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Tails Quake - Total Conversion For Quake1
Hi guys, I found this good TC at quakeexpo. It is very good. PS: If you visit the website please post comments and rating for this TC.Authors want it.

Main Site:
Qexpo Page:
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I looked at the screenshots and stuff. It's a huge aggregation of a bunch of (presumably free) existing content, including textures and levels you will probably recognize. For example I saw a retextured version of an RPG speedmap here:

It also appears to have some non-free content, such as models recognizably ripped from quake2 and the UT series.

It also doesn't appear to be a true TC, as i see stock torch models, a knight model, and stock HUD graphics.

Those comments aside, it would be interesting to see what all is here and how it plays, since it claims to be a huge game (6x15 SP levels?) 
This Is Shit 
lots of material randomly thrown together without the slightest credit for the original authors. not only quake2 monsters, weapons and music (+unreal tournament apparently), also rpg and quoth stuff, as well as a lot of maps that i would bet my ass are used without permission, like e1m1rmx, rpgse, beyond belief,... 
I Played Through The Whole Thing 
not a lot of original content, but still fun to play through, some of the weapons were pretty satisfying, although the combat got a little boring after a while. Stupid scrags. 
I saw this during the expo. In the booth, screenshots 2, 3, and 4 are from RPGSMSE. However, I released the maps under the GPL, so he has every right to use them, as long as he redistributes the source if he made any changes.

However, I strongly disapprove of his texture-replacement choices. tsk. 
As Far As I Know ... 
The "Tails" guy is a 13 (ish) year old from a non-English speaking country.

Just a kid who has to use Babelfish to read English and isn't familiar with legalities and such.

I wouldn't be too hard on him. 
Bad Name 
He is not Tails but Shadowtails.He is from Czech 
Permissions About Maps 
Sorry about premission but i was download it from Rush server and in zip of maps were only 1kb readme file Which says this

23/4/2006 Generate by S.Savolsky

Rushin maps archiv

With this maps you can do whatever you want.
You mussn�t write to use any permissions.


Sorry but i don not known who made this or that map.
Sorry for my horrible English. 
For Neg!ke (see Comment Picture For You) 
I think that you are one of the primitive people. You can only hase people but your maps Sucks.They sucks just your foots. Does anybody tell that shit ratite to trauses?At first find oneself and don not hase people you fuckning idiot. Ii is not his mistake that he found bad site with quake maps.But you are unchangeable!!! 
neg!ke, your maps suck!

btw John/shadowtails: You can't fool anyone that you are the same person.

Thanks for a laugh, but this mod sucks and is illegal for the content. 
For LOL 
We are not one person i have been conected to his ip adress only. 
Yeah spirit next sample how to score off.
Try use stronger software for spamers.

PS: Cheapalert has do ilegall mod to.Nirvana is ilegal mod to and many others.

PSS:Don not worry this is no spam.Don not worry about your website. 
A Candidate To Replace 
All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Does anybody tell that shit ratite to trauses?

Do I hear a second? 
Repeat To LoL And Neg!ike 
Good day boys,
you have wrote that this mod is suck and it is shit.Ok it is opinion.But if this mod is so bad why has he 5 stars of 5? I think that this mod is vergy COOL.And neg!ke try to do some good maps.Your maps is shit not this mod.
Tails is right.Many mods is illegal not for quake1 only.Good work shadowtails. 
/me sits back, props his feet an enjoys the show. 
This Thread Is Awesome/horrifying 
Delete where not applicable. 
Eagerly Wanted A Quick Shot Of Fresh Quake.... I downloaded (without reading the thread). Started the game. Turned off the rather boring soundtrack. Got geared for the action. System crashed 2 times in the start map. Deleted everything. Got back to Adamantine Cruelty. Aaaahhhh!!! Relief...
Got to the thread...
These people simply have a real thin grip on reality...
BTW, Neg!ke roolz!

The Silent has spoken(!) 
System Cracsh 
I don not know what happens with your start map but if you get the setup on your HDD try download the update. 
is this really news material? :))) 
Haha! Cute 
yeah, maybe my maps suck, but at least i did make some myself.
see, split personality, all i was trying to say is properly credit all material you use. gpl'd or not, this is the way to go, even for unoriginal mods - quakesrc people told you the same a week ago btw.
i'm truely sorry if my previous post hurt your feelings... for i know squeezing pimples hurts enough already... ;) 
this thread rocks!

John: How come you as a chinese connect with shadowtails (czech) IP? 
Again About Maps 
I have already sad that it is not my mistake that Rushin server modify zip formats and delet all contacts and appropriate to himself.
Sourc code is legal.I have permission from wazat.

PS:As far as would be the contact email in all zip i would used to be send to all authors for permission.If they sad NO i would delete them from my mod. 
You may use my maps in your mod. That is your right. But if you have modified my maps, please also upload the new source .map files to comply with the license. 
Map List: 
Note that some of these are renamed from the original bsp name:

start.bsp - "Monastry of Time Monks" by Marcus Dromowicz (mexx9.bsp)
e1m1.bsp - "The Slipgate Duplex" by Vondur and CZG (e1m1rmx.bsp)
e1m2.bsp - "Histrionic Station" by RPG (rpgsmse.bsp)
rpgsmse2.bsp - "Anatidaephobia" by RPG
rpgsmse3.bsp - "Jesus Wept" by RPG
alphaproject.bsp - "The Alpha Project" by Jeff Popplewell (alpha001.bsp)
colony.bsp - "Colony" by Mark Turner
colony2.bsp - "The Culling Station" by Mark Turner
houseoftraps.bsp - "House of Traps" by Scott McNutt (houstrps.bsp)
cobalplace.bsp - "The Cobalt Palace" by Mungo (m_palace.bsp)
armaggedon.bsp - "Armageddon 2" by Matthias Worch (arma2.bsp)
elektracomplex.bsp - "The Elektra Complex" by Andrew Smith (elektra.bsp)
bb1.bsp - "Mission Control" by Matthias Worch
bb2.bsp - "The Cleanse" by Matthias Worch
bb3.bsp - "Another fine mess..." by Matthias Worch
bb4.bsp - "Hell's Sewers" by Matthias Worch
bb5.bsp - "The Lava Grounds" by Matthias Worch
bb7.bsp - "The Unholy Alliance" by Matthias Worch 
Then ... 
hopefully they are in a gamedir 
Kidding Around Aside ... 
Stay strong shadowtails ... takes a while to learn "the rules" in anything and everyone makes mistakes the first time or 2 they do things.

"Rookie mistakes" ... everyone makes them. 
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