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Remaking FPS Map "sets" Out Of Existing Custom Maps.
Here's the deal my little chipmunks. Remake episodes, units, add-on packs, sets of DM maps, that came with original FPS games, but out of custom maps. So what you need to list is a similar set of equally themed (but obviously much 1337er) custom maps.

I'll start with Episode 1 from Quake. So I need 1 base map, 3 medieval maps varying from brown to green, 1 terracotta map, and 3 metal maps, preferably 1 gimmicky and 1 arena.

I'll go for:

E1M1 - Alcatraz (big and bad mother of a base)
E1M2 - Epoch Turning (nice and brown and bit of base transition too)
E1M3 - Elsinore (big castle style business)
E1M4 - CZG05 (swampy wampy wumpy)
E1M5 - Godsjt (boxy design but badass full of smablers)
E1M7 - Carnage (squarish design should lead on from Gods, metally metal)
E1M7 - RPGSP1 (nice nice nice metal, the end is as close as I can find to an arena))
E1M8 - CZG04 (not very metal but metal-ish and a gimmick enough)

(Attentive listeners may noticed that in general I am going for a "big and epic" map selection there, while trying to stick clearly to the required themes)

Now your turn. Here's some ideas to tackle:

The other 3 episodes (or that 1 again)
Quake DM maps
Q2 units (so, say, 1 custom map to represent each unit)
Q2 DM maps
Mission packs?
Unreal "units" (say 1 custom map to match each themed section)
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Carnage is E1M6 of course. 
I Prefer To Remake From Scratch 
because by using others' maps you have to check the difficulty,things like this...and I still fell a strange beauty in ID's maps,though they're quite old. 
Oops! Unreal Maps! 
haven't played any custom unreal maps,though i like that game...and I wonder anyone here has ever made one :D 
This is all hypothetical, just speculation, that's all. For fun. 
E1M7 - RPGSP1 (nice nice nice metal, the end is as close as I can find to an arena)

w00t! RPGSP1 got picked as a possible replacement!

BTW, nice thread, Shambler. I don't think I really know enough custom maps to have a go at any episode, but I might try Ep1 later. 
I was looking for Unreal SP stuff, many sites down. I guess it just isn't enjoying life after death like Quake? 
Thanks Guys! 
Oops! So who's going to remake those episodes?
unreal:i've found a ut sp mod"nali" but have forgot the web name :( but it shall be located at planetunreal 
Nali Chronicles? 
it looks promising, but who knows if it'll ever be released. I myself am looking forward to the 1.1 version of the Unrealsp anniversary pack and Mr Prophet's Na Pali Haven Redux Map. 
Oh For God's Sake Get Back On Topic. 
Levelworm read my previous post you nitwit.

Now someone tackle Q1 DM. We need a crappy medieval map, a good, complex metal map, a sprawling base map, a tight gnarly blue map, another crappy medieval map, and a good grey brick map (hint: the last one is very obvious if you know it). 
The DM4 Replacement... 
...would surely have to be Dark Ritual by Tyrann 
DMx Replacements 
I think I can supply a few ;) 
you mean DM map? haaven't played any though 
My Q1 DM List 
DM1 - Pinion1 (stone with metal, even though Pinion1 plays much better than DM1)
DM2 - dokkur (Old school Vondur metal/runic mappage. I actually found several maps that could replace this, such as Bovine and DaMaul2)
DM3 - ztnbase (Probably a few other sprawling idbase maps, but this one will do)
DM4 - Bless (Originally, I had kdmb here and Bless as DM6, but I was having trouble finding a map for DM5, so I put kdmh as DM5 and xl1dm2 as DM6, which fits better thematically anyway)
DM5 - kdmh (Tan brick with lots of torches and an upper catwalk -- perfect match)
DM6 - xl1dm2 (I haven't the faintest idea how well xl1dm2 plays, so don't accuse me of heresy, but this one used pretty similar textures)

Note that I'm not the least bit familiar with pre-1999 authors, and I think this list reflects that. 
Note that I didn't want to put down more than one map by the same author, so that is why I switched a few of the maps around and picked other ones by the same author. 
Cbadm2v2 As Dm4 Kekeke 
bless is lovely tho but nowaay similar to dm4... 
is D�j� Vu worth the d/l and time ?
review only mocks it, not telling any details about maps themselves 
from what I've seen, the initial release seems a bit rushed given that they had a 3 week deadline to complete it. However, they're fixing it up and improving it for the 1.1 release which has no release date as of yet. You're better off getting Xidia Gold or ONP if you havent already for some unreal action. 
I Don't Have A List, But 
For E1M1 how about imp1sp1 "The Corral"? Seems like the most updated attempt at base, and fun to play. 
Q1 DM List... 
For DM6:




link plz kthx 
Something to do with Kaiser. Actually wait a mo... 
swtdie has some nice spiky bits... 
You gotta admit it's a perfect DM6 replacement! 
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