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Black And White Q1DM
Here is a new map for the masses. I have made a few before, but none have been released. Just uploaded directly to my friends server.

Its called Black and white and it is a Quake DM. Best for about 4 players but will work with anywhere between 2-8.

Can't see what this offers that lots of other Q1 DM maps don't. Not really seeing any hooks to grab you either in style nor in layout-gameplay. The room overlooking the RA is nice though. 
That texture on the floor of the lowest level may just be the ugliest texture known to man. The layout is ok. 
Here are some screenshots so people can see what it looks like:

As for comments on the map, I feel that visually it's kind of nice. A few bland spots, but a few spots that are pretty cool, too. Lately I've been really getting into maps with high contrast in lighting, and this map has nice amounts of it.

I don't really have any comments regarding the gameplay. 
Uhhm No 
I dont dig textures/style 
his next one will be better, since it will be (hopefully) created on a pc


LoL. if there is a next time. 
Wow, just peck him to death why don't we? I think that if a map isn't bad, and has good points, it shouldn't be discounted or insulted for not being the best. It's really sad that so many people feel that a map that doesn't blow our minds is worthless, or even threatening or offensive.

Obsidian, I'll download the map and try it out. The screenies RPG posted don't look half-bad. I'll let you know what I think soon. 
(You even made me change my title)

Since when has not instantly praising something been a bad thing?

All the comments (even speedy's rather brief one) say what they didn't like about the map, which is surely useful for the mapper? 
*say what they don't like


*said what didn't like 
they didn't dammit 
This is going to degenerate and get off topic quickly. 
Staying On Topic Is For Losers 
I find it best to include the constructive praise with the constructive criticism. 
I Thought It Looked Kinda Nice 
Threatening And Offensive 
Well, I have to say that the map is well made and the layout seems to be good. Its not a bad map, just not the map I like, as I have said. 
Threatening And Offensive 
Well, I have to say that the map is well made and the layout seems to be good. Its not a bad map, just not the map I like, as I have said. 
Nice Textures 
damn... never though anyone would want to use my textures... they are pretty hideous. if you could credit me in the txt that would be nice though.
if anyone is wondering these are the ones i did for this map pak that never got released... Bal went ahead and released his map for the pak though, i guess that is where obsidian got them. 
I Do Recall 
him mentioning that now, nabbin em from bal's map...

then...somethin about this map being better...

I think only a lone frenchman agrees

Pretty Smooth 
Good vertical and horizontal layout variation,
good clipping of those little wall supports,
Overall Good job Obsidian :) 
sorry killjoy, I diddnt know you made them. I got them from baldm5.wad and a few from decon.wad.
if you made them,good job, I like them :D 
Overall Good. 
I liked it. It was well-done, and obviously a lot of work was put into detail and layout. It had a good feel to it and played well in both normal Quake and Jeht, fighting against frikbots. This map has earned its place in my regular map rotation.

Good is good is good. It doesn't have to be revolutionary to be valuable.

I think do I agree with speedy's comment. "Its not a bad map, just not the map I like, as I have said." If you don't like it, feel free to say so; that's fine. But what I've never liked is people raping the author because the map wasn't revolutionary or the absolute best on the market. I thought it was pretty good. 
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