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Which Q1SP Would You Most Want To See A Sequel To?
Not that any of this is going to happen, just discussion, but what map would you most want to see a sequel to? Don't pick packs or episodes (ie, Scourge of Armagon), but rather a single map (ie, Hip1m3: The Lost Mine).

I'll have to think for a while before I come up with my own. Ziggurat Vertigo is definately one though.
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My Picks 
hell in a can 
My Picks 
palace of hate (palace of fear?)
altar of pain (doom64)
l i g h t (quake 2 / awakening - ikbase)
the wizard's manse (with a real boss and not just a zombie on the wall)
the temple level from zerstorer 
Not To Forget 
a sequel to that one czg map which will never be released... :'( 
No sarcasm here!
I'm a big fan of CDA! A true Q1 classic to me. I played all your maps and consider this one as a high reward to your perseverance.
But facing the exit in the cave, I wonder... What lies beneath CDA huge outdoors? 
Lunaran: regarding maya file formats - I'm sure you knew this but Doom3 seems to read the .ma format natively - many of the models in the expansion pack are maya ascii, so it might be worth looking into what that's all about.

Regarding Marcher sequels etc. Well, good news is it's in the works...kinda. Bad news is, it's for Doom 3. Don't expect mindless horde combat though, the setpieces will be more subtle and imaginative. Thing is, I'm actually mapping my tits off for Doom 3 atm (on a non-marcher project) and have been doing so for many months now. It's really gruelling having to somehow tie this into my spare time after doing 8+ hours a day mapping for (unannounced game) at work, then coming home all bleary-eyed and angry after spending the day wrestling with extremely WIP dev tools, only to fire up doomedit when I should really be chillaxing.

Oh well, enough whingeing. I'm gonna have an early night. 
If you finish and release that map I will name my firstborn after you. 
bbelief3, bbelief4
the elektra complex
the vigil 
If you finish and release that map I will name my firstborn after you.

I'll batter my new born, fry them up into crispy treats, dust them with confectionaire sugar and have the package sent to you just for a screen shot. 
typically one does something OUT of the norm as a bribe for such things 
Probably a maya tools dll included with the expansion. although why they chose to use .ma as a natively loadable format I'll never know - it's horribly inefficient if all you want is the game-relevant data, and probably adds days to the load times.

Major kudos on being able to work all day on a project that makes you angry and still come home to map some more. 
I could throw in a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts but I was saving that for the bargaining phase.

As for the topic, Hell's Sewers in Beyond Belief is near the top of my list too. Personaly, instead of individual levels, I would like to see the extension of certain styles that are evoked by particular levels. Autumn Haunting and Gun Cotton come to mind.

There is a Runic/Tech level in Desolution of Eternity that has a unique approach that begs to be developed further. 
I know how you feel. When work isn't satisfying those creative urges, you just gotta map at home :/

Or maybe you feel differently. That's how I often feel here, and was how I felt in the UK towards quitting my previous company. 
...patience friend. A suprise awaits you sometime next week.

As far as sequels:

I already thought nesp09 was the final in a series of sequels following At the Gates of Midian. Regardless, another in this series is a definite must have (c'mon necros, you know you want to).

I'm already hankering for a sequel to lunsp1, as well as gmsp3.

And I want very much to see a sequel to Ankh's Hangover Devastation. 
Er, Maps 
insomnia 2 (well, you do go down a lift to somewhere at the end)
more oum would be nice
bbelief ep 2 :)

can't think of any non obvious ones. More from damaul would have been nice. 
Fun Thread 
-Nesp09 including the secret level (carnage galore!)
-Masque of the Red Death (this time with the SOE wizards/knights)
-anything Nehahra and/or Quoth
-anything by MadFox (one of the kings of gameplay here) 
JohnXmas / Distrans 
JohnXmas: I was really serious ! I already have an idea of a sequel to CDA... and it would take place in a huge underground place... like Hell.. :P

distrans: Good news, I'm really hurry to play the full pack !

Oh and I missed Zerstorer BTW ! 
And MORE That Could Have Been 
one of my all time favorites is r.p.g.'s aatchb. so that would be on top of my wishlist. it's 3 years old now, so time for a sequel (i know you're still around, r.p.g.)!
btw: i still haven't found the fourth secret i think... and no speedruns of that map either... :'( 
there is lot's of speedruns on "could" :) 
thx a lot :) now all we need is a sequel! 
i want a sequel to s4wk. same style please. maybe a chainmap? *g* 
Oh No, They Want More?! 
I doubt there will be a sequel to "Could", but there is another base map I'm working on that is very close to completion. And efdat, if you want to, send me an e-mail and I'll give you the run down on all the secrets from "Could."

But who would want a sequel to "s4wk"? That map s4wks. ;) 
Here Is My List 
Adamatine Cruelty (ac)
Bastion Of The Underworld (bastion)
Ceremonial Circles (czg03)
Tale of Abbot's Rune (Sgodrun1, Sgodrun2)
Whispers in Darkness (soe2m4) from Soul of Evil
Halls of the Shambler God (Ikspq3)
Homecoming (Ikspq4)
Rain Palisade (rainpal) and Storm Dungeon (storm) from the Rapture pack 
tron, HeadThump - i doubt i'll have any areas polished visually from Marcher any time in the next 6-12 months at least, partly due to the fact I'm manning the backpumps hard on my other map, and partly due to the time it's going to take to make the proper art assets to do it justice - I don't think Doom3's Hell set consisting of about 3 different brick textures is going to cut the mustard somehow...

Lunaran, than - well I guess it's not quite as bad as I made it sound. I probably exaggerated a bit when I said it made me angry - a more accurate description would be that it makes me eat junk food and drink a lot, and I haven't even experienced a crunch time yet o_O. 
Kinn, I Hope Soon 
that you'll be in luck. I'm going to be working on the Mortisville texture set over the next few months:

Here is a model of an over head lamp I have been working on this afternoon.

I'm going to texture it and then create a diffuse and normal map out of it so it can be used as a texture.
I've always loved the evil6 textures and that is the kind of style I'm trying to evoke. 
That Lamp 
looks ripe for a cubemap to project in DP... could look very cool casting down a hallway over a patrolling ogre =)

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