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Is ready. Its a Quoth map pack with some added features, only playable in its own engines.


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Fix For The Progs/s_plas.spr Error 
To anyone that's running into this error:
QUAKE ERROR: Mod_LoadModel: progs/s_plas.spr not found

Note that the quake directory that contains your "id1" directory, should not just contain "warp", but also "quoth"! This is because quoth is a dependency. 
Just tried playing it on the DK2 - latest Occulus Rift devkit. Was a cool, but very strange experience.

The scale of things in Quake is very weird when you're actually inside it.

And the position of the weapons. Because the Quake guy is a stumpy little dude, and the position of the weapons so, uh, strange, you basically have a gun for a dick.

The plasma dildo was especially misogynistic.

And by looking down you can see the muzzleflash model in your invisible stomach.

Still feel a bit queasy because of the speed of movement, but apparently that's normal until you get your VR legs.

It'd be great to have a proper mod using the Hydra's though.

I played one for HL2 where you had to gesture to use ironsights, throw grenades and reload.

Imagine axing a Shambler for 'real' - you'd probably end up breaking your hand on the desk. 
Sorry For The Necrobump

completed with about 2 rockets fired and 10-15 plasma bolts fired. :) 
Just lots of infighting and fiends jumping off the platform? 
Just bunnyhopping along the edges as fast as possible and waiting for the infighting to stop. That could be an interesting puzzle map concept, using movement to complete a map with an impossible amount of enemies (Which must all be killed before being able to exit 
This turned 10 years old and nobody noticed. 
But You Did 
Warpspasm is the Xlarve's Dream of yesteryear. It can be fun and is well made but can get repetitive. Not for everyone. I enjoyed many parts of both of your massive worlds, but I don't see this as having as widespread an influence as other releases. 
Shadow Tower Secret 
Does anyone know how to get the Shadow Tower secret in WarpC (Sealed City)? The one with the RL atop a tower with a spiral staircase. ijed said it's one of the hardest in the pack. The 100% demo links people posted back in the day are now dead. 
The links in post 264 seem to work fine for me.

In case, I have the files too.

They require an engine that plays demo protocol 15 back fine. This means glwarp, markv etc.

However, I remember my markv crashed during a playback of the warpd demo.

The warpc_sw62 file contains a warpc_rl demo
which shows the way to get to the shadow tower. 
In #277 there are links to zip versions of c and d.

And the demos are protocol 10002, not 15, so you need and engine that supports the 10002 format. 
Thanks, too bad QuakeSpasm doesn't support protocol 10002. Does Mark V? 
Mark V only supports protocol 10002 to the extent that Warpspasm start demos needed it to playback.

Requiem uses protocol 10002 as the protocol all the time, you might try that engine. 
I used the included glwarp.exe and it played back fine. Thanks. 
You said you'd be watching demos. Requiem does have some sort of demo rewind and fast forward because it based off JoeQuake.

I would imagine Warpspasm 100% demos would be rather long. 
Yes it was purely for watching the demos parubaru mentioned. Before downloading Requiem I thought I'd try the engine mods included with the map pack. glwarp.exe played them back fine, albeit without the rewind/fast-forward functionality as you said. At least the demo was a 100% run and quite fun to watch.

Speaking of demos, the only playback functions I'm aware of with vanilla Quake/Quakespasm/FitzQuake is play and pause. Are there any others? Googling turned up nothing. 
Vanilla Quake/Quakespasm/DarkPlaces that is really all you can do, although you can fast forward with host_framerate. Rewind is simply impossible, rewind ability in an engine requires a fair bit of work.

Mark V has demo rewind/fast forward better than JoeQuake with the arrow keys. Press tab (+showscores shows how much of the demo remains to be played.) qbism super8 (a WinQuake style engine) also has demo rewind based on the Mark V style implementation.

glwarp is a neat engine for its time. One upon a time was only huge maps engine with classic look. 
Do I just drop any of the mark_v exes into my Quake directory?
And speaking of engines, what's the best way to run Nehahra nowadays? Quakespasm + Spirit repack from Quaddicted? 
The best way to run Nehahra is probably still with one of the original engines built especially for it. Nehahra is a bit of a special case, and a lot of what it does (and the way it does it) dates from a time before things were really well standardized. Consequently, Nehahra tends to do many things in a way that's not really compatible with everything else (and some are outright broken, like adding extra protocol functionality without changing the protocol version). Even DarkPlaces gave up on maintaining Nehahra compatibility a long time ago. 
@maiden - Mark V runs Nehahra (put this in the nehahra dir fmod.dll. Add -game nehahra -nehahra to the command line.

