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Which Q1SP Would You Most Want To See A Sequel To?
Not that any of this is going to happen, just discussion, but what map would you most want to see a sequel to? Don't pick packs or episodes (ie, Scourge of Armagon), but rather a single map (ie, Hip1m3: The Lost Mine).

I'll have to think for a while before I come up with my own. Ziggurat Vertigo is definately one though.
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So Everyone Wants More LunSP, Eh? 
/me makes notes 
No Cthon Puzzles Though, Eh? 
Look, It's Simple 
if you have a five cubic kilometer lava pit and a three cubic kilometer lava pit and you need exactly four cubic kilometers to kill c'thon, all you've got to do is fill the three cubic kilometer pit, pour it into the five cubic kilometer pit, fill the three cubic kilometer pit again, pour two out of them into the five cubic kilometer pit until it's full, dump out the five cubic kilometer pit, pour the one cubic kilometer of lava you have left over into the five cubic kilometer pit, then fill the three cubic kilometer pit once more and dump that into the five cubic kilometer pit leaving you with exactly four cubic kilometers, three times while he's throwing lava balls at you. What's so fucking hard about this?! 
Die Hard 3 reference, eh ! 
Well, No 
it was an established puzzle long before they recycled it in DH:WAV. but yes. 
On The Road To St. Ives I Met A Man With Seven Wives... 
He Was Mad Pimpin 
Sorry, the first I heard about this "puzzle" was only watching DH3.... Anyway, post (i.e #62) should have taking place in the film thread :P 
will that require a custom progs??? 
yes, but lunsp1 had one. in fact, I'm trying to curb my enthusiasm toward imagining what I could do if lunsp2 required a custom fitzquake >D 
Sequel For... 
Terra. I liked the scale and also the styles. 
Red 777... 

Every map in Contract Revoked but definitely NOT the whole episode ;)

(I am trying to stay on topic.) 
Looking good HeadThump - I've always been a fan of evillair's stuff.

Just checked out his site and was pleased to see that he's just produced a new set for Quake4 :o 
Holy Crap! 
I can't wait to drool over those.

Thnx Kinn and Scar3crow 
These Need Sequels... 
Ziggurat Vertigo
The Wind Tunnels (thanks for Anteldilluvian!)
Marcher Fortress
Moonlit Assault (LTH imitations weren't bad)
The Elder God Shrine (Elek's early stuff was kinda close)
Shadow Over Innsmouth/Village of Dread
fucking, that last map from Vigil, should have been completed!
Oh, And 
Curse of Osiris (mission pack 2) - this was an awesome map.
The Black Cathedral
_and_ the lost mine. 
Sm48_crap :) 
We wait the sequel for a long time.
Where are you necros?

But nice idea:
Are anybody agreed?
Animal Killing Sqeuels 
Deep Blue Sea 2
Anacondas 3 
The Middle Evil
Avanipaala Praasaa
Village of dread
zer1m6 - True Love Waits (I found this one of the scariest Quake maps I've played.. I kept wondering how much deeper down I was going to have to go. Awesome!) 
zer1m6 indeed. i was really impressed by its size at that time. 
I Want To See A Sequel To Fmb_bdg1! 
So there! 
A Beer For... 
... mwh: you are right ! 
Village of Dread had a sequel -- Shadow over Innsmouth. 
E1m1 And End.bsp! 
great idea for a thread. some of the maps mentioned have so many maps since then in the same style, its hardly worth a sequel.

haven't played much of the recent stuff, but here's some style/themes i want to see in a sequel:

Tale of Abbot's Rune
The Occursed
Shrine of Skank
Hell - Nephilim
The Lost World
The Crawling Chaos
Lots Neil Manke's Q1 & Q2 maps... except someone ELSE should make the sequels. 
zomggg Kona still lives :) 
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