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Who Is Progressing With Maps And How Are They In Stage?
let�s comment our current projects and their status!

better than politics...

i've got 3:

tcoa indian summer version
wbase for base pack - finish map
fbase for base pack - 60% made
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I only work on one map at a time. As of now, I have just started building oms25. After that, oms26, which will be the last map for the Orlmap Series 2 pack. I expect the episode to be released sometime this summer. 
I've been working on Rubicon 2 this month. Truthfully!

Also there's this old, old, chainmap that RPG and I have been passing back and fourth. It's officially in my hands again, though I haven't done anything with it yet. 
Given The Status 
of Base looks like a clear go now, I'm trying to make some more progress on JackBoot Primate tonight.

I have a few weekends still free but then for most of the summer my free time will be taken up. 
On My Side 
I'm beta testing Travail Pack at the moment.

I already have a map titled "Slime Refinery Complex" ready since december for Base Pack, but it will need some small refining, just to include some interesting comments I had lately (Thanks HT !)

And in parallel I started a Doom3 remake (Hell map) titled "The Five Rivers Land", but as Doom3 levels are really big, I had to split it in 2 pieces to be supported by FitzQuake... first part is ready (not yet fullvised BTW) and I'm working on the last battle area (i.e something like the Doom3 soul cube Guardian ... but more "frantic")

So to say: to more in the pipe ! 
So to say: to more in the pipe !

Damned, I typed too fast.... it should have written like this:

So to say: two more in the pipe ! 
I Only Have Fragments 
That make me go "oh I have to do something with this because quake is so awesome" when I look at them and then I remember I have other interests/projects/priorities :/

(I still would like to finish one proper uake sp one day though) 
Very Sporadic At The Moment 
sporadic as in nothing for a month, then I'll map for a week of evenings and a weekend and get a bit done, but generally having dodgy wrists has been stopping me lately. However, I still have 3 in progress Q1SP maps:

basepack - haven't touched it for a while, but it is in an ok state. Probably about 70-80% done.

APSP3 - my biggest map. Very close to completion, but I am waiting for the new Quoth pack so that I can implement triggers that don't require precache ents to load so I can put more monster types in. Also needs optimisation so that it will definitely work correctly in Fitzquake.

APSP2 - semi non-linear map with multiple route choices (the map is split up into multiple main routes that you can take in any order) and weapon choices (you see two, pick one up and the other gets locked up) that is so far the least far into production. Probably about 30% done.

I will definitely get the basepack and apsp3 done. Not sure about apsp2, but it would be a shame to have a gap in the released map names. That reminds me, I was also making a conversion of a small q2 map I made to fill in the missing dm map in my series.

Aside from that, I've plans to make more DMRMX maps, but I think I might have to give up Quake mapping because of a lack of time and dodgy wrists. 
someone fix the english crap i worte in topic.. like hour :\ our... 
Warp Spasm 
Is very close to ready, as in I upload final FINAL beta in around ten minutes.

Without sounding like a showoff its got over 60km� and 2000+ monsters over seven maps in Quoth.

Ok, failed on not sounding like a showoff.

Release will hopefully be very soon, but there may be unforseen delays. 
Not Doing Anything At All 
Spare-time Stuff 
1. A small Q4 FFA, "Sunshine", that has gone through a few reincarnations and used to be a tourney map. It's somewhere between 70% and 90% done, depending on how much of some good feedback I'm able to incorperate without killing FPS, and whether I get some custom textures from a buddy or not.

2. A Q3 CTF map. I thought I was done with Q3, but someone at Q3W had an interesting idea: a 1-on-1 CTF map, and how to make it work. The map is very small with a lot of connectivity "midground" (seems silly to even say with a map this small). Even if 1-on-1 doesn't really work, it could be insanely frantic with small teams. I should have it finished this weekend.

3. A Q4 mod that may never get much past the planning stages--we'll see. The basic idea is to make Q4 a much slower, more dangerous, and more careful far all I have is some thoughts and layouts on paper and I've managed to take the blaster away from the player in-game, so no more unlimited ammo...

4. A few different Trackmania United maps. <--That game owns me. I would have made more Quake-ish maps in the last few years if I hadn't gotten so badly hooked on the TM series of games... 
a 1-on-1 CTF map, and how to make it work.

