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Remaking FPS Map "sets" Out Of Existing Custom Maps.
Here's the deal my little chipmunks. Remake episodes, units, add-on packs, sets of DM maps, that came with original FPS games, but out of custom maps. So what you need to list is a similar set of equally themed (but obviously much 1337er) custom maps.

I'll start with Episode 1 from Quake. So I need 1 base map, 3 medieval maps varying from brown to green, 1 terracotta map, and 3 metal maps, preferably 1 gimmicky and 1 arena.

I'll go for:

E1M1 - Alcatraz (big and bad mother of a base)
E1M2 - Epoch Turning (nice and brown and bit of base transition too)
E1M3 - Elsinore (big castle style business)
E1M4 - CZG05 (swampy wampy wumpy)
E1M5 - Godsjt (boxy design but badass full of smablers)
E1M7 - Carnage (squarish design should lead on from Gods, metally metal)
E1M7 - RPGSP1 (nice nice nice metal, the end is as close as I can find to an arena))
E1M8 - CZG04 (not very metal but metal-ish and a gimmick enough)

(Attentive listeners may noticed that in general I am going for a "big and epic" map selection there, while trying to stick clearly to the required themes)

Now your turn. Here's some ideas to tackle:

The other 3 episodes (or that 1 again)
Quake DM maps
Q2 units (so, say, 1 custom map to represent each unit)
Q2 DM maps
Mission packs?
Unreal "units" (say 1 custom map to match each themed section)
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No-one Else Want To Try?? 
Lazers. Respect to RPG for his DM maps. I have a couple more lists:

Alternative E1, this time smaller and less hardcore but perhaps sometimes higher quality:

E1M1 - Mcomplex (very cool base designs)
E1M2 - Real (a bit varied for a medieval level but cool)
E1M3 - Death (nice, really nice, proper medieval)
E1M4 - Edom (medieval oozing to metal)
E1M5 - Sadlark5 (small scale well detailed thing with a hint of metal leading on to...)
E1M6 - Im1sp2 (can't remember this but someone said it might be good sooo...)
E1M7 - Rpgsp1 (again! can't think of a replacement)
E1M8 - Coagula (firkin perfect!)

And, one map that's representative of each episode of Quake (this is only really because the E4 candidate is so appropriate).

E1 - MComplex (base, say, it's gotta be in)
E2 - Death (medieval)
E3 - Carnage(metal of course)
E4 - Darkness (sorta weirdish medieval) 
So You Want To Make A Standalone Game? 
So you want to make a standalone game? 
Ye Gods! 
What is it about this topic that it attracts: Idiots, off-topic hijackers, and RPG?? 
I Dunno, Shambler 
"What is it about this topic that it attracts: Idiots"
Shambler being the one with the highest post count in the thread ;) 
atabyss's comment... 
You Are Both Unamusing... 
...and lazy.

Okay, someone tackle Quake 2:

Units (just 1 map for each):


DM maps:

Open atrium waste
Very tall atrium hangar
Tighter varied lava
Big sprawling mine/lava
Openish atrium wasteish
(I forget what Q2DM6 is)
Crappy tight true waste with slime
Big crate filled warehouse

Go go go! Wrack your brains! Show your knowledge! 
ELEK's Dog Is Called Bailey 
and he likes ice cubes! 
He is actually making games... 
Quake 2.... 
Infiltrate, Subjugate, Eliminate by Matt Sefton
Planetside by H-Hour
The Rock by Roger Staines
Crater's Edge by Alex Richardson
The Azure Mines by James Parkman
Improvise, Adapt, Overcome ( map 1 ) by Wiembo de Wit
The Temple ( map 4 of the Powersphere Quest ) by Cedar Kraus

This is just a quick list i thought up, i'm sure others can think of better substitutes. 
Out Of Those 
only crater's edge really fits the reatil q2 ethos IMHO. 
Well done Leviathan at least someone is trying. I can't really remember any of those except yeah Cr8rEdge is ideal as a waste map. Oh yeah and The Rock too.

Okay nitin what's your alternatives then??

Off The Top Of My Head 
Marty Howe's final drill for the mine map(s). 
I Got One For Ya Shambler 
the whole of Quake:

replaced with

the whole of Nehahra


[just kidding!]

i love em both. 
Well... DM2 replacement, in style though not in gameplay trickery:

DM2: Kadath 
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