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Travail Soundtrack Released
With the Travail mission entering public beta testing, a final release seems certain, so we decided to pop the soundtrack up for download by the community. We thought it best to release the completed soundtrack ahead of the pack because at around 90MB some people might baulk at downloading the mission (35MB+) and the soundtrack in the one hit.

Here 'tis enjoy!
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It is so damn evil and moody. No I can't wait for the full kick with hearing this whilst playing through Travail. 
more reason for mp3 support metl and aguire :) 
What A Great Idea! 
This soundtrack release is a hell of a teaser...
Can't wait! 
Nice Work 
very good indeed, waiting for the full release!

good to map to as well. 
I Don't Like 
that you reused a bunch of Quake sounds in these tracks. That's perfectly fine if it's just quake-inspired music, but isn't this supposed to actually play during the game? People use those sounds as cues when playing.

Unless you're trying to be confusing. Which is just mean. 
very nice tracks! love them 
I'll give it a listen when I get home... Is it in ogg? If so I can just slap it into a pk3 and let DP autoplay it according to the track field in worldspawn... 
Glad You Like! 
Lun...Track 2, where the Quake sounds dominate, won't be called by any of the Travail levels except the DM levels...and DM players invariably tell me they turn music off when playing. The track is a representation of my typical Quake DM experience "frenetic, confused and very short". The only time you should hear it in Travail is during the replacement for "demo1", thanks biff!

As to the other tracks, I thought the subtle inclusion of Quake sounds (a nail hit here, a vore waking up way off in the stereo field, Azoth's hammer thud buried under the rythm track) was fair given the way Trent used Quake sounds in the original sountrack. 
Trent Didn't Use Any Quake Sounds In The Original Soundtrack 
You Know Who Else Didn't Use Any Quake Sounds? 
I Wouldn't Be Too Sure About Hilter Using Quake Sounds 
think of the enforcers. you never know... :)
distrans: very nice work! this perfectly matches q1sp experience, although i didn't like the quake sound that much either. and you could have done at least one "hardcore action map" track. or doesn't travail feature that kind of maps? eager to play the full thing. 
Id Used Hitler Sounds 
For the ogres 
Nice soundtracks ! I would just have found a little more bit drum bass here, nevertheless the ambiance given by the tracks is really good...
Keep it up ! 
My Favourite 
is track 5.

And I'm glad there's no hardcore drum'n'bass or techno or dance or anything. Ambience is infinately preferable to me because it keeps the player part of the dark and deeply disturbing world of Quake. I really enjoyed the rockier parts of the Dissolution of Eternity soundtrack but at the same time they made me remember that I'm just running round a completely ridiculous world which revolves around colourcoded keys, boxes of health and Earth marines issued with axes. 
Axes Made From Putty 
since they do no damage - you hit someone with a two handed axe, they don't trip over and then continue shooting.

qouth hammer!

oum chainsaw! 
i like then all but my favorit is Flailing Glass 
This Soundtrack 
is good. sometimes upbeat, but mostly nicely evil etc 
Most Satisfying Responses, Thankyou! 
pax lunaran,

*cough* grenade bounce *cough*

etc.... :o) 
...but Seriously... 
...the inclusion of quake sounds was not meant to be confusing. If the inclusion raises the tension level and makes the player less complacent, that is something different.

And, to really set the record straight, if this was a commercial project and Lunaran was part of line management then the sounds would've been pulled from the mix inside the first hour of him commenting :)

As a side point, I'm working with a couple of multi-instrumentalists and a video projection artist in an effort to deliver a version of this soundtrack to a live audience in early April 2007. Wish me luck! 
... is the new Moby !!! Good luck guy, I wish you all the best 
/Me Puts A Wet Blanket Over Lunaran 
You rock, Dis. Can't wait to put these to good use later this weekend =D 
i often forget why i still have a lot of interest in this 10 year old game. a large part of the answer lies in the great effort put by awesome people in the ongoing flow of new content.

thanks a lot Distrans et all :) 
Sorry Biff 
Didn't know this thread was only for positive commentary only. I must have missed the sign. 
i agree with lun here... i didn't like how the quake sounds were reused in the music either.

i liked track 8, but i didn't like the enforcer idle sound and ambient pulse sound at the end. also, i liked track 10 and 11 pretty much without reservations. 
/Me Handles Lunaran With Kid Gloves 
Didn't know it I couldn't make a joke without someone getting a bit snitty ;D You're probably right -- although I guess I'm just impressed with the amount of effort Dis, Scragbait and Asaki are putting into Travail -- a mod for a the "10 year old game" Aquashark mentioned. 
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