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Other Creative Mediums Besides Mapping
This thread is based on such an incredibly obvious premise that I'm sure it's been done somewhere else already. Never the less, I'm not aware of that, so here goes.

Obviously the majority of us here are creative people, so this would be where (pretentious sentence follows:) we could discuss our forays into non-mapping artistic endeavours. In English: discuss your creations in terms of artwork, music, writing, dance routines, ice sculpturing, and miming. Nevermind those last three.

I used to draw a lot but I haven't finished anything in years. Now I just sketch stuff. I do however, occasionally finish a short story (dunno if anyone read "Example to the Men" that I posted on my site). I am getting close to finishing another one which is why I got the idea for this thread.
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Let's See 
I still do tattoo design when I get a referral, but I no longer really seek the work or practice on skin.

I worked a few years at a shop in Roanoke, Virginia, and it is not so much a 'creative endeavor' as it is a mind numbing task. The most delightful part of the day would be the occassional kid who would turn white while getting work done and barf up his lunch. I kept a clean can with a trash bag to the side for that very purpose. One of those things they can't teach you in art school that you just have to learn on your own. 
I draw mainly, write a little, but mostly I daydream, if you count that as a medium. Too many daydreams, so little time. :( 
whimsy grabs me and I'll paint something

being my most recent brainfart. 
I used to draw a lot in high school, then I mostly stopped, and now I'm trying to do it more again (this time with a Wacom.)

I make web pages, like this one.

Is programming creative? I think so... and I do that too.

I tried writing music in college. It was fun, but I don't think I can do much with it unless I devote a lot more time to it.

And.... I don't do any writing that you'd consider "Real" writing, but it seems like the endless emails, design docs, and messageboard posts require SOME sort of craftwork. 
I am not a mapper. I don't even know whether I'm creative or not.

I do paint toy soldiers though, I'm pretty good (and creative I think), at that. 
Post photos of your best figurines, and come back on #tf. 
At Long Last... 
we are given a glimpse of Shambler's mysterious inner workings ;) 
I used to paint and modify GW for years - I even had a converted imperator chaos titan fully painted and with rules to match. I drew alot, my biggest pictures being a1 or so. I messed around with music quite a bit, hacking stuff togther but rarely getting anything genuinely good. I've also mapped for a long time, maybe five years in various games, though with few releases.

Recently my creative drive has pretty much died - mainly through working in games, which quickly dulls any creativity since being creative is your job, which takes some of the fun out of it.

The only other outlets I still regularly pursue are writing short stories and mapping. 
I Have 
written fiction, drawn much in pencil and conte pastel, sculpted a bit, barely pushed my head into digital paint, had fun with the Renderman Shading Language, and I want to get back to all of these things, but not, of course, enough to actually start, hence the total absence of the 'art' section of my site for so long. also, I write run-on sentences.

I've also designed and written more than a few websites for myself and a PBEM sim I've been known to host off and on. I'm doing another right now. 
I Forgot Animation. 
the 3d character is baby 404, and yes, I also have trouble - finishing sentances.

Kablooie was ok, the post process render fx from max scanline with extra for the film flicker? Thought the city could have used a bumpmap to bring it out a bit though. 
Oh And... 
Well I've drawn alot, and done a bit of digital painting, and I hope to come back to both of those quite a bit once I have a stable job...

I mess around with lots of various things at school, like concept design, 3d modeling / rigging / texturing / animation, and compositing, and I enjoy all of them, which is fairly problematic as it makes it hard to decide to focus and try and become good in one of those. Compositing is something really new to me, and I find it quite fun and interesting, but unfortunatly it's something that's quite hard to exercise outside of a professional environment. 
don't do anything. 
Oh Yeah... 
i used to want to be a movie director, and had made some short camcorder films in high school/college until I discovered Quake and totally gave up on making movies.

Maybe someday I'll try to pick it up again, since I still love movies. 
Yer All 
talkin' the talk.

but lets see some hyperlinks to the goods! I know you all have some sweet pics to share. 
...I'm playing tomorrow as part of Megan Puls' backup band at this thing, but a lot of you already know I'm more inclined towards more darker renderings than the fairly benign

Since the faculty decided they only needed the most minimal philosophical input in the regions, I'm down to one day a week. To offset the loss of income a friend and I established a music academy, wherein we hope to further foster musical talent (of all sorts) in the region. It's afloat and growing steadily into profit :)

I took a 15 year break from professional music but I'm glad to be back in the swing. 
You've been able to look at those particular inner workings (along with bowel movements too) for a while now.

Bal, I should, I know, if only to pester the Russian about darkamb. 
does mathematical analysis of bees count as another "creative medium"? no pics yet to please pope--results are forthcoming.

seriously, bees. 
I Just Bought An Acoustic-electric Guitar 
Ibanez AEL-10LEBK

Retail price $330, but I told salesman it was over my budget ($200 and under) - he sold it to me for $230! 
Take Note 
Owning a guitar does not imply that you are creative with it. 
Seriously, what is with that comment? I never said I was creative, I said I bought a fucking guitar.

God you read into shit too much sometimes. Go get some pussy. 
From The Topic 
In English: discuss your creations in terms of artwork, music, writing, dance routines, ice sculpturing, and miming.

Not my fault you can't stay on topic. 
Handbags at dawn, ladies. 
Looks Like A Nice Guitar 
I kind of want to start playing again because I don't do enough outside of tinkering with my computer, but I'm a pretty low level so if you (or anyone) have any guitar recommendations I would love to hear them :) I like acoustic guitar, but electric guitars have the benefit of being able to plug them into amps and use headphones, so maybe I will go electric. 
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