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New Q1SP: Gravey Trail By Madfox
Rinie 'Madfox' Brouwers makes his Quake mapping debut with Gravey Trail, a single player level that also functions in deathmatch mode. He describes it as a "medieval Castle, inspired by e2m4 Ebon Fortress."

So far the map is only available from fileplanet as a 637k .rar file:

(thanks aguirRe)
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It's Nice To See Some New Spq, But...... 
Madfox, did you play this map before you released it?

If the more than obvious errors were fixed, it would probably stand up as a decent way to spend 15 minutes.

Yet i'm not even sure how to find the exit. 
I Understand Your Concern... 
I posted the level with a bug in the startscene.
Some "enforcer" was shooting through the walls.
I was three days "bussy" telling the "folks" at FilePlanet I had an update.
So the file "trail68.bsp" is the wrong one!
Try "trail69.bsp", and tell me again what the obvious errors are.
It could help me improve the level.
And of course, I played the level...
I Get The Feeling You Didn't Beta Test It... 
you should come here (or any board, really...) and ask some dudes to beta test for ya. they'll play it through before you release it and tell you any bugs that crop up during play... 
Review Soon 
when i am can find the time. 
Just A GreenHorn... 
I was trying to submit "crumb", another level.
When I screwed up, to load another one, I had the unluck that it slipped through.

Sure true, I didn't thougouhly tested it, but it's the 17th in line.
I'm still working to get the other 16 in line, good for two episodes of eight.
Don't suspect to much, 'cause I'm only a
greenhorn in leveling, with kno-one to try them out.

But if you like beta testing, I could send some levels.

16 Levels :) 
since you have so many levels you should release them together (e.g. at the same time) as proper episodes, not just release 1 map at a time.

Its more fun for players that way, and more satisfying for everyone i think. :).

You could indeed release them as two episodes of 8 with a overall story/theme/title and make sure the order of the levels is good, with the easier ones first and progressively getting harder (Possibly, doesnt HAVE to be this way). 
Greenhorn... Hehe... 
i just find that term funny.

i can possible beta test some of your stuff, maybe one or two. don't think i'd like to take on 16 though! O_o

necros -at- planetquake dot com (heh, migh as well, eh? :) ) 
The Abandonned 
I'm planning to make a kind of convertion, called "the Abandonned". Much later I reckognized, it was the name of the first Deathmatch in Quake1. Didn't know. Same as a level in it, called "Underworld". But this level already excisted by name.

The point, with having so many levels, is that it becomes quit difficult to hold the "tension" in the game.All maps I've made untill now, were made for SinglePlayer.
The fact now is, when putting them after eachother, is that things like the amount of ammunition and health are somewhat "kinky'.
In hard skill there's almost enough health to complete the level, while in easy skill you get drenched with amunition.

Than the fact, that I'm willing to let them "beta-tested", but for so far, you miss the challenge of the complete episode.

"GraveyTrail" has a lot of things in it, that could be done better. The Teleporter, near the func_train is quit useless, since you got the train allready. The wait-function only works the second time, so you fall desperately in the water.

Still don't know what's better. First let them beta-tested, or hold the surprise of the complete episode with chance of major bugs.

I mean, when you're talking of a level, one can be very particular, but for episodes it becomes quit over-all-sized.

Are there still some beta-testers out there?

my review is posted. 
Stamping Grounds... 
Wauw UnderworldFan, what a great honneur to see such a detailed suscribed picture you made of my level. Hadn't expect to see it back in that dimension.
Cheers for you, and cheers for the good old Quake.
Ya don't need golden staunton pieces to have a fine play.
I'm so surpridsed, I almost don't know what to say, but it's alright.
The things you mentioned were quit fair, but it's part of an episode, so I have a hard one on skill settings, and attribute division.

Greetings, Madfox. 
"Ya don't need golden staunton pieces to have a fine play."

I like that. :) 
Beta Test, Yess? 
Ok I'll bite, anyone up for running through a CUBE SP episode? (It's big.) Only requirement is you're ready to go, this thing's starting to gather dust on my hard drive already. Oh, and that you can handle a hard map. No super test or anything, just someone to play it and see if anything "sticks out" and that might try something unusual and "break" something. I can't see a thing left to do on it but you never know if your expectations are affecting things. Mail to (can't login with this proxy). 
Mirror Man 
reply #7

Here' s one for you, Necros.
Have a bite.., MirrorMan.
Please give me sign, if you received the map by Email.

Beta File 
Well, for anyone who likes to keep the Quake 1 Single Player strong, mirrorman, at the point of skill setting.

And thanks to Armino Rigo, for the great Quark Editor!

problems: either there's nothing there or you don't have premium, in which case you'd have to tell yahoo to allow access to yahoo id "spentron" .... and let me know you did. 
Yahoo Account 
I've changed the status to public sharing.
Try again, if you like.

greetings, MadFox 
It doesn't work out. Yahoo only gives me the idea of freeweb space, but than comes up with Premium Servers, what means first get promoted.
Seems I'm stuck again with email atached maps.
But never mind.
Came up to my sixth beta testing level, still some to go.And all these new levels fly around.
Now I am bizzy doing to transpose the Orb to Quake1.
I got such strange ideas. The feeling as if The Orb's place is in Quake1, where he accessed The DeathMatch, and so killed The SinglePlayer Star.
But now I've got his .qc haunting me, and I don't know if it will let me go!

Greetings, Madfox 
Try tripod and email PlanetQuake or Quakepit for hosting 
Yes <--- good hosting. I am hosted there. 
Just sended an update, since I couldn't bear it anymore to have the feeling the level was not at wit's end.
Strange to send it with WinZip, it's much bigger than WinRar? 1,1Mb to 475kb
Will have a look at that hosting site, but me so much beta-testing I almost get blasted away by the Orgs.
I mean, I am a normal player, who now has to cheque in for an easy end a hard one too.

Greetz, MadFox 
An update? does this mean the map is available for download madfox?

if so, can you post the full URL(link) for the download please? 
While I'm betatesting the whole lot, it came to me that I had to update GravyTrail too, so I could do it just rightaway (gmpf...)
I have submitted the file to FilePlanet, but it can be they're a little bussy.
Same for Necros, send MirrorMan two times already, but I think he also is byzzzy.
Will send you the File, UnderworldFan,
can you tell me first if I'm not too creepy.

can you tell me first if I'm not too creepy.

lol....please explain what you mean? 
Blue Meanies 
I have just posted an update to you by email.
I played meself creepy.

Note:Will send you the file,underworlfan
can you thereafter tell me if the level is not too creepy.

Sorry if my language is a little poor.

I think he means crappy maybe :) 
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