Engines that can play Nehahra: Mark V, JoeQuake, Requiem, engines that come in the zip if they still run.

Do "nomonsters 1" to stop the annoying strafe if you want.

@mh -- Hehehe. You ought to see how nice Mark V runs Nehahra or Zerstorer. Both mods like to screw up your settings really badly when playing cutscenes or Nehahra playing between level demos. They mess with your crosshair, wateralpha, fov, viewsize. Mark V treats those as "display hints" instead, your settings remain unchanged. 
I found that the 'best' way to run Nehahra
depended some on the hardware, graphics card etc.

Three computers, three engines. The orinigal ones are worth a try, and I seem to recall on one machine I eventually went with nehwarp (an engine in this release).

Most currently I used a very recent markv, which was updated to support the Nehahra fog system. I think you can just drop the markv files into the Quake directory, yes.

I set cl_autodemo 0 in the config, and recommend the command: cutscene 0. Launch with the command: markv -nehahra -game nehahra for the fog. Apart, from the initial stutter upon launch I had no problems with the pack. 
Mh, Baker, Parubaru 
Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. So no Quakespasm for Nehahra? I recently ran Zerstorer with a recent build of QS (0.92 I think) and didn't notice any issues. Just wondering. 
QuakeSpasm doesn't have any of the Nehahra-specific engine features, so it's best not to use it for Nehahra. The maps load but various stuff will be broken (I'm not sure to what extent).

Zerstorer on the other hand, I think runs on any Quake engine (I remember playing it on Winquake when I didn't have a gpu.) 
I just did c:/quake/quakespasm.exe -game nehahra -nehahra -->Single Player->New Game and it did a Quake Error "sprites/explode1.spr" has wrong version number, should be 32".

Plus Nehahra requires some qc functions that aren't in original Quake like PF_changepitch, PF_sqrt.

(Also the progs.dat with just certain maps like to crash Quakespasm if you remove the sprite32s. Quakespasm Spiked ironically has a fix for that.)

For completeness, the wrong menu shows (it shows, I guess the "Seal of Nehahra" menu instead of the game menu --- Nehahra's actual menu is named differently), the fmod .xm music won't play, Nehahra needs some extra cvars available or it won't work right (which I think is limited to cutscenes). Plus Nehahra does not use what we view as the normal "fog" worldspawn entity, it rolls it own way via an svc. Nehahra also has some custom effects (certain particle numbers it treats differently).

Even with a non-Mark V engine that properly supports Nehahra --- all kinds of stuff likes to mess with your settings during the course of gameplay. You might have a certain fov or crosshair you like, perhaps a certain r_wateralpha setting --- and Nehahra will smash your config to pieces.

(Zerstorer likes to do some of that as well. If you use Quake default settings, someone may not notice --- like fov 90, viewsize 100, r_wateralpha 1, crosshair 0 -- you may never know it happens).

Nehahra is difficult to deal with.

mh wrote a long commentary about Nehahra once. It was a good read.

I got obsessed a bit with Nehahra, pushed my stack of engine coding chip into the pot and said "All In" a few years ago and kept defanging it until I could play it and enjoy it with zero annoyances.

(Then I think I stopped engine coding for 2 weeks and played Nehahra with some frequency -- -haha. Nehahra really is quite a masterpiece and it becomes clear after the annoyances are eradicated). 
Recorded a playthrough on "+Quoth Nightmare", i.e. "skill 3; coop 2". A while ago actually, but youtube was being fussy. In 4k or as demos.

IMO that the coop flag makes this masterpiece even more masterpiecey. Gugs and droles are less exploitable and a fairer challenge (esp. in ambushes) than shamblers, extra deathlords make ammo management a bit tougher, and I prefer gaunts to vores as well. Vorelings don't work as tarbaby replacements at all though.
It isn't fully coop-compatible: GL secret in warpa softlocks warpb, and half of warpd can be skipped by picking up the same keycard multiple times.
Other than that, what's there to say? It's still the best. 
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