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This game truly deserves its own thread.

BTW they say mod tools are on the way, so chances are we could mod/map for it as well.
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i still haven't been able to play these last couple of days because the level i need to get through is freaking me out.

i *hate* blood suckers and those damned jumping mutants with the gas masks on their faces o.o 
I totally forgot about those evil bastards!

Its like a fiend (but human) for people that dont know. They make evil noises and jump around all over the place trying to kill you :) 
From what I read in this thread I think that I really need to buy this game... :( 
Some Gripes 
i'm a little disappointed that it's not a seemless world as expected but only large levels.
enemies respawn, not only upon re-entering a level, but also within one. while this is a good thing in theory (always keeping you on your toes, never feeling safe anywhere), it's just downright annoying in some instances, e.g. i was entrenching at the scrapyard killing dozens of bandits but reinforcements just kept coming so quickly i couldn't even loot the corpses properly. the solution seems to be just progressing further into the zone, though that's tricky too with enemies approaching from all directions, as they are quite tough to take out without proper cover (playing on hard).

drinking vodka to get rid of radiation effects is nice though, because one really gets drunk, which strongly affects aiming (and movement?). so better avoid enemies then. :) 
Yeah I pointed that out on IRC once, by the time you've taken one groupe of enemies out, there's another one coming down the road to take their place, the fact that you have to juggle around with stuff when looting corpses to stay under the weitht limit doesn't help.
I think the respawn should be alot slower.

And yeah, the game not being seemless may seem trivial, but to me it really adds alot to the credibility of the world. Games like Oblivion and Gothic 3 just feel that much nicer cause of it, and Stalker would have definetely deserved it. 
(causing me to accidentally switch to grenades and fling a bunch of them)

Always the best option...:) 
I have to day I did that a couple of times in AvP2 in the marine missions. Dont know if it was just the AI, a dodgy motion sensor or whatever but there were times where I would continuously spin 360 degrees with my hand on the fire key (with flamethrower) because I had no idea what to do during some sudden alien attacks. 
First of all - the patch makes all the previous saves unusable. Be warned.

Spawning issue is fixed there. Firing-thru walls bug fixed.
Also they`v changed the balance and shops - now more stuff is available, but it costs more as well. Armor 'decays' from hits, so you have to buy a new one.
Overall the patch is very recommended for the 2nd time play. The game feels quite different (and harder) and you get more motivation to do all the quests to collect money and stuff. 
Weight problem - I see no real issue there. 60kg limit lets me carry pistol, SWD, shotgun and 2 assault rifles and all the other crap. I have 5 artifacts for stamina tho, to sprint all the time. 
Well there's the problem, needing to always have 5 stamina artifacts on makes the rest of them fairly useless...
Will play through it again with the patch in a week or so probably. =) 
Quick Thing 
I like how everything just feel so weird in this game.

Hmm, maybe its the fact that the game is not made by an american on british company, but the whole chernobyl thing in the game is just weird, and the developers tend to leave it that way, letting you draw your own conclusions. Usually in a "western" made game (ugh) by the end you understand the entire plot and everything that has happened, but here you are left with many questions and some serious WTF moments by the end (I don't mean that in a bad way) that could have been explained away very easily but are not, at least in the parts of the game I saw on my 1st play through.

I understood the general gist of the plot but leaving things un-explained makes we want to go back to see if I can find anything to shed light on them.

I think I wrote that without any spoilers too =)

P.S - The British SA-80 rifle you can get in the game rocks, throw away your russian crap and join the dark side! 
Bought It Yesterday 
This game is such a wierd mix of obvious mistakes and technical brilliance that I'm not sure quite what to think yet, other than being highly impressed. "Flawed brilliance" seems to hit the mark, though.

There's a lot to enjoy here, despite the ui quirks and wacked out mission system. I could whine a bit more about poor interface design... but I'm gonna go and play some more. :) 
I recon you skipped some important plot-related quests and got the 'wrong' ending.

If you do the 'right' quests you get most of the things explained. (I hope its all translated into english, unlike most of the other voice action hahaha)
And L85 is crap.

Dog did you try MP? You arent allowed to whine about iface till then :) 
Not Yet, No 
I just finished the SP. And shitty interface or no, I haven't enjoyed a game this much in aaaages. 
what's so shitty about the ui? I havne't played much, but it didn't strike me as bad. 
The minimap zoom and basic functioning is terrible and non-intuitive, there are two different item layout screens that appear to be very similar but aren't (and which share some, but not all, functionality), the context menus which pop up are frustratingly hard to click on at times, etc. Then there are little annoyances. The items like to rearrange themselves in your pack so you have no idea where anything is whenever you throw something away. When your player icon in the map obscures one of the little info spots, you can't mouse over the spot to read the accompanying text. And so on.

For the most part the ui is solid and workable, but it could have been much better in spots. 
Is Ther A Demo 
out yet? i mean a sp one, i think there is a mp one out already? 
No Sp Demo 
Out yet... Dunno if there will be one either. 
Stalker = Counterstrike RPG 
Fire In The Hole! 
Its all just moving polys on the screen (if you cant see beyond that!)

Why cant you enjoy by far the most nonlinear free-route shooter there is, instead of wanting another oblivion, or whatever u had hoped for ;/ 
Stlkr Ed (WIP) 
^^ Looks Like It's Lacking A Few Toolbars 
Yeah, That's More Like A STALKER Viewer? 
Interesting MOD 
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