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Dark Messiah Might And Magic (Fantasy FPS) Demo

May have been mentioned in GA but I haven't looked. Anyway you guys need this shizzle yo. Proper fantasy FPS, hadn't heard of it up till now, but it's the real deal.

1.4 gig demo (ROFBBQMAO) which gets you approx 15 minutes of gameplay, BUT it's pretty cool. Spot on fantasy atmosphere, swords, sorcery, orcs and gobbos, castles, caverns, you know the score.

Nice GFX (source engine), runs well even on my 2k3 PC, reasonable controls, and proper FPS gameplay that works well with melee even and has some fun options (kicking enemies into fires for example). Has a vibe of Blade + Enclave from an FPS perspective, which should be enticement enough.

What are you p1mps thinking given that fantasy FPSs are so rare then??

(P.S. Hi, it's me.)
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I'm thinking Shambler needs to drop the ghetto talk. 
guess shambler quit quake :\ 
Couldn't Find Any Pics 
Closed the download links window. Proceeded to load forum.php and browse on. 
Oh My God 
welcome back Shambles :} 
He's Not Back. 
At least not back for anything more than annoying us with a shitty game that he has decided he likes for unknown reasons.

Pretty environments, I'll give it that. And RPG style leveling and skill trees are cool.

Combat on the other is about as involving as a game of minesweeper. On a 20x20 grid. With 20 mines.
And the movement! Dear lord the movement!
Shambler, I always thought you were one of those who moaned about "weak" movement in all games, but you approve of this? The movement is like molasses, if you'll excuse my use of a cliche. And this is weird too because all source games so far have had spot on movement.

Character design is meh too.

love, Your Goddamned Mother. 
I like minesweeper. 
Dark Messiah 
The first playthrough of this demo I was a little underwhelmed tbh, I had seen the previews and was spooging about this game but the demo didn't really do it for me.

Then I found the cheats on a forum somewhere and you can spawn enemies and friends wherever you point and after this the game simply is amazing, I think its just the demo level that sucks, I mean ffs there are 14 levels in the full game and apparently this is one of them, its FUCKING TINY, I mean jesus wtf is the 1.4 GB of download exactly???

Saying this, the game is most definitely COOL and I shall be buying the full version when its released. Best 1st person melee combat ever, forget oblivion! 
I was totally digging it. I liked the vibe of it -- like being in the middle of a Conan type fantasy, and the possibilities for combat are rather wide open. I am so getting this in October. 
I'm Worried... 
The demo install is like 2.5gb or something (not installed it yet, no space), and it's just one level.

What the fuck is the full game going to require? A whole 60gb drive devoted just to this one game? Is this because of HDSHITR technology or something else? Is the texture resolution to 1024*1204? Did one of the developers hide their porn collection in the game directory structure and forget to remove it when he built the demo?

Xbox 360 games still fit on one dvd, don't they? What the hell is going on here? 
they were probably really lazy and put most of the game assets on there, in other words textures and models and sounds that the demo level might not actually use. 
I Havent Played It 
But, I assume that many of the resources are used repeatedly throughout the entire game. So, they had to include those in the demo level. See what I mean? The whole game could end up being only (haha) 3-5gb, depending on how much content they are able to re-use. 
Well Yeah 
I bet it's still massive though. 
yeah, I was about to download it, then saw the filesize, said "lol" and went back to playing Doom 3. 
I Believe 
I saw somewhere that the full version requires 6.x GB of space... ouch.

As for a lazy build. Yes, you can create NPC's and enemies that are not used in the demo, and there is a staff weapon you can use as well that is not in the demo... etc. 
Sounds Ripe For Explotation! 
arrrr . . . plunder 
GG, it's bedtime for me 
I Finally Got Around To Giving This A Look 
...and I have somewhat mixed feelings.

It has some iffy bits. The movement--yeah it's kinda weird. Sort of slow feeling and hitchy, and for some reason strafing is much more responsive than forward/back--dunno why. Also, if you look at your feet you see them sliding around the floor when you strafe.

Screw overuse of bloom (or whateverthefuck they're doing). There are times when you look at a light source and everything around you goes black, and then you look away and, surprise, you can see the brightly-lit wall again. Needs to be cranked down to non-gimmick levels.

Also, jumping feels kind of crap, and climbing is weird as well, and there are some dumb things they should have caught--overlapping polys here and there, a message when you upgrade one of the thiefly skills that cheerfully informs you that it's activated via [unbound key], stuff like that.

On the other hand, woo, the environments! I've always loved lots of vertical and towering structures and bottomless canyons and all that happy horseshit. The first time I got into the major melee room in the first level, I finally looked up after killing everything and let out an audible, delighted "ohhhhhhhh!" Same with the canyon/temple dealie in the second part. Gorgeous.

The different skill trees and options are pretty damn cool--it's not really a full-fledged "deep" system, like Oblivion or whatever, but it's good and allows very different approaches to challenges. I've only played through the demo twice, but the first time I concentrated on fighter stuff and just beat the shit out of everything, and the second time no one even knew I was there until they were dead courtesy of Sneaky McCreeperson--the throat-stabby stealth attack is cool.

I'll be buying it, and hoping they clean up some of the clumsy feel and odd crap bits in the meantime. 
CZG For The WIN 
Simply put, this game is a must buy. Awesome leveldesign, fun gameplay, great replay value and yes it feels a bit clumsy at times. But it's overshadowed by the good stuff. 
Blah Blah Blah. 
DaMaul you are probably right, but it's unlikely to happen :P.

RPG, shots on - though they don't show off the enviroment so well.

CZG you are a dildo, but yes the movement is kinda crappy AND I admit I am outspoken for good solid movement. Nevertheless, this isn't really a hyperspeed twitchathon of an FPS so I find the sluggish movement fairly tolerable. As for the combat, I have to disagree, the combination of different sword strokes, blocking, throwing things at enemies, and kicking them, gives a lot more potential than most other hack-athon melee things (Rune for example). And that's not even counting spells and archery etc.

than, I hope there is free porn yes ;).

BTW, I've also been outspoken about stupidly large demos in the past. But WTF, this took like 2 1/2 hours on broadband at 250 kbps. I think that's pretty tolerable?

Pjw, I thought the bloom was kinda cool, and it is natural as in the way one would see it IRL, nevertheless I agree it could be toned down.

I am totally psyched for this game, it's got me interested in gaming again, and will be exactly what's needed come the gloomy british autumn I reckon! 
A good portion of the demo is taken up by the FMV at the beginning...kind of a waste. Game was quite cool otherwise. 
And Again. 
Just played the main (and very short) level a couple more times, and it's still cool. I tried a magic orientated build, was okay but a bit more standard FPSy, apart from fire-traps. Kinda neat. Also a stealth build which was good for the insta-kill.

Still my favourite is the sword with a variety of strikes, combined with kicking enemies into fires or off ledges. Just the most satisfying. There's a lot one can play around with. Setting stuff on fire with flame arrows for example.

I really like this. Did I mention that? 
You did, and you rock. I'm looking forward to an SDK (if these guys go the Troika route and go out of business before then I will be super-pissed, but them being tethered to Ubi makes this less likely) so I can experiment with the many possibilities =D 
funniest thing so far is picking up a body to use as a human shield, then throwing that body at the enemy knocking him off a high ledge :D

This game indeed rocks!

PS - The adrenaline attack where you skewer the enemy on your sword and then push them off with your foot simply is awesome =) Only just saw it 
"it's got me interested in gaming again"

oh noe... God help us!

Shambler can we meet? As soon as you catch all terrors and open airports again.
I will buy u a beer 4real 
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