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Celebrity Look Alikes!
Ever notice how much a certain game designer* looks another person of moderate fame? Post it here!

* Not restricted to professional game designers. Amateurs are accepted too.
I'll Start Off 
Levelord looks a lot like M.C. Gainey.

And, John Romero is a dead ringer for Top Dollar from The Crow! 
W00 For B0rked Links! 
Spooky... especially first couple. And here I was thinking Dolly was the first mammal cloned. 
I'll Tell You What's Scary! 
Romero thinks he looks cool in that pic.....He shoulda used pert plus. 
nice job rpg. you have a good eye! (hope the other one is ok too)

nice to see levelord's face. it makes him more "close". dyou reckon romero would suicide if someone cut his hair? 
You mean like this?

Looks like he already did it -- I mean cut his hair, not kill himself; although he's been mistaken for dead twice already! 
I forgot to mention that 3D Realms has a similar section on their website. 
Woo Hooo 
rpg you had me falling off my chair there. that was soo funny man!!

he looks spooky in the pic too

so THATS what the 3drealms folks are doing...i can forgive them now 
Worst Spam Bump Ever. 
It's Not The Thread Bump We Need Right Now 
But it's the thread bump we deserve 
i almost feel like the forum should have a random thread bump feature, except we don't need it when we have spambots. 
I had totally forgotten about that time the entire internet thought john romero was dead. 
From a certain point of view....

From My Point Of View 
The Jedi are evil! 
Wow Childmurderer Much? 
Its Comforting 
that the 12-year-old link to the photo of levelord in #2 still works! 
Staying Power 
Still does in 2021 :D 
It's a long-forgotten topic. [url=]![/url] 
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