That is a cool idea. 
1v1 CTF 
I've played that on servers a few times, as a conseuqence of only 1 other player showing up. Best if "return flag" is set.
It is fucking hard work, but rewarding if I'm up against someone as into it as me.

Please to be sending me the map when you're ready pjw.

Also: 2007 and still no goddamn CTF icon 
This Is A Useless Post! But Im Posting Because Im Bored. 
i have tons of maps, more than 30 but less than 50. and they never get beyond a few rooms and corridors and stuff.

the idea of putting them all together in one map sounded easy, but fuck me and my lazyness i never get to work on anything because im a big lazy ass. i did finish one (pdq1sp1) but its so small, its not a real map anyway.

i never posted screenshots here, (i think i did once or twice though). so yeah, whatever. :-) 
If you want to check a beta, it's on p. 2 of this thread: 
Lun3DM5: Tried geocomp-style architecture, and didn't get far. The existing layout doesn't have funky enough shapes to elicit properly funky brushwork, and otherwise it's all like 'take a flat light texture and a flat dark texture and put grooves and stripes all over the place.'

I guess I should just decide what I want.

LunSP2: Planning stages, with some textures done. Much stronger ideas I feel have gone into it than went into
Byzantine: Still also largely planning stages. I'm really only interested in lighting it at this point, otherwise I don't find myself caring.

pjw: For adding caution to Q4 I'd suggest diversifying the weapons a bit more. Adjust their behaviors such that their differences are amplified, with the aim of making them more like tools that only work in certain situations. At the moment they're all pretty much just guns. 
Okay, I Might Have An Idea 
the common factor in all my failed attempts is that I've tried a lot of non-geometry-specific texturing approaches, in the hope that it'll lend me freedom to dress the map in new ways. I haven't really done any textures that have "hard" un-tile-able edges that require being used on brushes in a certain way.

Apparently I don't work well with freedom. I'm getting no geometry ideas because I've intentionally freed myself of requirements, so I have no direction I can push in.

I think today I'll try moving back to textures that dictate more specific uses, but change their intentions a bit (like get away from riveted metal trim). 
My base_pack map is pretty much done, it needs more test0ring, and there's still one wall in it I really don't like.

As of late I've been back at Castle Biffenstein, deciding to stick with HL2 for it, given how easily I can mod stuff with Source. Been finding ways around some of the problems I had before, but still have a few more to hurdle (but just haven't been bothered enough to deal with them yet).

And Myrmidon still slumbers, for now. 
...the first full mission beta threw up a heap of unforseen problems for Travail. Mostly to do with coop implementation and getting the thing to run properly in as many engines as possible. We hope to have it run in JoeQuake, GLquake, Darkplaces and FitzQuake. Only Fitz is flawless at this stage.

Yellow_No.5 convinced me it was worthwhile, so qtdm2 is getting a Clan Arena makeover as well. 
Than Hey That Was My Idea! 
Q4 FFA map I'm working on every now and then. Brushwork is about 75% done, lighting still needs a lot of work.

Need more spare time! 
Nearly Finished... 
my ktdm4 q1 conversion. It's nothing to write home about, but it looks nice and quakey now and will have a short single player mission. Expect to see it this week. Once that's out the way, it's either basepack or 768 vertical comp :) 
It's Interesting 
just how many projects are still progressing 10 years after the release of Quake. In addition to all this stuff, I know Tyrann will want to finally finish his big base map at some point (though he told me he's very busy with real life and a certain online game at the moment) and I also spotted on Bal's homepage that he HAS done some Quake mapping recently...

Still working on that alien chick model a bit, and also on my final Quake singleplayer stuff I�fve had going for the last 6 years (hehe), dunno when I�fll be able to finish it.

Although most of us are a lot older now than when we started playing and have less free time to map, it's encouraging that there are so many of us that are still making progress, however slowly :) 
There's alot of stuff set on 'simmer' thats going to be great some day, various mods and maps that are still in dev.

The warp pack is ready sometime this week. It was going to be on this preceeding weekend but I delayed again to rebuild some fixes and add a few bells and whistles. 
real life and a certain online game at the moment

tell him to fucking quit that casino-grind shit. The house always wins.

Also, I gave up on trying to be original with Lun3DM5 and I'm going with pipes. You can't stop me. 
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