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Is ready. Its a Quoth map pack with some added features, only playable in its own engines.


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Woot, Gotta Play Right Now 
ijed also uploaded

with the description The fixed version of warp spasm, including the maps.

I suggest downloading that (even though I don't know the differences).

If it's ok I will remove the old .7z and remove the "_01" from the filename so there is only one, just need your approval, ijed. :) 
so I take it the glwarp engine is different to aguire's normal engine? 
from the readme:

Create a shortcut to one of exes provided with the commandline;
-quoth -game warp -heapsize 48000
Too Impatient 
...that's me. 
This Is Great 
Just played through the first two maps. Wow.
Is there a way to reduce the soundtrack volume? 
Please do. The pack is extremely badly put together last minute, spoiling the ~16 months I put in.

There are several broken external textures and sprites. The first version I uploaded doesn't have the .bsps in it. The second version does.

Luckily the external textures I left in an seperate pack from the main one, so the second patch (hangs head) will just replace that.

For those that downloaded the broken first pack here are the .bsps:

The fixed version will be ready by tonight. 
I Had The Luck 
...To betatest these maps(too little, to tell the truth, sorry again, Ijed), and gentlemen, you're in for a real treat...

Packfile Changes 
I'll release the exttex pack seperately, so not to have too many fullsize downloads. Its a simple replace of the packfile in the main download, and most won't notice any difference in the original pack anyhow. As well as this the exttex pack is pretty much standalone as well - it'll work for any engine supporting external textures.

I considered pulling the release, but at least its out there.

Unfortunately there's no way to change the volume of the music without modifying the wav's since I used the standard Quoth ambient_generalpurpose code.

The engines are modified versions of AguirRe's that include some beta features, namely pack handling alongside the Quoth mod and a few other features mentioned in the readmes.

the silent:
No worries :)

Hope you like the pack. 
IMO Spirit is right: scrap the re-releases/updates, get it right and update the original post, there should be only one download to not make things confusing.

Congrats for the release. :P
(I also had the opportunity to test this pack, it�s surely on a scale and quality never seen before in Quake)

And as I�m sure some SDA guys are reading this forum, it�ll be great to honor this release with some nice demos ?! 
I'm waiting for the final version before I start to play this pack. The screenshots look very interesting. I will also try to record some first try demos (if I don't get killed too fast :) 
I've followed the installation instructions to the letter, but when I open GLWarp or Winwarp the following error message pops up:

Quake Error
You must have the registered version to use modified games

and when I try Nehwarp I get this error:

Unable to locate component
This application has failed to start because fmod.dll was not fond. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

Anybody else got this problem? 
The link in the newspost is the file to get now.
If you downloaded it earlier (the non _01.7z), you will need to grab the maps if I am correct.

Just wait a night, ijed will upload everything nice tonight. :)

Text_Fish: Are you using the right folder and commandline? the engines must be in /quake, not /quake/folder 
The NehWarp fmod.dll issue is my fault, I forgot that the dll is also required to make the engine work. I've uploaded it here: . Unzip to the same dir as the exes.

The other error I don't know, it appears as if you don't have the registered Quake (pak1). 
Minor Clarification 
The above dll is of course only necessary if you don't have full Nehahra installed:
It does sound like exactly the error you'd get if the exes weren't in the base quake directory, as they'd be unable to find that text document that tell the engine quake is registered.

I've played some of the pack today, although I've had to ration it to get some revision done. It's been top notch work so far! There are a scary number of spawn about on hard though... 
Oh! I See Now. 
I was being a twit. I placed the shortcuts in /quake but left the original .exe's in /warp. Dur. :)

Cheers for the help!

SDA is not supporting Quoth based maps. 
A fully fixed and final version is now up. Same link as in the first post: warpspasm.7z

If you downloaded any version before, there were some skins missing. Get this archive:

I'm gonna play the third map now, really enjoyed it so far (saving often, heh)! 
Cheers Spirit 
And watch out for the Agony Maze. 
bile plant is an instant classic. 
A Plant That Poops! 
I was putting Quake on hold until I got caught up on some important things, but this I have to see. :) 
Sealed City 
is another instant classic.

this is amazing stuff, you can see the 16 mths of effort. Lovely work. 
Just Started Playing 
shame it won't work in fitzquake. I hate the lighting in regular gl engines (of all maps, not just this) and winquake looks and runs very poorly.

I did play through the first map though. Seems like good stuff so far, and the music is quite spooky. Liking it :)

By the way, the bind for the plasma gun is impulse 250, in case anyone else is having the same problem I was :) 
seriously, level one is no indication of what is to come. just keep playing. 
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