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Who Is Progressing With Maps And How Are They In Stage?
let�s comment our current projects and their status!

better than politics...

i've got 3:

tcoa indian summer version
wbase for base pack - finish map
fbase for base pack - 60% made
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More Pipes! 
Pipes are the new crate. 
Yeah, But 
Hanging wires are the new pipes. 
...rewind a bit there selecta!

WTF happened to BARRELS? They must have been the new something... 
were the new crate, before pipes became the new barrel.

Note that both half-life games are abundant with crates, boxes, barrels and pipes (and probably hanging wires in HL2) but nobody criticises valve. If some other developer uses crates, the internet turns against them.

I wonder if there were crates in gears of war. There probably were, but I don't remember any. They used crate stand-ins like furniture, wrecked cars and stuff. 
Made In Taiwan 
They used crate stand-ins like furniture, wrecked cars and stuff.

Essentially they used cheap Taiwanese substitutes? 
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