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Other Creative Mediums Besides Mapping
This thread is based on such an incredibly obvious premise that I'm sure it's been done somewhere else already. Never the less, I'm not aware of that, so here goes.

Obviously the majority of us here are creative people, so this would be where (pretentious sentence follows:) we could discuss our forays into non-mapping artistic endeavours. In English: discuss your creations in terms of artwork, music, writing, dance routines, ice sculpturing, and miming. Nevermind those last three.

I used to draw a lot but I haven't finished anything in years. Now I just sketch stuff. I do however, occasionally finish a short story (dunno if anyone read "Example to the Men" that I posted on my site). I am getting close to finishing another one which is why I got the idea for this thread.
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the 3d character is baby 404, and yes, I also have trouble - finishing sentances.

Kablooie was ok, the post process render fx from max scanline with extra for the film flicker? Thought the city could have used a bumpmap to bring it out a bit though. 
Oh And... 
Well I've drawn alot, and done a bit of digital painting, and I hope to come back to both of those quite a bit once I have a stable job...

I mess around with lots of various things at school, like concept design, 3d modeling / rigging / texturing / animation, and compositing, and I enjoy all of them, which is fairly problematic as it makes it hard to decide to focus and try and become good in one of those. Compositing is something really new to me, and I find it quite fun and interesting, but unfortunatly it's something that's quite hard to exercise outside of a professional environment. 
don't do anything. 
Oh Yeah... 
i used to want to be a movie director, and had made some short camcorder films in high school/college until I discovered Quake and totally gave up on making movies.

Maybe someday I'll try to pick it up again, since I still love movies. 
Yer All 
talkin' the talk.

but lets see some hyperlinks to the goods! I know you all have some sweet pics to share. 
...I'm playing tomorrow as part of Megan Puls' backup band at this thing, but a lot of you already know I'm more inclined towards more darker renderings than the fairly benign

Since the faculty decided they only needed the most minimal philosophical input in the regions, I'm down to one day a week. To offset the loss of income a friend and I established a music academy, wherein we hope to further foster musical talent (of all sorts) in the region. It's afloat and growing steadily into profit :)

I took a 15 year break from professional music but I'm glad to be back in the swing. 
You've been able to look at those particular inner workings (along with bowel movements too) for a while now.

Bal, I should, I know, if only to pester the Russian about darkamb. 
does mathematical analysis of bees count as another "creative medium"? no pics yet to please pope--results are forthcoming.

seriously, bees. 
I Just Bought An Acoustic-electric Guitar 
Ibanez AEL-10LEBK

Retail price $330, but I told salesman it was over my budget ($200 and under) - he sold it to me for $230! 
Take Note 
Owning a guitar does not imply that you are creative with it. 
Seriously, what is with that comment? I never said I was creative, I said I bought a fucking guitar.

God you read into shit too much sometimes. Go get some pussy. 
From The Topic 
In English: discuss your creations in terms of artwork, music, writing, dance routines, ice sculpturing, and miming.

Not my fault you can't stay on topic. 
Handbags at dawn, ladies. 
Looks Like A Nice Guitar 
I kind of want to start playing again because I don't do enough outside of tinkering with my computer, but I'm a pretty low level so if you (or anyone) have any guitar recommendations I would love to hear them :) I like acoustic guitar, but electric guitars have the benefit of being able to plug them into amps and use headphones, so maybe I will go electric. 
Ibanez are a really good make - my dad owns a music shop; selling instruments. Your best bet (than) is to buy a chinese mass manufactured version (around 40 quid) to start with then if you find yourself playing it alot upgrade to something nicer. 
This one is acoustic-electric, so you can plug it in - and use effects even if you want. But of course you won't get the sustain of an electric usually. I have a '97 Strat as well - but acoustics are more inspiring for me - even backwards (righ-thanded) ones - I come up with more ideas. 
talkin' the talk.

but lets see some hyperlinks to the goods! I know you all have some sweet pics to share.

I'm hoping to get a hold of some of some photos of my tat work to share soon, but in the mean time, here is something I did screwing around with The Gimp.

A dodge'n'burn painting. I've always liked the photo ever since I saw it in a Playboy as a wee lad, so I made an Alpha overlay, sketched an outline and then discarded the photo. It is all dodge, burn, and the other right ckick options you normaly get with the paint tool if it were Photoshop, and a mouse. I use to own a wacom but I gave it away to an artist hungrier than I am, but I realy don't need one.

There are a shit load of things I could do to touch it up, but it was just an excersize I did to test out The Gimp, so it is as is. 
Try Guitars In Your Pricerange 
Then buy something that feels good to play on and has a sound you like. 
thanks for the advice "than:" :)

I might just get a cheap electric guitar for now so I can practise without pissing people off because I am shit. 
"than:" was obviously meant to go in the title... 
and when you might get as mad as a madfox, and you're computer starts other programs than you'll tube, see you on the backside of youre monitor 
go troll somewhere else. 
Ever Since This Was Posted... 
I've resisted the urge to change "mediums" to "media."

That is all. 
thank the gods it was bugging someone else besides me! 
What's Wrong With Mediums... 
It's one of the two plurals of 'medium', and medium means, "a means of conveying ideas or information".

Or was the original post talking about creative persons communicating with the dead? 
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