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Best X Vs Y (games Films Books Whatever)
Thx to Daz for the inspiration for this discussing AVP(2) again.

Best X vs Y i.e. take two races / species / characters etc etc from games / films / books etc etc that would be really cool against each other in a game / film / book etc etc.

Like Aliens Vs Predator: Aliens (from teh film), Predator (from teh film), giving AVP (games and indeed books). Works pretty well, yes??

So let's have some other examples - oh and reasons why of course. Can't justify why it would be cool = don't post it.
Starship troopers vs alien :D

Evil bugs vs more evil bugs with craploads of marines in for the ride, you cant go wrong :) 
quakedood vs shambler 
I'd like to see a world/game, where you would have like, say the characters from Quake (any one), against the characters from Unreal (any one), throw in Half Life? whatever you like. But you got to have the same physics, player, weapon etc, as the original Game the character you chose came from, eg, if you choose to be the Quake dude, you would move and act the same as you would in Quake, but inside a new world, but hey................. 
Killer Beetles Vs. Shambler Mod 
cyBeAr was talking about making a Killer Beetles vs. Shambler mod. I think that would be great, personally, because who wouldn't want to kill Shambler?? 
Lorien Elves v Species 8472 
I'll tell you when I can log in. 
Abyss, interesting idea with the game physics and control and whathaveyou. Absolute nightmare to develop one imagines...

Perhaps it would be a good one for DM - that would be kinda cool. Quake vs Q2 vs Q3A vs UT (any combination of those), where for each character you would have the physics and weapons of the original game....yesssss that would very interesting, see which is inherently the l337est in DM. See you might say Quakedood automatically....until Q2dood keeps railing his ass before he's even picked up the RL....until Q2dood gets mangled from 5 rockets at once from UTdood....who promptly gets spanked by Q3A dood because UDamage is only 1/2 as powerful as Quad....

RPG: Hahaha, that is LONG overdue!! 
Metal Gear Solid Vs Splinter Cell 
Or whatever...
Maybe some other sneaky stealthy games?
Aaaand, uhm, meh, blah.
Dranz vs. Danz vs. DaZ (in some kind of D-themed ass raping contest)

...or more sensibley, battle end bosses against each other to see who is the daddy of them all. Although maybe that wouldn't work seeing as shubby doesn't really have an attack, and if you did finally kill him the game would crash leaving the whole thing pointless. But other games could be cool. 
that would basically be the generations mod for q3... play as wolf3d, doom, quake, quake2, quake3 character, with unique weapons and gameplay physics... :) 
Ooh Ooh! 
the Addams Family versus the Munsters! 
Jazz Jackrabbit vs Sonic!

Only one is armed, please note... 
An RTS that was Starcraft vs. Warcraft 
Hmmm, not quite, they don't really feel like it, and plus there's no Unreal 'tards to blow away ;) 
duke nukem v/s the quake dude

at least, thats what everyone seem to want when duke and quake. hehe. 
sgt ripley vs terminatrix (two tough dudettes fighting might be cool)

worms vs war3 orcs (terrain destruction against mighty axes and spells)

serious sam vs phobos kru (sam just have to fight against doom's hordes)

fiends vs headcrabs (should be entertaining)

hl scientists vs age of ... (might be nice RTS) 
Creator/ Owner Faceoff 
John Carmack vs Gabe Newell

Although they'd probably get on really well and go out for coffee or something. 
who's gabe newell?

im sorry. im ignorant!! 
John Carmack Vs Gravity? 
Some rich company pays $$$�$�$$�$$�$$�$�$$�$�$� x2136516 for every film / book / comic / anything licence and adds them all into 1 game, and then it works a little like that creature game where you can have the head of the rabbit... and the body of a rabbit. You know the one.

My personal Combo =

Alien acid blood (+defense)
Predator suit (+defence +special)
"The thing" regenerative capabilities. (+1 regain life)
Shambler fur (+1 warmth)
Quake guy helment (+1 blocky head)
Superman cloak (special=fly)
Matrix Code (+variable based on current level)
Smash Brothers Hammer (Invincible 10 seconds, +10 attack)
Worms prod (+9999 humiliation to enemies)

Whats yours? 
I counter your hammer with a perfectly timed falcon punch. While you hesitate, I change to Donkey Kong and fall off the level (taking you with me).

You have damage 247%, and upon falling off the level explode back into the sky with your arse on fire, being propelled slowly off the screen.

....And Mario coins you. I hate it when Ron does that. 
The Echos Of The Ye Old D Cave At Lunch 

Smash brothers is a fucking brilliant game :D 
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