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HL2SP: Rock 24
Already two months old:
A fun mini-campaign with nice maps/gameplay and (proper) custom voice-acting. Approximate playtime 1-2 hours.

I had a bit of fun with this. Although it's not exactly polished there are some good ideas and a nice variation in style and approach over the levels.

Nice to see first time mappers with ambition and some ability to deliver. 
This was pretty nice, bit easy most of the time. The end could have been set up a bit better, was too easy to just go the side and not do much while everyone else fights it out.
Good work though, hope they make more. 
between Poke646 and Rock 24, Half-Life mapper naming conventions blow. 
Could Be Worse 
they could adopt the web2.0 concept of dropping a vowel for no reason. 
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