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New Sauerbraten Release (Water Edition)
This release mainly features the brand-new water rendering code, which is very nice to look at with realtime reflection and refraction. Other changes include performance improvements for shader-heavy maps, and new item and ammo models.

Changelist here:
Download page:
Screenshot looks really nice, loving the water :)

I'll have to check out this engine, cube rocked and I haven't had a chance to look at this yet... 
look real great!!! excelent work! 
Holy Shit! 
that water looks nearly real! o.0

frankly, it looks better than the water in hl2, i believe... 
looks too good compared to the rest. Not to say the rest doesnt look good, but water looks too real next to it. 
I'm thirsty! 
Water Is Indeed Prettay 
Although I see artifacting on large expanses on my system (winxp, 9800 pro), still really cool. It's good enough to make the assets look out of place. :) 
Only One Solution To The Assets Problem, 
1) catch Gabe Newell hoof sucking a goat.

2) blackmail him into releasing HL2 content under a free to use, non-commercial exploitation agreement. 
Just A Note... 
that screenshot was the only one I could find on the website, but there are prettier maps where the water looks more appropriate. 
Yeah, The Levels For The Original Cube 
were pretty good so I can see that being the case. Overall, I think animated media can be a generation behind without causing too much incongruence. What is really needed is a unified theme for the models. Perhaps nothing more than a reskinning would do the trick.

The only drawback for me is the in game editor. I prefer modeling and brush programs that are similar to CAD and drafting in design. 
Models are actually being reskinned/remodelled currently. This version already improves ammo and health, and we're looking at teh weapons too.

The artistic quality of the levels varies wildly, and as a result there will definitely be levels that don't impress people.

As for the editor, I'm quite pleased with it in most respects. It's not perfect and sometimes I long for a traditional editor with orthographic views and stuff, but in other ways it's superior to that becuase of speed of prototyping and a really short feedback cycle for any changes made (change it, play it in a matter of seconds.) 
I Have My Hands In A Lot Of Things 
these days but Suaerbraten has interested me ever since I got wind of it. I remember when I looked at the game code thinking that it was very easy to understand so even a Far Cry type mod for it, a huge archipeligo of landscapes and mano'man fighting would be a reasonable proposition.

Out side of Quake, I dabble around with Irrlicht as my second favorite hobby. Sauerbraten's water looks better than anything I've managed to do using vertex shaders inside that engine, so my hat is off to Aardappel and company.

And I must confess, trying to work with landscapes of Team Arena size using q3map2 and GTKRadiant is a huge pain. Just a few hours ago, I removed a few brushes from a map that never had trouble loading before and Radiant rewarded me with a crash. Perhaps it was similar experiences that lead Aardappel to design the Cube/Sauerbraten methodology. 
I'm A Sucker For Nice Water Pics 
... downloading ;) 
Cube (errr, Sauerbraten) Makes People Run Amok 
German. Cube is mentioned and shown at ~8:00 
weird german guys are sitting in dark basements playing my levels! 
Zis Is Ein Lott Auf German To Sitt Trau 
eim vischen I sprechen zie deutsch a little more

I doubt understanding the words would have helped much but the transition from "disturbed youth setting off bombs in the woods" to "in-house crytek demonstration set to ominous music" was rather obvious. 
Sauerbraten In Burger King Commercial

This should balance out the negative press metl3.ogz got from those school shootings. Suddenly my level is cool again, and worthy of sharing an apartment with naked girls. 
I didn't know there was a version of Sauerbraten for the Gamecube! 
i don't think there is -- i think that was a mocked up scene with sauerbraten being displayed on a TV and some guy getting excited with a gamecube controller.

Sort of like when they show a DOS prompt on macintosh hardware in movies. 
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