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New Q1SP Mission - Travail
Let us start you on a journey...a Quake Journey. Share the Travail!

* 1 new Quake mission
* 2 new episodes and a triple barrel finale
* A 2 level secret mini mission
* 15 single player levels and 3 multiplayer levels
* 2 new bosses, stock and modified after market enemies, one beloved weapon mod, and some new physics
* 4 Easter Eggs, 30+ secrets, countless references to the game and the community

Info, screens and download links at
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are crazy. Find secret, go back to same secret and something changes! 
...Q2, ride the forklift round its circuit 13 times then go back to the first place you came from, wherein something has changed.

Easter eggs are always kooky :) 
Hey Scraggy 
Just found your sig secret for the first time. Most awesome! Should be expanded to a whole map. 
Crates Are Great 
A whole map dedicated to crates in space. Could work... 
Finally Started Playing 
I've only completed the first three maps so far, which seem to form a coherent unit centered around the idea of a river full of dams and machinery.

I am highly impressed. I get a huge sense of satisfaction from exploring areas, and I particularly like believable, detailed mixes of manmade structures and outdoor geometry. I also really like setpieces, and buildings you can go inside of.

Even when you are not looking for secrets (some great ones btw!), the sense of exploration here exceeds anything I can recall in Q1SP maybe even since The Demon King way back in the day. I really like not being forced to follow a path, having the player "on rails" ala Doom3. Being able to find out where to go next is its own pleasure in these maps.

Key usage is good, very different from the "you're on a giant quest to get the gold key" and more like going into one building to get the key to another.

Good gameplay throughout, remarkable restraint on the monster counts, a nice change from all the mindless hordes that people such as yours truly are guilty of using, and plenty of care put into when/where monsters spawn.

Obviously, not a lot of mappers want to do this type of level design. I can tell that it took a ton of work - first of all to think of such complicated setpieces in a coherent layout, and then to actually build them. The attention to detail on the functional architecture was great. I also like how there are textures from tons of different sources, used wherever they're appropriate, rather than sticking to X.wad and having all the metal be one metal, and all the wood be one wood/etc.

So far, a unique, impressive/cool, subtle, and extremely well developed form of level design is on display here. 
...glad to see you finally getting around to it, but also wondering if you are playing with or without the soundtrack. 
And it adds to the atmosphere significantly. It contributes to the Unreal-like vibe of Episode 1.

Good boss, looked a bit weird, but the idea of some nasty female thing spewing forth reptilian growths fits perfectly with Quake (and the fleshy level).

Episode 2, just got into, nice texture set, and as other people have said the library area looks great. Good brushwork throughout, very tidy.

and btw, I don't have a problem with the ambient sounds in the soundtracks. 
Nice One ! 

I'm going back to Quake, and I'd say this mod is very good. Nice work. I just regret the low res of the riot gun, I run Quake in 1920x1200 (fps ok ;)) and at such a resolution that weapon looks really ugly :(

Anyway : good work !

No problem with the ambient sounds in the soundtracks either. I liked the dm6-ish level ;) 
Thanks Stef... 
...I um'd and ah'd about reskinning the riot-controller and in the end decided that given Travail's secondary purpose as homage it was probably more important this time to keep the original "drawviewmodel" skin (ugly as it is). The model skin is actually pretty good, but if I ever use it again I'll definitely be replacing the viewmodel. Glad you enjoyed the rest!

Tronyn: did you stop playing, or just commenting? I was rather enjoying your progression. 
I played this one back in August but played the two secret maps just a moment ago. Needless to say, I was pretty short on ammo since I played the levels as standalones. However, I made it through on S2 without dying. It actually got a bit boring due to constant fighting. Architecture was great, as one would expect, especially the caves looked real smooth although it was so repetitive that I got lost a few times. 
Final Rounds 
is there a special tactic to beat azoth? its difficult to shoot him and avoid homing missiles in the same time. only if i get him again and again crying. 
I Mean 
those homing are much more wicked than vore's for example... 
but i managed to beat it from a strategic position popping to him all the grenades i had left.
this was in fin2
the final battle was much easier... no more "stupid" superhoming missiles :) 
...I'm glad you made it through. Did you find negke's two level secret mission inside episode two? If you wish to play it separately just pull down the console and type 'map qte2m5' and away you go. 
Distrans - Screenshot 
Playing your soundtrack with this background seemed appropriate. So much great music comes from Melbourne and Australia heh ... Or maybe i'm just biased. 
...though all the capitals and regional centres have provided superb artists at one time or another. Melbourne and Sydney do tend to operate as the main strange attractors though.

Happy listening... 
Hm. Think I Got It Wrong. 
In post #98 I stated I had to play twice episode 1 because of an error in entering the 2nd one.

Not true.

Just finished a Skill 3 romp through the whole thing and it seems that, no matter what, when I get back for the first time to Y Va Tan, I lose the runes I acquired in the 1st run of the 1st episode. So, to get to the end, I have to play through 1 and 1/5 times(maybe starting from ep.2 would do the trick, have not tested it).

I wrongly assumed I started the whole thing from scratch by accidentally stepping in a skill selection teleport after having completed 1st episode. I now understand that's not the case.
Anyone else has experienced this?
Is it a bug? Am I a bug? Whassup? 
Which port? Sounds like the same glitch that sometimes happens in id1 Quake. 
Negke, I'm Not Sure What You Mean, But... 
... last run was on a Mac on Fruitz of Dojo's Gl Quake. The previous ones in Fitzquake 0.80. 
Experience Travail With Soundtrack 

1. Unofficial modified MP3 tracks supporting FitzQuake 0.85 I made:

2. Download Travail mp3 renamed for above engine and unzip into quake\travail\music

3. Play Travail and experience it with the soundtrack. 
Downloading files now. 
Spirit ... 
In post #128, Sielwolf had Travail demos.

My understanding is kept everything from the Shub Hub.

If it isn't too hard --- you can make these demos available somehow. They aren't on Quaketastic. 
Slight moment of panic as I don't find anything on my harddisks. Should be on some external one then. I'll search later.

I thought all files from the shub-hub were transferred though, maybe those were deleted earlier. 
Could not find it on the disks I expected it. I would search more if it was more important stuff. Sorry! 
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