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Base Pack
oh wel i love base theme so much that i start making another map just want to ask if is anybody interresing in making a episode? maby with 4 or 5 maps?!?!
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i dont think ive encountered a "base pack" before, aside from the first episode of SoA.

im curious as to how this would turn out... 5 maps of nothing but Jawbreaker perhaps ? 
If anyone wants the source to my PH8DM2 let me know, I know some would've liked to see it transformed into an SP map. 
In the old days, there would not be enough enemies to sustain 5 maps of base theme. But now, there are enough custom base enemies of good quality that it would probably work.

Of course, the key would also be to make sure each level looks fresh, which means probably using different base textures as the primary ones for each map. For example, one map using mostly the rust-red walls, one using lots of uniterrupted white ribbing, etc. Geometry and setting and gameplay can also be used to distinguish them, too -- for example having one be a base inside a volcano, another one be a flooded base, another one is very puzzle-oriented etc.

P.S. OUM was basically 3 base maps in a row, though they were ikbase instead of idbase. 
I would be interrested in making a map for this, been ages since I worked with idbase (and q1) and I've grown very fond of the set recently.

Darren -DOT- Weekes -AT- gmail -Dot- com 

but... a design document is definitely required

lun, got any spares? ;D 
zomggg then �someone must make that document :) my english is crapy... 
Very Good Idea 
I like metlslime's thinking. Count me in as well. Ive recently been thinking of making a base map in an AvP / Hell in a Can style set on a big transport ship of some sort, so I'll shotgun that style.

Someone should get a design document together �_� 
Starbuck, Mapper Independence 
No mapper should be able to exclude others from mapping in the same theme as he. In other words, the mappers should help write the design document.

Example: I also want to do a Hell In A Can style map. Should Starbuck and I have a duel? 
Are You Going To Use Any Mods? 
Ideally, I would like to see Zerstorer weapons (shotcycler, laser and perhaps chainsaw) + ME + quoth ents (spawner) and expanded grunts. Maybe get a few hip or even OUM ents in there too.

I'd be up for it if I could make a start map or small/medium sized map. I don't want to commit to anything big as I am already kind of busy (2 fairly large SP maps), but this project sounds fun, so I'd like to do something if I have time. I like the flooded base theme idea too :)

Is the plan only for idbase, or all kinds of base (id, speed, tiddles, metls q2 and rubicon texes, etc.)?

Design doc is required, but I don't think it need be too detailed. Just an overview of what mods and textures are going to be used and any overall theme/story that is planned. Perhaps also some details of each map once the author has decided what they are doing so that the maps can be ordered and linked together nicely. 
i am idling in #basesp 
Duel Two In A Barrel 
I may be a poor mapper, but I would be in for it. 
cool i think neg|ke had a map that could be start! about than idear by using a new progs if your decision... me and .qc are 0,000001% :) total noob! a start map with same stuff like chapter�s that close the room when we finish the level and take all weapons are nice! this way we can play straight and speedrunners can play maps individual if they want! 
I Started A Map 
Gonna be kind of a "industrial" base map, lots of heavy structures etc, set against some rocky outcroppings. 
Count me in, but I'd definitely want to see if we could decide on monsters, tex and whatnot. Also, it'd be really cool if we could make it coop friendly, since I've always wanted to have a q1 coop base tour =D 
i like a lot the blue enforcers and the green LTH enforcers :)but for runs idbase progs is better... 
yeah, a proper base pack would be nice. dunno if i can contribute though. depends on the deadline.

trinca, you were probably refering to this - mind though this is only one single room with a slipgate.
my speedbase scrap is still there as well, but it's fairly poor... 
there is no deadline lets see what happend if possible to be in end of this year whould be good let�s see who is in!!! then we talk about deadline and other stuff! 
I'll Work On A Little Something. :) 
I've had an idea for a base map knocking around in my skull for a while, so it'd be good to have an excuse to actually build it.

I liked the enemy lineup in the base pack you released during QExpo Trinca, and I also like the base enemies in Quoth. We need to have that scorpion thing from the Hipnotic pack as well. :D

A brand new boss monster for the final map would be nice though, because the Hipnotic one always gets used. 
phait u do :) since map is finish for u is much easy to convert it!!! :) go on dont be lazy... 
Aaarggghhh Trinca, No Blue Enforcers! 
Please? They look a bit crap. 
A duel it is! Fisticuffs at dawn sir!

Seriously though, there's no reason we can't both do the same style. At least it would add some coherency to the pack. I'm planning on generally scaring the player as much as possible, using vorelings and fiends a lot and working hard on the lighting. 
Quoth Source? 
I don't think the quoth source is available is it? That would make it hard to add other monsters.

Nice idea though, I hope something comes of it! 
oh wel u guys decided i think base id whould be great there is so many good monster�s to add to a base map! and easy for all!!! just hope by the time i finish my map i have skill�s enought to make a clean light map :\ since i�m better with arquitecture and skill very bad in lights :\

i think what he just need is a small start map like chapter�s map that close the door after the map is complete! 
idbase only then? I don't mind working with idbase again, but maybe if there are many people who want to make a map, it will end up getting a bit tedious because all the maps will look so similar. Sure, the setting for each map can be different, and there are a few colour variations, but there is definitely a possibility that some of the maps will look very similar.

I'm not for or against idbase only though. I rather like the set, and would be happy to use it for my map, but I just worry that other might lose interest because they had a different set in mind. 
i think all base and ikbase are alowed biff.wad and the modified than textures could make a good variety in maps! 
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