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New Qw 1on1: Dad's Playground
thought you guys might like to check my newest: Dad`s Playground. 1on1 map for qw with nice painkiller textures.


Download with 24bit textures:
Spirit Also Posted This 
here is the extra info from spirit's post:

Zaka is known for Schloss Adler (schloss), Skull Hunt (skull) and Clockwork Orange (clockwo). He has now taken the Painkiller textures and made a new 1on1 map. Woot!


And if you feel like it:
Good values for the fog (ezquake):
fog 0.6 0.5 0.4 (default)
gl_fog 1
gl_fogstart 0
gl_fogend 6000
gl_fogsky 0
great map again Zaka ;) want some waypoints for it? i�m a litle rusty with waypoints but i might now how to make then ;) 
cool zaka! 
I know you're a great mapper, but don't the textures look a bit uniform? 
Seems nice gameplaywise and especially a jumper's dream!
This map will enable great acrobatics and still not be too straightforward...
It'd be still good if there was some more texture variation.

I wonder how this plays in duel and even 2on2... 
looks sweeeet 
... where these rock textures come from ? It looks really cool ! 
JPL: painkiller obviously.

i agree with bambuz on the lack of texture variation. while they don't necessarily look bad by themselves, the map somehow feels bland and dull with only one color. no idea about gameplay though. 
uniform look? i take that as a compliment. true it could use some variation in textures but better not to mess it if you dont have textures matching the theme. what can i say i like things simple in life :) call it a meditators view or whatever.

original textures are from painkiller. i added a few touches of my own. 
Trinca: yea waypoints would be nice but it might be hard to make the bots play well in this map with all the jumps and wind. 
I like the simplistic look. But I know that not everybody appreciates it.

Personally I prefer maps that don't look like yule trees. But this discussion goes nowhere. 
So Is 
anywhere in north america actually hosting this?

cos i'd love to play some 
Phwaor, Zaka! Long time dude. 
..engine were those screenies taken in? 
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