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SM127: 1024�
Five 1024x1024x1024 SP maps by eFDAT, Hrimfaxi, neg!ke and Spirit.


Forgot To Add 
spirit appreciates first run demos, efdat wouldn't mind them either. 
efdat: Sexy looks and very balanced gameplay. My favorite! (Will upload the demo later.)

hrim: Uhm, ARGH! Didn't really like both maps because of too many grunts (I personally hate them). I did not count how often I felt down in the first map. The second map was ok.

neg!ke: Tiny and sweet. Those textures look weird though.

After playing the other maps I realised how big 1024� is. Could have done much more with a not-so-vertical-layout. =) 
Screens Look Cool 
gonna have to bring my meory card into work tomorrow to play them though... I have to wait :( 
love then all!!!

but Spirit, efdat and Hrim2 more :)

thks guys first runs in all!!! 

Where's the texture set from? 
made an i3d newspost, and also provided a link in the news post to my review of the maps involved

some good stuff to be found here 
Mike & The Others 
Mike: I made the textures myself (based on q1 and hexen2 tex). I wanna do a ruin style map sometime in the future and made this sm mostly as a showcase/test map for the textures. feel free to use them, if you want. i'm gonna add more detailed tex and trims, buttons etc and put out a set somewhen, though. maybe you wanna wait for that one...?
neg!ke: nice tight dirty thing :P
hrim: hm.
spirit: nice looks, gameplay not so nice.
gonna watch the firstruns now... 
What My Floor Says... 
1024� (especially the third dimention) is way to much to be still challenging. i should have realized this earlier.

efdat: yeah, nice map. i like the textures, particularly the arches. looking forward to seeing them used in a proper map - but be sure to use more contrasted lighting. some brighter lights (maybe with delay 3) on the top of the bridge... more speedmaps too!

hrim1: easy solution, but hey. i didn't find the grunts to be too annoying, even though they killed me a few times. missed the nailgun though. lighting could have been better at the end of the pipes (making them disappear into darkness rather than just end at a black wall).
hrim2: ok, but nothing special. enforcer hordes can get pretty dangerous. yay for two maps.

spirit: niceish. more trims'n'slopes. i finally realized what you meant by 'doing curves the wrong way' - don't use csg, just use two prisms as stencils and fill them with brushes accordingly. or something like that. 
here are a few quick speedruns, went through all the maps quickly except for sm127_hrim because it's just to gay to play. no offense to any homosexuals present (stubgaard, you reading this?).
sm127_efdat in 0:46 (no shortcuts really, apart from possible ogre grenadejumps but I couldn't be arsed to go for it)
sm127_neg!ke in 0:18 (no shortcuts here either but it's short at least)
sm127_hrim2: 0:37 (slopejump..only shortcut. all those enforcers and grunts are a pain in the ass)
sm127_spirit in 0:13. thx for that secret spirit.
all demos are obviously not optimal.

download @ 
the zip is corrupt :(
You did the jump into the teleporter from below I think? :D

Here are my firstruns: 
link fixed. and yeh, I jump in the teleporter from below. I thought that you had that planned?
Are you saying it was unintentional? 
I liked eFdat's map the most. Gameplay and looks were good. Map from Spirit was also nice. The pipe map from Hrimfaxi was interesting to look at but I hate enforcers that shoot from above. 
Efdat - nice style, like the end, a bit cramped, quite hard.

Hrim1 - interesting style, don't like the colours, gameplay a bit annoying.

Hrim2 - good theme, gameplay a lot more fun.

Negke - didn't like.

Spirit - cool style, like the curves, ended up facing a Shambler with an axe... 
Hrim: The most interesting concept of the theme but a bit too easy, and too much wasted space. From the screenshots I was expecting a more convoluted route, maybe with some backtracking etc.

Neg!ke: Gameplay wasn't great but the neat little poo I saw after dying in the firstrun [see demos] had me in stitches. Especially the idea that the shambler might have done it.

Spirit: Really relaxing visually and I like a bit of platformy gameplay here and there, but gameplay was quite poorly balanced.

Efdat: Definately the prettiest of the bunch! Gameplay was decent but nothing special. Just a solid speedmap all round really.

Hrim2: I quite enjoyed this one. Again nothing exceptional, but it was a nice little diversion.

All in all I found myself running out of ammo quite frequently during my first runs. My aim has gone to pot since I got back in to Counter-Strike. Hah. Firstruns: 
which client do you use?
because a quad is supposed to appear after pressing the second button in my map. it didn't in your demo... 
Text_fish play like a men! got a script to disable Quads :p 
I Didn't See A Quad Either 
using fruitz of dojo quake for os x (which is pretty similar to boring old win/glquake, i read the diff to the source once...) 
Never A Waste Of Space... 
eFDAT's was the sexiest, with great textures, nice architecture and good gameplay. Please map more :)

HRIM's first was a nice concept with good monster placement and interesting architecture. I wouldn't mind seeing it tweaked into a full level where the player would (literally) fight his way to the top ;)

HRIM's second was good too -- it reminded me of Unreal for some reason -- but could have used an explosive weapon to handle the hoards (or did I miss something).

Neg!ke's was the tightest and gave a good, albeit brief, challenge.

Spirit's was good too, but I found the end unsurvivable. I also kept wandering around, looking for the silver key when I already had it :|

Keep shootin' the good stuff! 
Liked a lot eFDAT's and Neg!ke...
A little less Hrim's... Good gameplay, but definitely bad choice of lights and texes(lights could have done a lot for texes, tho').
Spirit was the best of the bunch, but too tight on ammo...
Had the same problems as Generic: unsurvivable ending and unawareness of blue key... strange... a missing sound maybe? The unreachable secret would have helped completing the end if you could have enough life points to axe the last Shambler, is there something I missed to reach he SH?

All in all a very good pack, milords, the Silent thanks yooooo!

(I'm gonna poo on my way out, you'll xcuse me...) 
Lol Trinca. 
Neg!ke, I use Fitzquake with no added bells or whistles, so I can't see why a quad wouldn't show. I'm guessing it's meant to appear in the little open space by the first button?

I do recall a similar problem cropping up for some people [can't remember if I had it or not] in Masque of the Red Death. 
Getting into the trend DOOM started, eh? :)

I need to try these sometime soon. 
Totally Forgot To Thank 
Thanks for the comments! :)

I probably should not have put a silver key in the map at all, it was rather a "hm, I have to trigger that "platdoor" somehow, what do I use for it" decision.
The key was not properly lit I think, so you did not see it. And the catch-sound might have been superposed(?) by the teleportsound of the scrags.
Ammo was tight, too tight for finishing on the first try. :\

It was fun top build the map anyways, I spent almost 6 hours on it I think (snailmap :D ). 
KAKASHI THEFT AUTO!!!!!!!!...Sorry but im new here 
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