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Base Pack
oh wel i love base theme so much that i start making another map just want to ask if is anybody interresing in making a episode? maby with 4 or 5 maps?!?!
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OK - Well How About This Then: 
1. Map must be a base
2. Nothing that wont run under Quoth2
3. ?

Which limits are you over JPL?

Discuss this:

Will the maps run sequentially? If so there is a dilemma if we want to use colored lighting. Darkplaces is the only engine which runs maps over certain limits WITH colored lighting. So how about we say "no colored lighting". Then AguirRe's engine will do... ?

czg: it warms my soul to know that you read this stuff!!

finally: I haven't got the time nor energy to argue over this. Whats the point in wasting time and energy arguing over minor points and shit from the past? What we need people to do if this is going to work is:

1. Make a base map

2. Try and make sure the start/end is good to lead on to the next map, i.e. start AND end with a teleporter is good, but other links would be possible if people COMMUNICATE about it.

3. Dont get involved if you're not serious or else it will never get finished.

How hard can it be?!?!? 
czg: Please don't be mean....

Translated as czg, please don't be czg.

Illogical... Illogical... does not compute

*universe explodes* 
Oh Yeah 
So I heard there's a base pack. If it was announced in 2006 then surely it's done by now. GIVE ME MY BASES OR I'LL HAVE YOUR ASSES BITCHES. 
There are no base maps. There is only VONDUR!!! 
Please comment ;) 
release when 2009? :\ this ~will take lots of time and my map is from 2006... so quality is a litle better then wbase but it still sucks, i dont have the will to fix it anymore... only have final room to fix a lot and and some fixes... so maby in more two weeks i have it done.

Base Pack after 2 year? i�m just finishing this map becouse i hate to have maps on hold and since i worked so much on it i�m not going to make like other people that keep then forever in hardcrive... is 200 monsters on hard map is not fucking sexy map but is fun to play oi think!

god bless all

or not

I Say 
people just release whatever they have after tweaking it for whatever it is for (ie quoth1, regular quake etc).

It doesnt have to be a pack, a steady stream of individual releases will be just as good.

As for quoth2, I'm sure when it comes out, there will be plenty of maps made for it anyway. 
...the voice of reason. Take heed and soon all your bases will belong to us :)

Somebody had to do it...

After all, it can be a pack without start map, without Quoth, without rules, just base based... why not... 
i think the work in Quoth2 is been done... so who wants to wait do it who doens�t release!

nitin is right i respect others people time and will! 
Random Comment 
Fuck Base Pack.

I agree with nitin.

Flogging a dead horse won't get any more blood from the stone.

AFAIK everyone who had a map for it already released it either id1 or Quoth1, so why not make a map pack based on a mod that currently exists to save the headaches.

I've even got an idea for a name to go along with all my shit stirring - "Nothing to do With Basepack Pack".

It's wide open - you could even make it base themed! 
this is all Zwiffle foult!!!

he sujests Quoth :p

someone kill me that US bastard!!! 
the only basestart you killed is this one.


If you don't like it, as JPL said, it leaked..
I couldn't find anything wrong.
I have phantom pholly converted to it,
as some new monsters I would like to add.

It's Trinca's Fault 
Everything he creates fails. Children included. 
Since Quoth 2 Came Out 
We might as well just go and release our maps as standalone levels like JPL did. That's what I'm doing anyway. The release of Quoth 2 got me a bit more motivated so I've actually done some mapping today. I'll aim to have it done before the next QExpo... whenever that may be :)

Oh, and what about Biff? Last I heard his map was nearly done, but wtf has happened to it? Biff, tell us! 
I'm Right Here! 
Well, I guess I will release mine as standalone -- need to get some last minute details sorted out first, will prolly run through it thoroughly this weekend. 
Well, Whatever. 
Mine is gonna be Quoth 2 now too! And it's imminent. 
i think is better for us all release as standalone i already removed all Quoth2 entities... and i will not put then back for sure...

but i�m glad Kell releaSE the stuff maby one of these days i will ma
ke a Quoth2 map who knows? 
i think is better for us all release as standalone i already removed all Quoth2 entities... and i will not put then back for sure...

but i�m glad Kell releaSE the stuff maby one of these days i will ma
ke a Quoth2 map who knows? 
Seeing the toppic now quoth2 is released. Some real good ideas were launched, and some real bad reflections were made...

Make a start map, I did...but in time it got lost by other projects.
Make a quoth2 map, I did... & released it before Quoth2 was confirmed. (as jpl did)

Is there a reason for blaming time counceling the project?

so again post #629:
Any more betatesters for the Quoth version?

Am I fool in beleaving a startmap with parts of each participant is a good idea? 
wbase was release and fbase is almost complete under id1(took me 1 week to remove all Quoth2 stuff)... so dont wait for me... i�m out! 
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