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Poke646: Vendetta For Half-Life
From the Poke646 website:

Today marks the fifth anniversary of our award-winning and critically acclaimed Half-Life� singleplayer modification "Poke646". And as a gift to the fans for all their loyalty throughout the past 5 years, today we release the 2nd chapter in the Poke646 saga, entitled "Poke646: Vendetta" (P:V). In order to run P:V, you need to have the Steam version of Half-Life� installed.

Screenshots, downloads, and more:
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Never Understood The Steam Hate... 
I've never had any trouble, and it's actually been quite helpful a number of times. *shrug* 
Steam Had A Real Rough Launch 
w/ downtime and slowness and bugs and etc. That tends to happen with brand new online services whose first job it is to deliver Half Life 2 to the entire world.

This of course made the entire internet immediately assume the permanent and unquestionable stance that Steam is the root of all evil, that no good can ever come of it, and that it must be attacked regularly and without provocation until the day Gabe Newell is buried in the ground, even though Steam was largely fixed ages ago. 
Don't Worry 
after the hurricane fiasco last weekend the bashing looks set to continue with renewed vigor. Damn Valve and their inability to control the weather! X( 
Great Mod 
quality maps, great textures and nice monster placement. and i love all the little details scattered about. very enjoyable, too bad it's only fairly short.

not sure what the benefit of the steam version is, maybe some graphical and technical enhancements - e.g. some lights had coronas. 
to what neg!ke said :)

This one has all the classic elements of the 8-year-old half-life done in good style: tram rides, teleporting zen monsters, duck-and-cover military confrontations, etc.

Albeit, it is too short to pass the time until the next They Hunger comes out :( 
Was This Awesome Or What? 
Really high quality work, and a blast to play. Visuals, a strong concept, level design, gameplay... it's all there. Maybe the best sp mod I've played.

It's short, yeah, but I can understand that. This must have been a fuckton of work. 
Havent Played It Yet 
but I have fond memories of the original. 
So Di I, Nitin 
Having just replayed the original this week, and then played this today, I can assure you that it's worth installing Steam for... 
Good Stuff 
linear, contrived gameplay, but pretty good fun all the same. Pretty much what the original HL was, and with slightly more polished visuals.

There are some very memorable encounters, as well as some fucking irritating shitty bits.

Worth a go. 
Has The No-Steam Workaround Been Posted? 
I don't have Steam or HL2 but I did like the original Poke 646 (well made but I did get stuck in one spot - my fault.)

I'd like to play this - any hope? 
nothing as of yet 
This Worked For Me: 
Backup liblist.gam and replace it with the following:

gamedir "poke646"
game "Poke646"
url_info ""
url_dl ""
version "1.0"
size "123055258"
svonly "0"
cldll "1"
hlversion "1108"
type "Single"
nomodels "0"
mpentity ""
gamedll "dlls\hl.dll"
startmap "po_intro"
trainmap "po_haz01" 
It Works Now - Thanks Blackdog 
I had removed Poke646 awhile back so only Vendetta is present. I made my liblist.gam like so:

gamedir "vendetta"
game "Poke646 Vendetta"
url_info ""
url_dl ""
version "1.0"
size "123055258"
svonly "0"
cldll "1"
hlversion "1108"
type "Single"
nomodels "0"
mpentity ""
gamedll "dlls\hl.dll"
startmap "pv_intro"
trainmap "po_haz01"

I only played the intro and the first map and my impression is that it looks great. It has an AvP2 feel but with the Half-Life/Poke646 stuff. Lots of detail. I hope it's this nice all the way through. Pretty cool how an add-on can do a face lift like this. 
Thanks For The Tip Guys 
I'll play this over the weekend. 
Oh Cool It Works 
I wasn't following an official guide or anything, so I had no idea if it would format your harddrive or email threats to the president or whatever. 
Playint It Now 
but I'm stuck.

I'm in the astrolabs, there's a room with a conference going on and I've just cleared a room full of marines with one of those big loader robots in it. Where to from here ?

one more thing, it could be because I'm playing on a regular non source version, but the trees and plants have some sort of masking problem, anyone else notice that ? 
Dunno About The Tress 
but the loader robot is supposed to be the end boss. iirc, there is only one way out of the hall: the corridor where the robot came from. 
But It Jsut Stands There ? 
normally, it should attack you.
try loading the autosave and run past it before the door closes again. 
Question About HL 
I have the GOTY edition of HL, how do I get these gfx updates; by simply installing steam?
Is it worth it ? 
But I used to spend hours staring at Steam, waiting to play whilst it downloaded some poxy update. The irritating thing is I couldn't set it to offline mode.

It seems to depend on your net connect and service provider; most don't have a problem.

There's alot of good stuff on there though, and anything that takes power away from publishers can only be a good thing. 
Offline Mode For Steam 
It's possible to do offline mode in steam now, but you have to mess about a bit. First you have to log on in online mode and access all the games you want for offline mode, to unlock them. Then you need to find clientregistry.blob and set it to read only. Finally, you need to either disconnect from the internet or block steam with a firewall or something, then run it, it'll give you the option to start offline, and setting the file to read only means it will remember what games you can run. 
I cant gte it to work. There's not anoter level with a loader in it is there ?

This particular room had 4 marines on normal plu this loader holding a crate, and just standing there. There's a door behind it but it has always been closed. 
I Confused The Room 
you have to jump on the open crate, then on the robot arm, and from the crate it is holding to the upper walkway. 
Cheers Negke 
I swear I tried that before but just gave up after the first few attempts.

Anyway, pretty decent stuff so far, great texturing and build. Gameplay is not that great, fairly easy but also quite mundane. 
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