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HL2SP: Infiltration
A new HL2 SP episode has been released titled "Infiltration." The mod is available in both English and German versions. It contains new weapons and textures, and some maps and stuff.
screenshots look nice: will test it tonigth !'s A Bit Buggy 
here and there, but worth a look 
Played The First Few Maps 
It's pretty average. Almost got me ranting about how HL2/newer games restrict creativity with their native themes (e.g. keyword boxmapping). There are quite a few bugs indeed, like being able to see the outside of the map, and some issues concerning realism/consistency. Apparently, there's also a lot of unnecessary files included, as Knightmare reported.
I will continue playing it later. At the moment, I'm too scared of crashes terminating other processes (for it crashed my computer twice already). 
...stopped It For A While 
because after you go under the street and drive the buggy, there are a lot of places in the map, where you just fall out of the map or the buggy gets stuck. Events don't trigger, so i had to reload older savegames over and over again.
I hope there will be a fix/patch for those issues, because it really bugs the crap outta me :>
ahja, and it crashes hl2 when i try to quickload. 
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