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New RTCW SP Map Pack - Project 51
Project 51, a previously retail addon for Return to Castle Wolfenstein is now available for download.

There doesnt seem to be much more info on it but the map authors were part of the team that released the Time Gate project.

Screenshots and Download at Planetphillip :
this addon was made back in 2003, why it's in the news here? 
previously retail, now downloadable.

And now it appears, also english friendly. 
it never was retail, it was always free as any other community made pack. the matter with that review is that they think it was retail because russian pirates were selling it. the picture of the cover is a scan of pirated CD. pirates illegally distributed this pack and were selling it back in 2003, you could download it at the same time on the web. i just know the dude behind this project as i worked with him on the Time Gate ;) 
russian pirates [...] illegally distributed this pack and were selling it

Does this apply to other russian RtCW packs, such as Operation Trondheim I, II & III; Pharaoh's Curse; Commando and Stalingrad, stripped of illegal 'retail' files, also reviewed on PlanetPhillip and available for download?

Btw, Time Gate is the best RtCW addon ever. Better than the game itself in many ways! 
If I have played this, I can't remember it. It's been a few years since I fired up the ol' Return to Castle Wolfenstein, so I'm up for it. Thx :) 
thanks for the clearup, I was just going by the site.

But it does have english friendly subtitles now, dont know if that was available before. 
Those damn russian pirates eh...:P 
John, i'm not sure about the other packs, but everything which might be considered as retail and from russia = pirated stuff ;)

nitin, ye, i'm not sure about the subtitles, there could be two versions, russian and english.

Shambler, hello 
Oh Wtf 
that was my post above 
No It Was Mine 
stop stealing my identity, Russian 
Heh, Vondur, you are in the credits.

Finally got through it. I like the whole V3 theme. I found it very tough to beat, but then it's been years since I played RTCW. Some levels are great to look at, others are somewhat dull. A touch too much cut and paste repetition, but considering this is the work of essentially just two guys, it's pretty awesome.

If you are going to play it, install the "Project 51 Made Easier" patch from the same download page, and read the ReadmeFirst.txt, otherwise things can be a pain. 
Great stuff!

It was much too hard to play until the "Project 51 Made Easier" patch and I would have given up without it. But this was a good set of maps.

Yes, there is a degree of c'n'p but it doesn't detract from the gameplay at all.

Also, I wouldn't have known what to do with the rockets (shoot the cable) unless I had read about it first. And getting into the air vent was a pain; I blew myself to smithereens many times before I cottoned-on

I made more use of QuickSave then I have ever done before but again, it didn't detract.

I thouroughly recommend this add-on if you are a game player. If you are not then it's probably too hard, too 'samey' and there are many brush mis-alignments, which will cause the 'non-payers' types to throw their hands up in horror.

A very pleasant change from Quake so what a good job that I kept the original RTCW.

Now all I've got to do is find my copy of Far Cry and I can try that add-on as well. 
a big tip if you are replaying Far Cry that will cut down on the play time by several hours.

When you want to save the game, pull down the console (the ol' fashion Quake tilde key way), type '\save_game xxxxxx', the 'x's being whatever name you use. When you need to load, the save game will be on the load game screen. There is no need for dev_mode cheats or special mods for this to work (I note this, 'cause a cheat/walkthrough site states otherwise, the mofos are just wrong),

Don't save with stuff within a human unit over your head, or you'll find yourself noclipped above the scene. 
Thanks for the tip.

I'm tearing the house apart at the moment 'cause I can't find the FC disc. But I know it's somewhere here. 
Another Link To Download. 
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