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SM131: Elder World Train Station
Four people trainspotting in 3 SP and 1 DMSP map: efdat, neg!ke, Spirit, Trinca.


neg!ke strikes again. Awesome. I love the train, so totally Elderworld-ish.

efdat's was nice too, I was sad to end up as bum though. ;)

Trinca totally ruined his map by placing base monsters in his map. Are you totally obsessed with those or what? :P

My map, well. It was a 30-minute map, if that is an excuse? :D 
neg!ke awesome. I love the train, u are a genius again!!! u should work in game industry u got a lot of imaginacion :)

efdat very solid contrucion just few fun :( few stuff to kill :)

spirit? wtf is that no bitches to kill?

mine? errr spirit what do i supose to add in a train stacion? mediaval monstens??? :p 
Now We Know That Heaven's True! 
it's hidden in neg!ke's map somewhere :)

spirit: funny, but the df could have been lit better. nice to see fog used again though desity could have been less.

trinca: base monsters really don't fit that well. and you have some dead ends there (clip). good work though. i liked the layout.

neg!ke: no rl in dm? looking forward to chasing you around that thing :) btw: incredible how much only 6 monsters can get on your nerves! (skill 1, didn't try other skills, yet) nice looks as always! didn't like the train that much though. flying blocks?

private survey: how long did it take you to find out where the end to my map is? 
i found the end by luck :) 
...steals the show, as usual, Spirit, well, I guess the 30 minutes thang qualifies as an excuse...
Trinca, deadly as you use to...
And Efdat, hmmmm.... how do I get outta here?
I'm goin' back to the station to try a little harder... 
Nice Pack Again. 
Spirit has the most deceiving this time..; due to the lack of fight... just run and exit: it is realle a speedmap ;)

Trinca's is the most linear... but efficient..

Efdat... wow, lack of fight, except the dog... but the end is quite well found ! i let other player to discover how to exit :P

neg!ke: most impressive one, harder one, visually very good.. So far the best !

In anyway, keep it up guys ! It is a pretty good speeeeEEEEEEeeeeedmap pack ! 
efdat: looks nice and atmospheric. i hate waiting for trains! took me 2-3 minutes to find the exit (by chance).

spirit: err? i didn't get it. catching the train by jumping on the rails? usually that's a good way to catch attention at least. ;) couldn't see much because of the fog.

trinca: could have used more details. i liked the secret because it wasn't really hidden but still enough for me to miss it the first time. i didn't really have a problem with the base monsters. 
i made this sm like sm should be fast :p no time for details :) 
neg!ke-cool architecture, and should make a great duelling map.
efdat-hehe, the way the 'story' was told nicely. But I used host_framerate to see what would happen after 3 hours, and ended up slightly disappointed. Obviously this was before I found the real exit, but it would have made a nice secret.
trinca-a solid little battle.
spirit-completed in about 4 seconds. Atmospheric, though. 
spirit: didn't see any fog in JoeQuake.. i was like wtf?? after exiting :D

trinca: hmm.. nice :) the vores were pretty bad in the end since i haven't found that quad secret in the first go. the train could've used more textures :P

neg!ke: i loved the fragments hanging around also the ramps for reaching inbetween them. the train wasn't that appealing for me, except for the floating bricks which were cool :)

efdat: well.. the best map from this pack in my opinion. it had a very nice twist and made me chuckle: kekekeke ^_^ at first i tried to somehow move the clock's hands 'till i got it

good job folks, keep them comin'! 
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