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Pyramid Of The Magician With Bot Support
It seems like half a news item to me because the map was released years ago, but the bot support sort of adds new life to the old ruins!

Screenshots, info, and download:

(Note: this is a new zip file containing the complete level,textures, etc. in addition to the bot file.)
Considering how much effort it took you to make this work, and how many people probably do want to play against bots on this level, I think it's worth a news item. 
I'm There 
great news 
Update For ..::LvL? 
Do you want the Pyramid Of The Magician listing on ..::LvL updated with this version? 
one question, couldnt really notice in a quick runaround but is the map itself different in pyramid-bot.pk3? 
Nitin: The map has no new geometry just a linked BOT file. I could not just publish the BOT file as the BSP file had to be changed as well. As this version is really designed for BOTS I published it with all the existing assets just in case people who wanted to play it did not have the previous version.

Tig: If it is possible to replace the current version on Lvl with this new version that would be very cool thank you. 
cool. didnt think so but was just checking. 
botclipped the hell out of it?

good job sock, I knew you could do it
awesome map, always liked it 
Fucking Hell 
Just played it on a LAN.

Excellent map, nothing to fault.

Could have been bigger ;) 
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