but that's the crux of the dilemma. If it's close enough to the original to satisfy purists, it's probably not different enough to be legal.

had the same objective of replacing everything with GPL content, and I think their weapons are a good example to aim for in terms of how similar/different to go. The weapons are still clearly shotguns/rocket launchers etc, and the animations still fit the original code, but they are distinct looking enough. Of course, they aren't much in quake flavor, and the monsters stray even further. Could we invent new monsters that fit the quake feel, sync with the motions of the originals, but are distinct enough? Well, maybe...

I guess after all that being down on remaking quake monsters exactly, it would be silly to turn 180 and release one myself. But Romero did say at Qexpo that the shambler is meant to be furry, so I decided to make a model to fit. 
great shambler model :) ehehe 
Good Luck To All 
I have my own base maps to work on... 
he are just trying to make something if nothing get�s out of this at least some will have some maps release soon :) 
No Things Get Out Of This... 
Great Shambler Preach, looks like the yetti!
Thought, where's its cyclope eye?
I watched your Vore model and must say it has a more vieuwable body than Quake's original.

And if Scorpio is allowed, why not Gremlins?
Makes me think of how to coordinate
Quake1 textures - Hipnotic pak - New monsters -
I think it has to be playable in normal Quake1 as it is called Base Pack. 
What music is he dancing to? Good stuff. 
Oh Dear... 
Thought, where's its cyclope eye?

I hope this is a joke ; - ) 
Dancing? Well, er, that's just my way of making, indivdualising the prevent it from being a copyright violation and all. By teaching it a variety of dance styles - all to use in combat. Can't be too, hmm, careful eh?

Ok, I messed up, this is the wrong copy of the model, it's meant to be an easter egg thing. There's another version I have on here with real animations, I'll get that uploaded soon enough. Sorry to derail the thread with this, perhaps it should be posted elsewhere? 
Well it seems I don't have the source on my DVD backup... 
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