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New QDM: Shady
Attempt at a map with interesting geometry and vertically oriented gameplay. Intended for 1on1.


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it's released at last! gibi, keep doing such exquisite brushwork! 
Just Had A Run Around 
... im going to be sick.

nice use of angled textures combined with erratic , yet somehow all in place, architecture.

felt both 'old-school' and refreshing at the same time. 
Needs A Bit More Polishing 
I found a bug: if you walk straight into the wall in the direction my crosshair is pointing at in you will end up in a wall like can be seen in

The map brushwork and lighting are nice, but I think that map would've benefitted a great deal from more dedtails and better texturing. 
Never should've updated my compile tools in the final stages...

I'll try to get a fixed version up asap. 
Let's hope there will be at least one server in Europe running it. I like it. :) 
I uploaded a fixed version (same link), compiled using tyrann's qbsp this time. Sorry for the hassle, and thanks all for the comments! Thanks Jago for pointing out the bug. 
Great Map 
I really love this deconstructivistic design. It is a pity that not more mapper go away from the sometimes too boring blocky design and built maps like this - fresh stuff :) 
Hylke Please Learn To Align Textures Properly! 
They're all wrong in this!

P.S. let's be lovers. 
Bloody Hell 
that's some great brushwork, gibbie. I love the ceilings and general feeling of uneveness. Must have taken you a long time to align all the textures in this (they were all aligned nicely and I didn't have a problem with the choices other than it was hard to get used to the layout because everywhere looks so similar).

Now go make an SP map ;) 
i already tested this map :) so i already love it... have a great fun gameplay :) anybody want waypoints for it? if i still remenber how to make then...ehehehe 
Very Cool! Map 
great ideas great design, but.... joking, lol there arent any buts.... its cool!!! :) 
Nice / Finally 
the detail additions (bricks and greenish metal) make it look a lot better than before.
deathmatches were unusual but fun iirc. a very unique map for sure. 
fucking finally released it, u slob. anyway, it's nice! i hope someone learns how to play it! 
Lol, its like running around drunk! 
Ha Ha Tiddles 
You almost had me there! Ha!

nice crazy geometry as always, gibbie. Echoing the 'sameyness' sentiment - the design doesn't do much to visually suggest play space and it gets a little busy. More soft diffuse lighting, with the wallwashers being fairly dim, might have worked better. 
Nice Layout! 
Shady, sorry I don't play DM, but I would make one of this. Nice brushwork too! 
Ooh, how nice this is -- like one of those crazy German art movies from the 1920s! It does look sameysame, but the general idea is rather REIZVOLL (BabelFish tells me this is German for SEXY). 
Biff = Reizvollfella 
And gibbie, you rock the house.

Zomg Hylke Beck 
cool map, kind of a hurts my brain, but in a good way. 
continuing the tradition of tall spiraling gibbie maps. 
Screenshots Look Every Impressive 
If Picasso Was A Mapper... 
fitz080: Mod_LoadTexinfo: one or more textures is missing from BSP file

very nice map! more refined teleporters would make it even reizvoller [sexy is german for sexy]. looking forward to my next dm session. 
Now About Those Other Person Who Does Not Release The 
maps that are so nice and almost done, efdat? ;) 
Oh Gibbie! 
I love the way you caress your brushes! And when you let me play with them--oh, I get so excited! 
It�s A Crazy 
Hey, a cool cranked 1on1 Quake Map 
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