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Running A Cujobot V1.4 Server
I am running a cujobot v1.4 server at:
have fun!
wtf is that? :\ cujobot? roulffffff upload progs.dat... dont create server... 
What ? Cujo(bot) ? I didn't heard about the use of a cujo since last time I played KQP ! Really old stuff... :p 
Oh.... I Forgot To Precise For Trinca 
Cujo(bot) is a personal dog. in Quake. you have monster_dog (i.e rotweiller), and the cujo (in KQP) is a personnal white pit-bull dog that eats exploded body pieces to recover health... 
Stupid Spam... >:( 
Killer of noobs tries to put the pin back in.
Killed by noobs?

The server is down?
Close this thread pleeeaase. 
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